Toasty Trees: Fire festival starts today!

This is one holiday that I usually ignore. The middle of my summers are usually pretty busy. However, with the achievement system, I want to try and get them all done to be able to get the holiday meta-achievement at some point in the future.


So, lets take a look at the dangerously HOT summer festival. Make sure you don’t spend too much time around the fire, or you might get burnt.

Okay, burning tree jokes aside, this achievement set is nothing to laugh about.

It requires going to a LOT of places, gathering a lot of items, and even going into cities of the opposite factions and getting flagged for PvP in the process.

Highlights include: Burning Hot Pole Dance, where you light yourself on fire and then dance. (just kidding, but not really).

The meta achievement for this one is The Flame Keeper, with the title “flame keeper” as the reward. I mean, it just seems funny to have a tree with “flame keeper” written over their head. I like the humor of it all.

For guides on how to complete everything, you should see’s guide. It seems like a waste for me to go back through it all again, when they have such a handy guide over there. There is also some good (practical) information on the Project Lore website.

Are you guys working towards this summer achievement holiday? Or, are you too busy or just don’t care about the holiday? I’m pretty busy this time of the year (with my sister getting married next weekend), but I’m going to do my best to complete the achievements during what little playtime I have over the next couple weeks. It gives me an interesting goal to work on in-game.

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4 comments on “Toasty Trees: Fire festival starts today!
  1. Aertimus says:

    The OCD completionist in me won’t let me pass it by… And as a teacher, this and Wintervale are the only two I actually get to sit back and really enjoy.

  2. Averna says:

    I’ve been having a lot of fun leveling a random alt on a different server (it’s nice sometimes to have some peace and quiet, hehe), but I’ll definitely be taking a break from that to rock out the Midsummer festival.

    Thanks for the link to that guide, too!

  3. Boize says:

    I’d love to be working on this festival.

    Now if only they’d fix all the bugs to let me complete it to it’s full extent…

  4. aramis says:

    Yay, I finished this with a marathon run around the Azerglobe in about 6 hours. I hadn’t done them last year so it was fun getting the blossoms and the gold! You make a LOT of gold just doing this. And the title “Flame Warden” is nice for a tree…I HEART that you made that connection with Smokey the Bear, too hilarious.


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