What questions should be asked in the druid Q&A?

Okay, so this week, I spent a couple hours digging through the druid list of questions in the post on the Druid forums.

I thought it would be a fun exercise to dig through the list of questions and see some of the most frequently asked questions for each spec, that I thought were good questions I would want to know the answer to. I tried to limit it to just a couple questions for each of the 4 talent specs. So, here’s what I gathered from the posts. Each of these is a question that someone asked in the thread, that I copied & pasted (with some editing) here.

I wanted a good list compiled to highlight some of the common themes of people’s questions – so we could get a feel for what types of things druids are still struggling with, or want to have clarified. If you have other things you’d want to add, you can feel free to post them. These are what I thought were some of the more urgent questions that people asked, that I’d like to see the answers to. I avoided any question having to do with the form graphics, since we’ve heard a little too much about them lately. I really care about the gameplay questions that would be interesting to hear more about. I also limited it to just a couple questions for each spec, so that it would have a reasonable number of questions, so there were some things that didn’t make my cut.

Druid questions compiled:

General druid questions:

  • Do you have any plans to revamp the idol system? Or, Is it possible to allow more than 3 types of druid idols per tier upgrade? Why do idols generally only effect one spell/ability when we are supposed to be using more than 1 spell/ability?
  • Is the Blizzard team concerned with how complex Moonkin and feral cat dps rotations are?
  • Why feral druids have been moved away from a hybrid playstyle? It seems that with every expansion feral has lost some of it’s caster viability.

Bear tanking questions:

  • Is Blizzard pleased with the itemization that Feral tanks have? Why do I have to do Arena to get the best gear for PvE?
  • Is Blizz happy with the implementation of Savage Defense?
  • Any chance of getting Berserk off the GCD?
  • Why doesn’t bear form get attack power from agility?

Cat feral questions:

  • Can we get the positional requirement removed from Shred?
  • Will there be any tweaks made to Cat feral charge to better align it with its cooldown?
  • Are there plans to improve feral gear itemization? Why are ferals so singled out by the ‘clean up the loot tables’ policy?
  • Any chance cower could be made a little more useful?

Restoration tree questions:

  • Will tranquility ever be useful at level 80?
  • Are you satisfied with the role that lifebloom has taken with its most recent changes, in both PvE and PvP?
  • Are the devs happy with Revitalize?

Moonkin balance questions:

  • Is there any plans to change eclipse into a more consistent proc? Or, to make moonkin DPS less reliant on Eclipse random procs?
  • Are there any plans to address Moomkin PvP problems?
  • Are there any plans to get some more spells into our moonkin rotation?
  • Any chance of owlkin frenzy being a damage reducer, or something to help while stunned?
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14 comments on “What questions should be asked in the druid Q&A?
  1. Centorious says:

    My major gripe with resto at the moment is the lack of a Guardian Spirit/Improved Lay on Hands/Bubble Sac/Pain Suppression type ability. A lot of fights have abilites that hit the tanks extremely hard -> Plasma Blast/Fusion Punch/Frozen Blows/Some of the later unbalancing strikes on Thorim etc.

    Tonight I’m looking at doing Iron Council hard mode on 10s. The healer team is me and a Resto Shammy. It would be much stronger if that was a Healdin and a Holy Priest just simply for the amount of Damage reduction CD’s available.

  2. Keeva says:

    Centorious: I’ve often said I would love an “Imp Barkskin” (or similar) that allows us to cast Barkskin on others.

    Really really want that.

  3. Centorious says:

    That would be so sweet. 1 min cooldown and 20% reduction. I’d love casting that all the time.

    There is something about using those longer CD’s and the extra degree of thought and timing you need with them that I really like.

  4. Icedragon says:

    I used to have a bad habit of targeting the tank and hitting Barkskin in a vain attempt to reduce his/her damage taken. But alas, that just gives me another layer of rough bark (which I love, don’t get me wrong). Maybe Blizzard sees our HoTs buffer as “damage reduction” in a way?

    The Imp. Barkskin talent is weird in its placement anyway. It’s one of those “all druids could use it” talents like Master Shapeshifter and Imp. MoW.

  5. Relevart says:

    I’d love to see a question asked about Wrath and haste. I don’t think Blizzard intends for us to have a spell that suffers disproportionately with haste after 400, but I’m also not sure that our discontent with that portion of our rotation has been adequately expressed due to more pressing issues like a bugged 4T8.

    The barkskin idea is great because this would allow druids to join the ranks of other healers by giving a “cooldown based damage reduction” to add into the healing rotation for tank survival.

    Another question I’d like to ask is about Balance DoTs. I would like to see our DoTs play a more prominent role in our actual dps instead of acting as augmenters to our main spells. This could be achieved through DoT crits (or double ticks) or even through the introduction of a new spell that consumes a DoT and deals arcane damage. Call it Starflare because then most of our arcane spells will be abbreviated SF! Ok, I kid on the name, call it whatever.

    I think we need to redesign the Balance talent tree in terms of PvP. One thing I’d like to see is a new talent called Strangling Roots that gives us a new spell, instant cast, that deals no damage but counters the enemies spellcast, preventing any spell from that school of magic from being cast for 8 sec. 24 second cooldown. No talents or glyphs to modify this talent. Currently my only ways of stopping a cast are to turn the target immune with cyclone, los the cast, or move out of range. Every single one of these options stops the druid from continuing to deal damage to the target, which I consider to be a flaw.

    I’d like to see moonkin’s armor percentage increase changed to a flat damage reduction. Why should I be penalized for wearing cloth if I choose too when Blizz is so clearly itemizing druids with the intention of having them wear cloth?

    I’d like Owlkin Frenzy to become a castable spell that causes the moonkin to become immune to stun and fear mechanics (although not silences) and increases damage. Have the different levels of the talent increase the time of the buff from 4,6,8 seconds or something of that nature. Double the cost of all spells while frenzied.

    I’m sure there’s much much more, but that’s all I have for right now.

  6. Erdluf says:

    On the Moonkin side, why not take Typhoon off the GCD?

    – An interrupt off the GCD, like most specs have.
    – Massive mana costs and long CD limit abuse.
    – In PvP, Trinket+Typhoon+Cyclone provides a chance to actually gain some distance from melee.
    – In PvE, a mana dump for extra DPS (single-target @ 3000SP, about 130 DPS, but less than 3 DPM).

    Of course with the typhoon fiasco in WotLK beta, they may be afraid to do this.

  7. Ruepel says:

    Do NOT change the Moonkin to easier DPS. I dont want to make autoattacking 5k DPS. You may change the randomness, but do not change the dependance on Eclipse. We use both spells and have 2 dots up + 1 Proc if 4T8 geared.

    What could be implemented to get druid away from must have addons is a way to track Eclipse Cooldown outside of Addons like SquakAndAwe.

    But Moonkin dps is just easy as hell. Feral is something that is perhaps a bit to hard. But around this way Moonkin do DPS any class should stick. Dont nerf us to ZOMGMindFlay SP pls!

  8. Rahl says:

    I would love to know why ferral druids cant get a boost to thorns based on AP much like owls and trees get a boost based on SP…

    Thorns is most useful to bear tanks after all..

  9. Rahl says:

    Sorry another ferral question..

    Allot of tanking gear gives + block or parry or both.
    Bears don’t need that but rather than waste the gear why not give us some form of bonus based on this so that more classes can make best use of the gear?

  10. Macbook says:

    “Another question I’d like to ask is about Balance DoTs. I would like to see our DoTs play a more prominent role in our actual dps instead of acting as augmenters to our main spells.”

    Agreed. I like the idea about a spell consuming our DoT and dealing arcane damage, and then maybe a glyph that does the damage and then doesn’t actually consume the DoT 😛

    Sometimes if I’m raiding lazily (eating dinner, texting, or doing something else), I can still manage to do decent DPS without putting up any DoTs and just swapping between SF and Wrath.

  11. Fleethoof says:

    Honestly, I’m expecting pvp moonkin buffs at LEAST on the level that elemental shaman got last patch. To be viable, I think that moonkin need at least MOST of the following (wall inc!):

    1. A real spell interrupt/silence on a < 30 sec CD.

    2. The ability to actually use healing. Either a way to cast a few heals in moonkin form (maybe just nourish? maybe with a %reduction in healing casted in moonkin form?) or an imp barkskin-esque talent that makes caster form less squishy.

    3. A reliable way to get off controlled burst damage. Right now moonkin are stuck trying to get off 3+ sec casts to actually land burst damage, and have to just cross their fingers and hope for crits. Compare that to mages, warlocks, and to a lesser extent, ele shaman.

    4. Eclipse to become easier to use in a pvp environment. I would love Solar and Lunar Eclipse to become activated abilities with the same effects that they currently have, being off the GCD, and with a shared 45 sec CD. This would also remove the need for moonkin to use addons in pve such as squawk and awe.

    5. Damage reduction during stuns, fears, silences.

    6. An instant cast CC for peeling melee. Think ele earthgrab, frost nova, etc. Roots/cyclone are simply too easy to interrupt for the skillful melee with their off the GCD <10s CD spell interrupts.

    7. A longer knockback on Typhoon. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to have typhoon knock back targets as far as thunderstorm. Typhoon has a shorter CD, but it is more difficult to aim and is very very mana intensive. I’ve seen many suggestions to have typhoon knock back a target a MAX of 20-25 yards, so that if it hit a target that was 15 yards away the knockback would only be 5-10 yards, but if it hit a target at sub 5 yards then it would be a 15-20 yard knockback.

    8. A way to survive magic damage. I like the idea of changing moonkin form to straight % physical and magic damage reduction.

    I’m way too cynical to get too excited for 3.2, but at the same time, moonkin are in such a pathetic state right now that I can’t imagine blizzard NOT giving them substantial buffs. I guess I’ll keep my feathery claws crossed!

  12. Aelinna says:

    Are devs happy with 50-75% of Druid healing coming from RJ on many fights?

  13. Lissanna says:

    @Aelinna – The rejuvenation effect is driven primarily by a set bonus that we’ll break up when the next tier of gear comes out with new set bonuses. So, it’s a temporary thing that will go away “soon”.

  14. Plagaxi says:

    about Fleehoof said.

    1.- i think we have a lot of interrupt spell cuz i can do a typhoon, cyclone and as a tauren i can do war stomp, maybe the solution here is make cyclone instant cast or make the cyclone target hiteable with a damage reduction, i dont know 30% or something.

    2.- i dont think this is really necesary.

    3 and 4.- thats true. im dreamin with a system like lava burst.

    5.- i think we got that is called –>barskin

    6.- umm i think blizzard is not goin to make that possible roots is good enough, maybe they can make nature’s grap with 3 or more charges

    7.- yes i want that too.

    thats all


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