Monthly Archives: July 2009

Less healing means more pew pew

Okay, so for as long as I can remember, I’ve healed in raids. In 40-man raids, and the 25-man Burning Crusade raids, we needed a TON of healers. You could heal 25-mans with like 8 or 9 healers. Now, the difficult encounters are pretty much all DPS races (especially hard modes), where you shouldn’t have […]

Getting epic gems – the hard way or the easy way?

Okay, so as a jewelcrafter, I’m excited about the new epic gems coming out in patch 3.2. I’ve been preparing for a while for getting the jewelcrafting tokens to buy the patterns that I will need to cut the epic gems. I gave up doing the daily quest for a while, so I only have […]

Barking down memory lane

Being an “old school” druid without many alts I’ve leveled up very far, I sometimes like to take trips down memory lane. Since the latest Blog Azeroth shared topic is about memories of the olden days, I felt that I should share some of those old memories with you. First, it actually took me a […]

Raiding progress update in 10-man Ulduar

So, I was able to go to my guild’s 10-man Ulduar this week, where we got down three hardmodes: Deconstructor, Thorim, & Iron Council. I got 2 achievements on Ignis: Stoking the furnace & shattered (I missed shattering an add, so then I had to do 2 in one go, and then got us an […]