A little oops… Updated section on leveling guide

It looks like my “important stats” section of my leveling guide was neglected when the latest expansion came out. I mean, it even talked about defense being useful for bear tanking.

Someone pointed it out on the WoW forums, and I realized that it was all probably text from the original Pre-BC days.

So, I mostly just made that section shorter so it will be slightly easier to maintain. Here’s what it looks like now.

Is there anything else in this section that is outdated? I don’t think there’s much in my leveling guide that needs to get changed for 3.2, except maybe for talking about color customization for the feral form graphics.

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7 comments on “A little oops… Updated section on leveling guide
  1. Areael says:

    Actually, defense is a decent stat for feral tanks to stack once they have about 50% dodge due to the DR on dodge, parry and block. You don’t use it for avoiding crits, true, but the numbers work out so that while you don’t aim to stack it, you don’t avoid it either.

  2. Moohtree says:

    Yep, for all other tanks, defense gives an equal % of dodge, parry and miss chance from boss. It also gives a +block for warriors and pallies.

    It’s even a better avoidance stat to stack than straight parry for warriors/pallies and DKs but not as good as dodge if defense capped.

    Since Ferals can’t parry, you waste about a third of each defense rating itemization point. So it’s roughly 2/3 as good as straight dodge before any DRs, but still good !

  3. Vaeg says:

    In section 6, you recommend glyph of innervate if you need more mana. I stacked INT during most of my leveling with balance, and innervate still more than filled my mana each time. I’m not sure how this glyph will change with 3.2 though, since inervate’s effect was halved, so it may become more usefull from a leveling perspective again.

  4. Lissanna says:

    For the feral druids tanking while they’re leveling, it’s easier to not make them think they need a whole extra set of gear. I’m also being purposefully short in the recommended stat sections so that they’ll have to go to one of the max-level class guides to really get enough information. I just want to get them started on things.

    For the innervate glyph, that was in there from back when it was a spirit-based mana return, before it went to a percent of base mana. I’ll leave it there since it’s getting changed again in 3.2…

  5. Sean says:

    You’ll want to update your low-level battlegrounds section. Since we’ll get travel form at the same time as aquatic (level 16), we’ll be good flag runners from the first bracket on.

  6. Lissanna says:

    Good catch Sean. I’ll update that for 3.2

  7. scaresome says:

    Re-reading your guides, thanks again!


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