A preliminary look at resto healing builds in 3.2

So, I have seen some questions pop up on the WoW forums about how people will (or won’t) pick up Empowered Touch to buff nourish an extra 20% next patch.

I also see people trying to take points out of the wrong talents to get it for their PvE builds.

There is a set of talents I like to think of as the “tank healing” talents, that are a package deal for healing with nourish.

These direct-healing Nourish talents include:

  • Living seed
  • Nature’s grace
  • Nature’s Bounty

If you are picking up the empowered touch talent to buff your nourish, then you want to have all 3 of these talents to make healing with nourish worthwhile. If you don’t think this set of talents is worthwhile, then you probably don’t need to buff nourish in the first place.

Talents that you can take points out of to pick up empowered touch for tank healing:

  • Revitalize
  • natural perfection
  • tranquil spirit (we have a bunch of other mana reducing talents, so it’s not that big of a deal to take 2 points out of this)
  • Improved tranquility
  • Celestial focus (Even now, you really don’t need to go that far into the balance tree just for 3% haste).

A “cookie cutter” tank healing build in 3.2 (with 2 points that you can spend wherever you want) can look like this.

My 3.2 build would look something like this, where I put those 2 points in Tranquil Spirit.

A more raid-healing centered build may pick up things like Revitalize. In this case, it’s a little harder to figure out where you would want to drop points. However, at that point, if you aren’t really using nourish much in the first place, it doesn’t matter where you pull that third point from. Personally, I just don’t grab revitalize.  You could do it with 2 points in revitalize like this.

If your 3 points in revitalize aren’t negotiable, you may be taking a point out of living seed to get it, ending up with a build more like this. I’d personally just go with the 2 points in revitalize, since I don’t like leaving talents with a 66% chance to work (and thus a chance to not work. I’d go with one of the other builds, personally. Or, you can just keep whatever talent spec you have now and ignore the new talent (then again, the new talent makes nourish more worthwhile to use as a raid heal without HOTs, so I think even for a non-tank healing build, it’s going to be a worthwhile talent). If you have a large amount of haste rating (between 400 & 500), you could also take the point out of Nature’s Grace.

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9 comments on “A preliminary look at resto healing builds in 3.2
  1. Kazzamalla says:

    Hi Lissanna,

    Love the blog, always happy to see a new post show up in my feed!

    Why not take a point out of Subtlety for an extra point in Tranquil Spirit (or an extra point in raid healing talents)? Given the current threat generation of tanks in 3.1 (and upcoming in 3.2), I don’t see why druids need to be too concerned about healing aggro at this time.

    Just my two cents!

  2. Lissanna says:

    I tried taking a point out of subtlety, but then it just has to shift into tranquil spirit, because you need something in that end of the tree to unlock the higher talents…

  3. Venoman says:

    You’re absolutely right about subtlety. I hadn’t processed that. You have that filler point that needs to be spent if you drop to 2/3 subtlety, and realistically there isn’t a better place to spend it to descend to the next tier of talents. At any rate it certainly won’t help you make that decision about how to fill empowered touch.

    Here’s the way I see it. Nourish is certainly a distant number three healing spell for me (maybe even fourth behind lifebloom in some situations), but it sees enough use that there’s no way I can justify not taking empowered touch for that 20% boost next patch, especially given that in some fights it sees a lot of use, particularly in 10 man raids. Even in its current form, it has always bugged me not being able to take empowered touch just for the NS/HT combo (40% is one helluva HT modifier), not to mention the odd fight that uses healing touch (instructor razuvious, loatheb to a small extent, mimiron trash, etc).

    The vast majority of the time, however, I am in a raid healing role, as I think are most tree droods. On fights where I am able to use serious rejuv/wg spam (which is far more than not, in ulduar), I’m contributing a pretty sizeable amount of regen (and dps thanks to runic power, rage, energy) via replenishment. For those not sure how useful replenishment is, I encourage you to spec into it for a raid and take a look at the parses after. For good measure, here’s an example from a recent run of mine: http://bit.ly/wOca5.

    Revitalize is not replenishment by any means, but it’s very significant, and it’s regen that stacks with multiple resto druids. I can’t justify cutting that regen by 1/3 just to keep living seed topped off. From my own parses (example from the same run here: http://bit.ly/zWTdQ) – living seed just accounts for far too little of my total healing, even on the rare fight where I am on tank duty and doing some serious nourish spam. Yes, it goes hand in hand with nourish, but the points have to come from somewhere, and there’s nothing else I can justify losing.

  4. Brent says:

    One thing to note with Nourish is that Crit Counts. The more crit you have with Nourish, more regularly you get bigger heals, and the more Living Seeds go on the tank. However, Natural Perfection is often overlooked by the fact that it gives a pure 3% upgrade in crit. That 3% is non-trivial and you should be giving up Imp Tranquility or Revitalize well before you give up Natural Perfection.

  5. Lissanna says:

    The 3% crit for 3 points is just a poor investment considering that you can get 25% crit for 5 points, and another 4% for 2 points. I never have enough points for it in any of my builds, and people with points there usually already don’t have room for imp tranquility or revitalize.

  6. Upyursh says:

    exactly the same spec as I just posted 🙂 /hi5

  7. Jessica says:

    Is there a certain rotation? I am mostly a MT healer when it comes to raid and we have another druid healer who is strictly on raid heals i have my new spec but i seem to be very low on the healer meter and before the patch i was close to the top is there something i could be doing wrong? are there certain stats i need for a MT healer vs a raid healer?

  8. Lissanna says:

    with the new AOE heals that everyone has, you are just going to rank lower than all those other AOE healers. You should be about where a paladin is if all you heal is the tank.

  9. Gaelion says:

    At the end of the post, you mention that as haste increases in the 400-500 range, that you would consider dropping points off Nature’s Grace. Now that that level of haste is obtainable in current gear, would you be able to expand on why that would be a good choice? Likely something to do about bumping into the GCD and the way queue casting works. At what level of haste would you drop Nature’s Grace entirely?

    I like playng by the internal clock of the GCD which by, human nature, maximizes the amount of casts I can do, and recently noticed a lot of “Spell not available” messages on casts following a NG hastened cast.


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