Achievements & Ulduar progress

Okay, so now that the Holidays are over, we were able to actually focus on getting through raid content this week. That means new boss kills!

We got Vezax  in 25-man down on our first attempt of the week. So, here’s Conspiracy of Elune’s boss kill shot for Vezax in 25-man (normal). Also included is me stealing a kiss from Sara as we got Yogg to phase two. We don’t have a Yogg kill yet, but I’m happy to see that the fight feels really epic, even just getting to phase 2 tonight felt like an accomplishment of it’s own. I also hit exalted with Argent Tournament when I was doing my dalies, snagging a triple achievement (Argent crusade, Argent Champion, & 15 exalted reputations!).

Congrats Conspiracy on the Vezax kill!

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10 comments on “Achievements & Ulduar progress
  1. Moohtree says:

    Grats on everything ! Especially on the Sara kiss :p

    How was Vezax on 25 man ? We just killed Thorim for the first time this tuesday and are trying the general on sunday. Can’t wait to get to Yogg !!

  2. Lissanna says:

    He’s pretty challenging, but we managed to pull through and keep the tank alive just long enough to get the boss down (I went totally OOM at like 1% boss HP).

    Once your guild gets good at managing the green pools & people run out of shadow crashes (and you get a good interrupt rotation down), it just becomes a “tank and spank” type fight.

  3. aramis says:

    Gratz on the Argents! I just completed yesterday the Alliance rep achievements myself, now just gotta get the Argent rep to exalted to be a “Crusader”…seven days of dailies outta do it.

    My guild isn’t in Ulduar yet, so I’m just waiting time out with dailies…man, can you believe how much they are worth nowadays? I must have made over 5K in gold just doing the Argent dailies for a month gaining representation with each faction.

  4. Vallen says:

    Grats on your success, keep up the work on YS. All you really need is a few solid hours across a few weeks. Skip the optional bosses to free up more time if it’s needed.

    We played with Algalon10 this past week:

    Algalon the Observer’s Ascend to the Heavens hits Vallen for 6910 Arcane.(712748 Overkill)


  5. Watreskell says:

    Congratz on the General. You are about the same spot as our guild. We have been killed Vezax 3 times on 25 man, and this week we did it soon enough to allow for an entire night of attempts (and hopefully success) on Yogg. The previous 2 weeks had left us with little time to try him, but we also managed phase two a couple times. It seems like the fight will not be too bad after everyone learns their role and stays out of the %$#**$! clouds. Vezax feels like punishment for healers via its mana mechanics + spiky tank damage. Yogg feels like it is the reward for going through that, healing it has been cake (although I haven’t seen phase 3 yet, phase 1 and 2 are not taxing at all)

  6. Your8thGradeEnglishTeacher says:

    You spelled Ulduar wrong in your title.

  7. Aerivore says:

    Omen of Clarity makes this fight really easy as a resto druid, although really boring. =/

    Congrats on all the progress, and grats on the achievements!

  8. Poras says:

    grats, liss 😀

  9. Stefanie says:

    Grats Lissanna 🙂


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