Getting epic gems – the hard way or the easy way?

Okay, so as a jewelcrafter, I’m excited about the new epic gems coming out in patch 3.2.

gems_on_whiteI’ve been preparing for a while for getting the jewelcrafting tokens to buy the patterns that I will need to cut the epic gems. I gave up doing the daily quest for a while, so I only have 13 Jewelcrafter Tokens on me (though I need to spend 2 of them on jewelcrafter-only gems for the new gear I got for my moonkin set last night).

I have been doing loops around storm peaks and Icecrown before raids, trying to find titanium ore to prospect for the gems. I also have a 450 alchemist (my shaman). So, I’ve been hoarding not only titanium (I have a couple stacks of ore), but also blue-quality gems & the eternals I need for transmuting them into epic gems.

I was all proud at my 3 stacks of titanium until my boyfriend pointed out something to me. It’s not a 100% drop rate from titanium. With a stack of titanium currently selling for between 180 and 250 gold for 20 ore… I’m not sure that even prospecting the titanium I farmed will actually be a worthwhile endeavor.

I apparently wasn’t paying quite enough attention to all the patch 3.2 stuff, and mmo-champion posted a reminder about how you can get epic gems:

  • Prospect titanium: 25% chance for random color drop
  • 1 from alchemy transmute every 20 hours
  • Emblems of heroism (either 10 or 20, depending on the gem)
  • PvP honor: 10,000

Yes, that’s right. I forgot about being able to spend emblems of heroism & PvP honor on the epic gems. So, why prospect expensive titanium for a chance that they’ll drop when I can just dump all the emblems I don’t need anymore on the gems?  Instead of looking for rare titanium spawns, I should just be running Naxxramas Pugs. You can turn other emblems (valor & conqueror) into heroisms, so you can pretty much dump all your extra badges into epic gems. That really just feels out of proportion in a way. I wouldn’t spend my precious triumph badges on things, but I know there are people sitting around with a hundred or two spare gems that would just otherwise go to waste.

Then again, I’m also sitting around with over 50,000 honor points I haven’t spent on anything, so there’s 5 “free” epic gems for me. Looks like I won’t need any of that titanium in the first place… Why prospect 250 gold worth of titanium, if I’m just going to risk getting 10 gold in rewards, when there are easier ways of getting the epic gems? I may as well just sell my titanium now, before the price of titanium ore really takes a nose-dive after people flood the epic gem market with all their emblem & honor-obtained epic gems.

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10 comments on “Getting epic gems – the hard way or the easy way?
  1. Chipster says:

    One thing to think about would be to try and wait to see if Titanium prices skyrocket in the first 2-3 days after the patch. There will probably be quite a large demand at the outset as everyone wants epic gems as fast as possible

    This does require more risk, and a little luck, but you may be able to make a higher profit if you are planning on selling the titanium anyway

  2. Reemar says:

    Do you really think the market will be flooded? I tend to think that demand is going to far exceed supply for at least a month or two.

    You also have the added bonus of getting the titanium dust for the Jewcrafter tokens, which will also be in huge demand.

    I’m sitting on almost 90 stacks of Ore, so I hope I’m right 😉

    You should get at least 1 epic from each stack of Ore, and I think the raw gems will sell for at least 300g to 400g’s each, so even at 180g to 250g per stack there is money to be made.

  3. LEH says:

    If you have less than 10 stacks of titanium, I could agree with you that the RNG factor could mean you get less epic gems than hoped for… if you’re stockpiling 30, 40, 50+ stacks of titanium, then you should have enough of a sample size to get pretty close to 1 gem:1 stack. Don’t forget the titanium dust that will drop either – this stuff should sell very well in the first days/week of the patch as jewelcrafters scramble to get as many new epic gem cutting recipes as they can.

  4. Jin says:

    Something else you might want to consider is getting titanium powder which you can turn in for jewelcrafter tokens.

    I’m personally not going to be prospecting any titanium since I have other uses for it but it may be another way to get jewelcrafting tokens faster than one a day with the daily quest.

    I have a feeling a lot of JC’ers will be blowing up titanium which will just raise the price to titanium ore even more.

  5. Rick says:


    Check out the post @ Warcraft Econ:

    It talks about prospecting Titamium Ore on the PTR and the results. It is almost guarenteed that you will get 1 epic gems per stack of ore.

    Check it out.


  6. Sharloc says:

    One thing you forgot is that prospecting Titanium yeilds titanium powder which can be traded for JC tokens.

  7. Krizkin says:

    well i’ve been buying up titanium stacks (120g-150g) and putting them in the bank. I think sitting around 40 stacks now. I also have an alch ready but no matts yet. And since the news came out about epic gems, my JC now has 60 tokens waiting.

    i have no doubt that the gems will be worth much more than the ore (if you’re thinking prospect vs sell value). same thing happened in BC. its how I made all my gold!

    can’t wait for this patch to drop

  8. Poca says:

    As it turns out, you can possibly go through 2 stacks with NO epics!! I know, I’ve done it.

  9. JoBlow says:

    I just prospected 4x stacks 0 epics (this obviously isn’t a typical result seems to average one epic per 2x stacks

  10. TokenBad says:

    Instead of farming for the ore…why not just kill the guys up in icecrown that drop the ore…everytime you kill them. Alot faster than mining..and in 30 mins can have 3 or 4 stacks if you do it by yourself..if you do it with a group can be alot faster…specially if you have someone that does inscriptions and can use the other stuff that drops.



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