Happy Fourth of July!

Happy fourth of July everyone (in the US)!  Here is a really nice firework picture I found on flicker.


So, today is the last day of the Summer Festival event. Did everyone get the achievements, pets, & items they were looking for?

I got the meta-achievement within the first 2 days of the event being up, so I consider this holiday a little bit easier to complete. However, it did require an aweful lot of traveling around the world of Azeroth and putting myself into places where I was at risk from getting killed by Horde.I did it all so early that it reset and has tempted me to go back and complete enough to get the dancing brazier, but I haven’t had time to do it yet.

Holiday weekends also means we may not be able to raid on Sunday if all my guildies aren’t back in town yet from their holiday trips. One of the tanks from my guild has also been sick, which meant that we were training up another new tank in this week’s raids. Our Wednesday and Thursday raids went okay, with clearing all the Ulduar bosses that we’ve downed before. We’re still stuck on General Vezax, but I really think that’s mostly because we haven’t spent more than a couple attempts on that boss each night we’ve tried, and so we’re still learning basic things (like how to keep the tank alive but still pay attention to standing in green pools), and then holidays, illnesses, or people on summer vacation manage to slow us down.

Anyway, I hope you guys have a good holiday!

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3 comments on “Happy Fourth of July!
  1. Poras says:

    happy 4th, liss (if you’re in the states). like you, i was done with the holiday event on the 2nd day. i had the pet from the year before, so i bought the dancing brazier with my extra tokens… just another toy to add to my 20-slot bag of fun in my bank.

    and btw, in case you were wondering… it takes 3 hours to ride your 100% land mount from silvermoon city to booty bay (with flight paths inbetween the long runs) to get all the fires for the event! i forgot to time kalimdor… but that one took me longer because i forgot the exodus one on my first trip to get the bloodmyst one and had to go back. =

    Officer/Resto Druid
    -Pango Honoratus-

  2. Lissanna says:

    I’m in the US, but some of my readers aren’t, according to my Google analytics. 🙂

  3. Moohtree says:

    Canada Here 🙂 But Happy 4th of July to all Americans !


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