New 3.2 Argent Tournamen quests: I need more reputation!

Okay, so I was a little bit of a slacker on getting reputations with the alliance reps (you know, Darnassus, Ironforge, Exodar, etc). Right now, I’m only exalted with Stormwind, which I got after I finished a couple hours ago. I’m less than half way through revered with Gnomeregan.  My other reputations are all in the revered range, even though I’ve been working for a couple weeks to get them up.

To prepare for patch 3.2, I’ve been working diligently on the Argent Tournament quests, and I’m continuing to grind the Exodar tournament daily quests for the reputation and gold, even though I have enough badges to be done with all the factions by now. Why won’t I turn them in yet? Well, first, that would cheat me out of extra gold, and second… I need to keep grinding for reputation. Here’s why:

The new tournament rewards require: the title of Crusader.

These new rewards are the heirloom items, and the upgraded squires (with access to the bank, mailbox, & vendors). You also get access to new dailies that reward Champion’s Seals.

What do you have to do to get the title of Crusader? You have to complete the Exalted Argent Champion achievement for either the alliance or the horde.

This means you have to not only be able to represent all of your faction’s reputations in battle, but you also have to have exalted faction with all of those reputations. This also requires exalted with the Argent Crusade. The other set of quests & rewards requires exalted with either the Sunreavers or the Silver Covenant. If you are already exalted with everything, you are welcome to laugh at me now. However, if you are in my boat, keep reading on what you can do to catch up!

BRD cloth farming

So, if the dalies aren’t going to get you to exalted with your faction’s reputations fast enough before 3.2 comes out, what should you do?

  1. Everyone I’ve complained to about my reputation status has recommended going back and doing the starter zone quests with my level 80 character, especially for the Draeni or Blood Elf starting area (depending on your faction). They made it such that you get the FULL amount of reputation, even at level 80. You’ll need to turn on “show low level quests” for your mini map to find them. I took their advice, and actually found an amazing reputation return for the low amount of work the quests required. Start with the level 1 quests (in Ammen vale’s crash site for Exodar) and work your way up from there – even the very lowest level quests were giving about 250 rep a pop even at level 80. You can do any of the faction’s starter quests. Also, Exodar quests give rep with all the other Alliance factions!
  2. There are cloth turn-ins in every major city. They start with wool, then silk, mageweave, and finally runecloth. The initial turn in quests require 60 of each of these cloth types, and reward 350 faction. After completing those quests, you can only turn in Runecloth (so check before you start buying up the various cloth types). At one stack for 75 rep a piece for the “Additional Runecloth” quest means you should work on getting runecloth now while you still can by buy it off the Auction house for a reasonable price. You can also farm things like lower level instances (with a full Blackrock Depths clear giving a little over a thousand rep worth of cloth stacks).
  3. Keep doing the daily tournament quests to get faction with reputations until 3.2 comes out or you hit Exalted…
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16 comments on “New 3.2 Argent Tournamen quests: I need more reputation!
  1. Boize says:

    Additionally, you can choose the Champion’s Writ as a reward from the Champions dailies (assuming you can do them).

    Some people see this as ‘giving up 10 gold’, the other reward from the quests, they prefer to buy runecloth off the AH instead. However, you should take the following factors in to consideration:

    – You need to be a champion for the city you want to hand in the Writs for.
    – The Writs are used to purchase “Commendation Badge of ”
    – The Commendation badges give 250 rep to the selected faction, as well as 62.5 spillover rep to the other 4 factions.

    Assuming you’re not exalted with any faction, this means that you gain a total of 500 rep, at a cost of 10g (opportunity cost). This is equivalent to 2 silver per 1 point of rep.

    One stack of runecloth gives you 75 rep (assuming repeatable quest) for one faction, with no spillover. So if you want to weigh up how much this will cost you, per rep point, divide the cost of a stack of runecloth by 75.
    e.g. Runecloth costs 4g a stack (BO) on the AH. This is equivalent to 5 silver, 33 copper per 1 point of rep. Thus, it would be more economical to simply choose the writ as a reward.
    e.g.2. Runecloth costs 1g a stack (BO) on the AH. This is equivalent to 1 silver, 33 copper per 1 point of rep. Thus, it would be more economical to take the 10g as a reward, and buy the runecloth off the AH.

    Note: If you are exalted with some factions, the cost per point of rep from the writs increases to:
    Exalted with 0 factions – 2s per 1 rep
    Exalted with 1 faction – 2s 28c per 1 rep
    Exalted with 2 factions – 2s 67c per 1 rep
    Exalted with 3 factions – 3s 20c per 1 rep
    Exalted with 4 factions – 4s per 1 rep

    Hopefully this should help you find the most economical way to earn your rep, assuming you would be buying runecloth off the AH otherwise.

  2. Alaron says:

    Having just done this, here’s my recommendations-

    1. The starter quest idea is perfect. Remember that for most city rep quests, you generally earn 1/4 the amount for every other city. Do this, especially if you ever plan on getting explorer/seeker/loremaster. If you’ve already gotten Champion for a city, you’ll probably be at least revered, so you should easily hit exalted by the time you’re done with the level 10-20 zone.

    1a. I used the addons Everyquest (shows every quest in the game, sorted by zone) and Lightheaded to make the running around a breeze.

    2. I highly recommend waiting on actually picking up the Crusader title until 3.2 drops, as this will lock you out of the Valiant dailies entirely. The hardest faction (for Alliance) is Gnomer rep. If you haven’t already done so, I’d recommend leaving this for last so you can continue to do Valiant dailies for them. Even if you’re already exalted with all, I’d recommend waiting on the Crusader title, as two valiant dailies stack with Champion dailies. If you can find another to duo them with, you can knock out the Champ/Valiant dailies in 15 min and earn over 100g. (I generally skip the valiant jousting/weapon and the champion jousting…take too long.)

    3. The initial cloth turnins aren’t too bad, but the runecloth sucks…high price, not really worth it. If you’re really hurting for rep for some reason and don’t want to do the starter zones, I’d highly recommend the writs from the champion dailies instead. They effectively “cost” 10g for 250 rep…good luck finding 3.33 stacks of runecloth for that price. 🙂

    4. If you don’t want to do any of the above…there’s always the repeatable AV quests (shudder).

  3. Alaron says:

    Ah…forgot the spillover rep applies to writs too…that makes writs an even better deal if you need multiple faction rep.

  4. Keeva says:

    Runecloth sells for as low as 2g/stack here – it cost me 80g to finish my Stormwind rep for my horse 😀

  5. Alaron says:

    Thanks, Keevs. Takes someone from my own server to come show me up on pricing. 🙂
    That said, it’s a close enough difference to me that I’d probably still do writs…interesting. Wonder if it’s worth AH speculating in Runecloth.

  6. Icedragon says:

    I had the Ambassador title before 3.0 even hit, as I wanted Ice to have it before the patch dropped. All I did was go around to the starting zones and finish those, then swing to other quest hubs (some Draenei in Swamp of Sorrows, the Temple in Hellfire, etc) to get more rep, plus some spillover. Humans are so damn easy to find, I just made SW exalted and kept doing their quests for the spillover. Gnomeregan Exiles was the hardest as there aren’t that many gnomes out there, but it was relatively easy.

    You sissies and your Tournament rep. Bah! All I need to do is work on my jousting 😛

  7. aramis says:

    Here’s what I did to get my Crusader title…

    ALL the valiant dailies to become a Champion with all cities (I was already exlated with Darn and SW)…this in and of itself gives you a TON of rep with each faction. Just by doing the valiants I became exalted with Exodar. For Ironforge and Gnomer, I opted to choose a Writ over a purse for the champion dailies (but because I was double backing those quests by doing valiants for one faction on TOP of the champion dailies, it wasn’t like I was losing money, per say). IF and Gnomer were the only ones where I need to trade Writs in for rep. I had 14 by the time I completed ALL valiants, 10 of which I used on Gnomer for their rep, and maxed out on Exalted. I had 4 left over and because I maxed out all cities to Exalted, I ended up trashing them, which made me sad cause I thought I calculated right, the number of writs I needed.

    Argent Crusade rep is hella easy, as you get that just from doing their quest lines (done during the leveling from 70-80), Argent tournament Dailies, or wearing the tabard in dungeons. As soon as I was done with ALL valiants and did a day’s worth of champion dailies, I bought a tabard and did two heroics and I was exalted with AC.

    I’d imagine for DKs you’d probably would have to backquest the starter regions, but everyone else should have done a healthy amount of quests to be at least REVERED with non-home cities and exalted with home city before you even get to Northrend. As such, getting writs is the easiest way as you are already doing the dailies to get rep.

  8. scaresome says:

    Great blog posting and super comments!

  9. Chipster says:

    DKs have a harder time as well because they get Ebon Blade rep instead of Argent Crusade rep from the Champion dailies. It’s probably just worth running heroics to get that last little bit

    But other than that, pretty much every method of gaining rep has been already mentioned by the other commenters

  10. Stefanie says:

    Am I the only one that finds the idea of reputation grinds a colossal bore?

    If you think about it, Blizzard is forcing you to backtrack by getting rep from all of the vanilla areas in the game in order to get new rewards, instead of releasing new content. In any single player game, excessive backtracking is usually considered a negative. Why is it acceptable in an MMO?

    Ultimately, it’s your $15/month. If you’re happy grinding rep, who am I to judge? 🙂 But, personally, I’m glad there are new online games on the horizon with fresh content.

  11. Stefanie says:

    And yes, I know there is new content in the patch like new druid forms and new dungeons… but I don’t think that excuses hideous amounts of backtracking and grinds just to gain a title and some new dailies… which is just another form of grind. 🙂

  12. Ardol says:

    “In any single player game, excessive backtracking is usually considered a negative.”


    Anyways, I recommend working on your lowest reputation first (gnomer for me) so as to maximize your spillover rep. I’m pretty sure the weeklies for Wintergrasp also give home-faction rep.

  13. Lissanna says:

    Well, you don’t have to backtrack and do old things… You can always just grind the argent tournament daily quests until you hit exalted with all the reps. Doing old-world stuff (or just buying cloth off the AH) just makes it go faster.

    I’m now exalted with Darnassus, Stormwind, & Exodar. Just Gnomeregan & Ironforge left to go!

    When I was running around the Draenei starting area, I one-shot everything with moonfire (even with it glyphed). That’s pretty fun!

  14. Stefanie says:

    I’ve never played Metroid… and I guess everyone has different definitions of fun. 🙂

  15. Watreskell says:

    I did a few of the intro quests when the Argent Tournament first came out. “Oh boy, fly all over the world dailies!” I barely have time for the daily fishing and cooking quests, The Argent Tournament just doesn’t do it for me.

    It also seems if you leveled up to 60 in vanilla WOW you got a lot less faction rep than you do now. My druid has honored or lower rep with most the horde factions, and he was my first, so I did more old world stuff on him than any other. I made a Draenei Pally when BC came out and she got a LOT more rep from just leveling. She is still stuck at 74 and is revered or better with most factions. Same goes for my Orc Warlock, 73 and revered with most factions.

    I have ground out two 80s to exalted with the Sons of Hodir, the first one before they added the additional quests. Argent Dawn, Cenarion Circle, Scryers, Aldor, Argetnt Crusade, Ebon Blade, blah blah blah… the list goes on and on. And who can forget grinding out rep for that Earthwarden back in BC when bear tanking was fun. I am getting a little bored with the rep grinds.

  16. Lath says:

    I got my rep up perhaps a slightly more unorthadox way 🙂

    I really wanted the Guardian of Cenarius title being a druid, so after doing the starter quests for each alliance area, I went to Silithus and moonfired my way though the Twilight Cultist camps.

    They respawn really quickly so I just kept swapping between 2 camps near each other. Each Twilight Cultist kill = 10 rep plus a chance of Twilight Cultist Text (Cenarion Circle rep hand ins) and heaps of Runecloth!

    Getting to Exalted with this faction also earnt me enough cloth to round all my Alliance factions to exalted. I scored in half a day of grinding both the Guardian of Cenarius & Ambassador titles 🙂


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