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Emblem of Triumph loot in 3.2 (a first look)

So, with 3.2 coming out “soon,” I thought I would take a quick peak at the badge loot available with Emblems of Triumph in 3.2. You can see the full loot list (with badge costs) on mmo-champion’s list. We still likely have a couple weeks before 3.2 comes out, so this is really the first time I’ve sat down and looked at all of MMO-champion’s loot for the 3.2 patch. I’ve also been waiting and hoping that Blizzard changes how we’re getting tier loot, but I haven’t seen any indication of that. So, here goes what I’ve found so far…

You can get emblems of Triumph from: 10 man and 25-man versions of Crusader’s Coliseum (with normal or heroic versions), and up to 3 2 badges a day total from the 5-man (2 for heroic & 1 for non-heroic) daily quests. I’ve cut back how much I’m running 5-man dungeons now (and basically not running them at all), in preparation for not being bored out of my mind having to run the daily dungeons over and over and over again once 3.2 comes out, to help supplement the badges I’ll be getting from raiding (For why we’ll be farming the dailies, see the tank spot article from a couple weeks ago).

Spending badges on idols. The first thing I noticed is that, according to mmo-champion, our idols for 3.2 can be bought with emblems of triumph. These are the first things I will be working towards getting once the patch hits. I’ll pick up the resto & moonkin ones, since both are going to be “must have” items for improving my dual-spec performance. These cost 25 emblems of triumph each (so, I’m out 50 badges just for the two idols I need, before I can start on anything else).

  • Idol of Lunar Fury (moonkin)
  • Idol of Flaring Growth (Resto)
  • Idol of Mutilation (feral)

You have to spend badges of triumph to get tier 9 sets.

Also, unless you plan on doing heroic 25-man Coliseum, you really need to plan on spending a couple hundred badges on your tier set pieces.  I was originally just going to talk about the non tier pieces, but in doing research for this article, I came to the conclusion that the vast majority of my readers won’t get to spend tokens on anything besides the idols and tier sets.  There are a couple options for getting pieces of your tier sets, as there are 3 different versions of the sets. All but the heroic 25-man will require lots of triumph badges. You can read more about how to get the tier 9 pieces from wowwiki’s page on Tier 9 sets by clicking here. The 25-man (non-heroic) version appears to require both a ton of triumph badges (like 45 or 75 badges each) & 1 extra trophy token (for each piece) that drops from the bosses. The lower tier version just costs a ton of triumph badges without the raid dungeon drops.

Since I like the resto tier 8 four-piece set bonus so much (yummy instant rejuvs), I’ll probably just hold onto my tier 8 gear for a while into the next patch, as the 10-man version of the sets aren’t that great, and the 2-piece tier 9 bonus is actually pretty wimpy (trade instant rejuvs for 5% to nourish crits? Um… not worth the 110 emblems of triumph plus a ton of DKP for the set tokens it will cost me!). I’ll probably be able to just save up tokens and then buy the whole set at one point in time, or I can choose to hold out in hopes that my guild will run the heroic version eventually. Either way, it pretty much ensures that I’ll have to farm emblems for months to be able to have a chance at getting the 4-piece resto tier 9 bonus (45+45+75+75 = 240 emblems of triumph + 4 trophies of the crusade from bosses). I’m probably better off just going for 2 pieces of the moonkin tier 9 and just not picking up the resto tier 9 at all for a while, and instead spending my DKP on non-set filler pieces. The moonfire crits set bonus seems good, but I’m just not sold on the four piece bonus for moonkin. Either way, costing hundreds of emblems pretty much prevents me from having both moonkin & resto tier 9 sets, regardless of how many dungeons I run before the following (3.3 patch) comes out a long time from now….

What about non-set pieces besides the idols?

There are also non-set pieces available with badges. However, since the non-set pieces will also have similar items dropping from the various raid dungeons, it may be worth your time to just use your triumph badges for the rewards I’ve already talked about here (idols & set pieces)… and then worry about filler pieces further down the line. Unless you have endless hours to run 5-mans, 10-mans, and 25-mans to farm up badges, you are going to have pretty big limitations on how fast you can gear up with triumph badges. The triumph badge non-set pieces are all item level 245 (same as the 25-man normal Coliseum item level). There are head and shoulder non-set pieces, which seem like a waste of time since you should be using set pieces instead for those slots. The non-set piece helm & shoulders actually cost more badges than the 10-man set pieces(ilvl 232) that you can get without going into the coliseum. There are also rings and trinkets that aren’t too bad, and only cost 35 badges each.  It’s probably just easier to get the non-set pieces as drops, though, since the set pieces will cost so many badges (unless you get pieces from the Heroic 25-man version). However, if you have extra badges and don’t have a lot of luck in the raid dungeons, there are options from triumph and crusader badges to fill in some missing slots of gear.

There is also a partial list of Crusader Coliseum non-set piece raid drops up on mmo-champion, which is updated as they get more information about the gear that drops from the bosses there.

Happy instance farming in 3.2!

Update: It looks like as of now, the normal daily may be giving conquest instead of triumph badges, whereas the heroic daily is still giving triumph badges.

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Moonkin damage “twisting” in 3.2 – more questions than answers

Okay, so in 3.1, the moonkin rotation makes a lot of sense: Put up your dots, Use wrath until Eclipse procs, keep casting starfire until cooldown is almost up, and then wrath until eclipse procs again. Refresh your dots during the Eclipse cooldown as needed. In movement heavy fights, you can use starfire to proc a wrath eclipse buff, so that you can cast more wraths on the run.

In 3.2, since there isn’t really a cooldown time period, it’s a little more confusing to know when to refresh your DOTs, especially since they both last different lengths, and don’t line up that well with the Eclipse timers.

The basics of the 3.2 rotation is to do something like: Cast wrath until eclipse procs, then cast starfire through eclipse and keep going until the wrath eclipse procs, then cast wrath and repeat. When to refresh DOTs is slightly more problematic. You want moonfire up when you are casting starfire, and you want insect swarm up when you are casting wrath. Aside from that, there’s not really a “good” answer for when to apply them.

The DOTs: Moonfire lasts 15 seconds + up to another 9 seconds from casting 3 starfires before it runs out. This means that it should be pretty simple to keep it going long enough to get through each starfire eclipse rotation. The timing may be a little awkward with the wrath side of the rotation when you aren’t casting starfires. Insect swarm only lasts for 14 seconds, so it has to be refreshed more often than starfire, and won’t last through a whole Wrath side of the rotation. With no gear set bonuses or idols taken into consideration, it may make the most sense to refresh it when you are switching to wrath’s eclipse proc, and then just let it run out for when you are switching to trying to proc the starfire side. However, it may add to your overall DPS to try and keep up both DOTs as much as you can, but the community doesn’t seem to have a really good answer on what to do at this point.

Why set bonuses & idols probably matter: From what I can figure out, how much your DOTs contribute to your overall damage is going to depend on their value relative to just casting another starfire or wrath. It may also be possible that you’ll just want to keep both up all the time (or as much as you can). We need a lot of testing to figure it all out, and it’s pretty much beyond what I have the resources to actually test, since I don’t have access to all the gear that would be necessary to test it in person, and the math is messy at best.

What the set bonuses are:

Tier 7 set bonuses:

  • 2 pieces: Your Insect Swarm deals an additional 10% damage.

With the extra insect swarm damage, you likely want to try and keep up insect swarm more, especially if you manage to also get the idol of the crying wind. The 4-piece doesn’t matter much for DOT timing.

Tier 8 set bonuses:

  • 2 pieces: Increases the bonus granted by Eclipse for Starfire and Wrath by 15%.
  • 4 pieces: Each time your Insect Swarm deals damage, it has a chance to make your next Starfire cast within 10 sec instant.

With the 4-piece bonus, you benefit from keeping insect swarm up as much as possible, so that you can get more instant starfires. The 2-piece bonus won’t have that much of an impact on when to refresh DOTs, other than making it bad to refresh the DOTs towards the end of an Eclipse proc.

Tier 9 set bonuses:

  • 2 pieces: Your Moonfire ability now has a chance for its periodic damage to be critical strikes.
  • 4 pieces: Increases the damage done by your Starfire and Wrath spells by 4%.

The two piece bonus here is going to help you do more damage with moonfire critical strikes, and when paired with the Idol of Lunar Fury, you will have a very powerful moonfire spell, where it’s going to be worth keeping up moonfire as much as possible, even refreshing it during Eclipse proc times. The 4-piece bonus won’t effect DOT timing.

What the idols are:

  • Idol of Lunar Fury: Each time your Moonfire spell deals periodic damage, you have a chance to gain 200 critical strike rating for 12 sec.
  • Idol of the crying wind: Increases the spell power of your Insect Swarm by 374.
  • Idol of the shooting star: Increases the spell power of your Starfire spell by 165.

If you are rocking the idol of Lunar Fury, you will want to keep moonfire up as much as possible, which means refreshing it even for the Wrath side of Eclipse, and during Eclipse procs. The idol of lunar fury is also an obvious “best in slot” for moonkin in 3.2. If you are using the idol of the crying wind, you will want to keep up insect swarm more than you would otherwise, so that you’ll actually benefit from using the idol. If your insect swarm has too much down time, then the shooting star idol becomes a clear better choice than the crying wind. If you are still using the idol of the shooting star, then it doesn’t really have an impact on when you refresh your DOTs, and you can base your decisions on other things.

For more information: Mostly what I did in this thread is point out things that should seem obvious to most moonkin, however I think we did need a reminder of how our gear selections are going to impact the importance of keeping up our DOTs when there’s no real cooldown period on Eclipse anymore. Of course, Graylo has some good advice on what to do with your DOTs and the rotations for moonkin in 3.2. I think it’s just going to require individual players to practice out different options for refreshing DOTs or not, which will depend on what gear you are wearing and how the set bonuses & idols interact with increasing your overall damage or not. It may be possible that just keeping both up all the time will end up with the best overall damage for you, or it may be possible that only refreshing them at certain times works better than having near constant up-time. There’s some more advice on the EJ forums. There’s also some discussion going on about what to do in 3.2 in the moonkin repository. I’m hoping that we’ll have real answers to the problem of when to refresh our DOTs, but since they will never line up perfectly in our rotations, and the value of our DOTs actually change with gear, we’re just going to have to use a little guess work and hope for the best.

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Preparing my shaman alt for 3.2

Okay, so in Burning Crusade, I leveled up an alliance shaman and raided as a chain-heal-spammer for a while at level 70. However, when WotLK came out, my shaman has mostly been shelved. The druid class became a lot more fun to heal with at level 80, so I just didn’t level up my shaman all the way.


I’ve been playing my shaman on and off, and got up to level 74 recently. I have been leveling as enhancement, since I found trying to level as elemental in my healing epics just really wasn’t fun. Enhancement seems to have a bunch of different abilities to rotate through, instead of pretty much spamming one spell that leveling elemental was at level 70.

In general, I think that the patch is much more exciting for leveling druids (with the new graphic forms). However, there are a few changes in 3.2 that will make my shaman leveling experience more fun.  I wanted to take some time to dig into some changes in the next patch, to see how it effects my alt’s leveling, so I figured I would also post it here!

First, the biggest change for me is the totem changes. Being able to only use 1 global cool down (instead of 4) to drop all my totems means that I’ll actually use them when I’m soloing. I usually don’t bother to drop all my totems just to kill 1 mob in a couple seconds, and then have to drop them again at the next. However, with this change, it would be pretty easy to drop totems even if you have to move around a lot while you are leveling.

Shaman shocks range increased to 25 yards! So, I can use my shocks to pull things that are farther away!

Lots of shaman healing changes! I’ve been watching the shaman healing changes (such as increased range on chain heal jumps). While this probably won’t be a character I raid with (except for maybe alt Naxx runs), it’s nice to see some good changes going through for the other healers in my raids.

General alt-leveling improvements:

The travel changes are huge for leveling up alts. I’m going to buy one of the Heirloom Cold Weather Flying so that I can get around easier. Having to run around on a regular mount just feels slow, and it’s a waste of the epic flying that I spent so much gold on. I’m really excited about this, since picking herbs for making my potions and flasks is a pretty huge motivation for me to focus on leveling up this character.

New Heirloom items! I can get an extra 10% leveling bonus with the new heirloom coming from the tournament daily quests, and so I’ll be able to level even faster (a total of 20% bonus with the shoulders I already bought).

So, in all, I’m really excited about the patch that should be coming out “soon”, and hopefully I’ll be more energized to pick up and try to get my poor neglected shaman to 80…

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Taking days off is good for you, too!

So, yesterday, I missed a raid night.  I really hate missing raid nights. I pretty much try to plan my events around raid nights when I can.

So, a while back, my friends’ and I planned an amusement park trip for Tuesday (which isn’t a raid night). However, when Monday rolled around and we looked at the weather reports, all we saw was a high chance of rain every day this week except for Wednesday. I thought about not going with my friends, since I’d have to miss the raid to be able to go to the park on a Wednesday.

However, I hadn’t been to that park before, and I knew my friends really wanted me to go. So, I decided that since even jobs give vacation days, that sometimes you just have to take a personal day to go out of the house and get some sun! I posted on the guild raid calendar on Monday (when I found out) that I couldn’t go to the raid on Wednesday. I also took the day off from my blog (though I heard through the grape vine that there were some problems with the site while I was gone – I had left my boyfriend at work since he couldn’t take the day off on short notice). I took a hint from Silly at Rolling Hots, and decided that I needed a zoo day, too!

There was a small zoo attached to the amusement park, so we went and saw the animals between roller coaster rides (though I only went on one of the roller coasters). Even though I was taking the day off, I still managed to think about all my druid friends while I was at the zoo, and took pictures to share! So, here’s the sleepy druid animals taking some well deserved rest! (Well, the buffalo just reminded me of Tauren bear form, so I kept that picture, too!).

Now that I’m all refreshed and I got plenty of exercise, I’m ready to get back into the swing of raiding and blogging and doing my school work (preparing for comps & my dissertation). With spending so much time on school & WoW, it’s really great to take days off (my sister’s wedding trip hardly even counts as a vacation, since I took work & WoW with me that week).

You should take off time to go outside and enjoy some Sun & Fun! Even if you have to miss raid days sometimes, getting out and enjoying life away from the computer really helps sometimes.

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