Monthly Archives: July 2009

Emblem of Triumph loot in 3.2 (a first look)

So, with 3.2 coming out “soon,” I thought I would take a quick peak at the badge loot available with Emblems of Triumph in 3.2. You can see the full loot list (with badge costs) on mmo-champion’s list. We still likely have a couple weeks before 3.2 comes out, so this is really the first […]

Preparing my shaman alt for 3.2

Okay, so in Burning Crusade, I leveled up an alliance shaman and raided as a chain-heal-spammer for a while at level 70. However, when WotLK came out, my shaman has mostly been shelved. The druid class became a lot more fun to heal with at level 80, so I just didn’t level up my shaman […]

Taking days off is good for you, too!

So, yesterday, I missed a raid night.  I really hate missing raid nights. I pretty much try to plan my events around raid nights when I can. So, a while back, my friends’ and I planned an amusement park trip for Tuesday (which isn’t a raid night). However, when Monday rolled around and we looked […]