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Extended Druid Q&A post from the druid forums…

Click here to see a new post from the druid Q&A on the world of warcraft druid forum.
There isn’t really any super new information, more explanations of things. However, you should hop over to the thread and take a look. I thought about posting it all here, but it’s a lot of text and the original thread has better formatting than I could provide here.

I knew there were related posts on the role forums, but I haven’t actually seen an updated list of answers in their actual Q&A thread before (or maybe I just haven’t payed enough attention to other classes).

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Protecting your account – New authenticator apps!

authenticatorOkay, so it looks like they’ve released an authenticator application that works for all sorts of different phone types in all sorts of different countries.

To get to the website where you can download these applications, you can click here to go to the mobile store.

For phones in the US, it looks like they only work for AT&T, Celular one, and Sprint phones. My phone is verizon, so it won’t let me purchase one for my phone. It looks like I should be able to download ringtones & wallpapers for a Verizon phone, so I’m not sure why the authenticator wouldn’t work with them.

For other countries, they have different lists of cell phone operators, so you should check to see if your phone will qualify for the authenticator.

Fortunately for me, I have one of the original key-ring authenticators that I’ve had for over a year – so I don’t really need the cell phone application one. However, being able to carry it around with you on your phone at all times seems pretty handy (unless you are also prone to losing your phone). I got my authenticator after my account got hacked. I blame checking forums on the campus computer for my compromise, since they didn’t seem to have my e-mail address to go along with it. However, I haven’t had any problems with my account (or my authenticator) since I got it.  If you get some sort of serial number with the authenticator application, remember to record the code and keep it in a safe place for removing it if your phone breaks or something else happens to it.

Especially after the infection scare I had on my blog last week, I’d like to take this moment to really suggest that you get an authenticator in one form or another (either through the cell phone application, the seperate iphone application, or ordering one of the key-ring versions at the Blizzard store which doesn’t require having the right kind of phone). No one’s computer is ever safe from evil hackers, not even under the best circumstances. Protecting your account with an authenticator is just one in the many layers of protection that you should be using to protect your Warcraft account (and your computer in general!).

NOTE: Since the service just came out, trying to get it for the next day or two may be a little tricky (WoW players have a way of swarming things), but keep trying if the service goes down during Tuesday server maintenance or something…

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What if there were FAILchievements?

So, my guild has been working on Yogg-Saron this week. On Thursday we were having a hard time with Phase 1, and so our guild leader would call a wipe. The fastest way to wipe on that was just to spawn more guardians. When we were joking about how high we could get our guardian count, we decided that Blizzard should have an achievement for it. Then, someone else pointed out that achievements were meant for when you did something good – not for when things went horribly wrong.

Thus, someone decided that achievements for doing things extremely bad could be “FAILchievements”. I’m sure that this isn’t really a new thing. However, due to spending a lot of time on Yogg, I was running out of other ideas of things to post…

Here are some ideas of failchievements I’ve come up with during our time playing in Yogg’s room tonight:

  • Head in the clouds: Stand in the same green cloud long enough to spawn 2 guardians
  • Spawn More Overlords: Having 25 Guardians alive at the same time on Yogg Phase 1
  • Not the tenticles!: Die go a constrictor tenticle in phase 2 of Yogg
  • Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most: Loose all your sanity and go “insane” on Yogg.
  • Staying Debuffed All Winter: Have 1 of each debuff on you at the same time during Yogg Phase 2

Okay, for some old-school Failchievements:

  • Feeling trashy: Have a raid wipe on trash mobs in a raid dungeon
  • Nerf Frogger: Die to the ooze “frogger” in Naxxramas
  • Going down like a rock: Die to the “elevator boss” in SSC
  • Minus 50 DKP: Spawn whelps in Onyxia’s room
  • Need a Breath Mint: Die to Onyxia’s Deep Breath
  • Not Ready: Be AFK for a ready check
  • One Man Down: Have a member of your raid disconnect from the game in the middle of the boss fight
  • What internet: Disconnect during a boss fight

What are some ideas of failchievements you guys can think of?

Because Monday is Funday!

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Now back to your regularly scheduled blog program

Okay, so it looks like this week’s move to the new hosting site was a success. It looks like everything made it over okay. So, now, if I get featured on or anywhere, I’m pretty sure I won’t get my blog crashed again (I hope!). I also haven’t seen a virus attack on my site since we scrubbed everything clean on Thursday &  Friday, so hopefully they have moved onto other places in the internet. I have the Avast software now that was originally the one that found the problems, so if it pops up again, I’ll get warning messages.

And now back to Wow:

This weekend, I spent time working on my alliance faction rep, and found out that both the Dwarf and Gnome starting areas give both Ironforge & Gnomeregan reputation (and lots of it!). So, I’m now exalted with everything except Gnomer, and I only need a couple more days worth of Tournament daily quests to hit exalted with them.

Also, why does the druid Tier 9 set have cleavage on the female characters? Seriously? Why would I cover my whole head, neck, & shoulders… just to leave my chest exposed when I go into combat? Who thought that was a good idea? Good thing I can shapeshift to a tree and grow bark on me to prevent a single sword from doing me in. It makes about as much sense as the cloth sets which always go with their mid-sections exposed. Lets just not cover the most vulnerable sections of our body and then charge in against people with guns & bows! Oh… /sigh

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