Monthly Archives: July 2009

Extended Druid Q&A post from the druid forums…

Click here to see a new post from the druid Q&A on the world of warcraft druid forum. There isn’t really any super new information, more explanations of things. However, you should hop over to the thread and take a look. I thought about posting it all here, but it’s a lot of text and […]

Protecting your account – New authenticator apps!

Okay, so it looks like they’ve released an authenticator application that works for all sorts of different phone types in all sorts of different countries. To get to the website where you can download these applications, you can click here to go to the mobile store. For phones in the US, it looks like they […]

What if there were FAILchievements?

So, my guild has been working on Yogg-Saron this week. On Thursday we were having a hard time with Phase 1, and so our guild leader would call a wipe. The fastest way to wipe on that was just to spawn more guardians. When we were joking about how high we could get our guardian […]

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog program

Okay, so it looks like this week’s move to the new hosting site was a success. It looks like everything made it over okay. So, now, if I get featured on or anywhere, I’m pretty sure I won’t get my blog crashed again (I hope!). I also haven’t seen a virus attack on my […]