Preparing my shaman alt for 3.2

Okay, so in Burning Crusade, I leveled up an alliance shaman and raided as a chain-heal-spammer for a while at level 70. However, when WotLK came out, my shaman has mostly been shelved. The druid class became a lot more fun to heal with at level 80, so I just didn’t level up my shaman all the way.


I’ve been playing my shaman on and off, and got up to level 74 recently. I have been leveling as enhancement, since I found trying to level as elemental in my healing epics just really wasn’t fun. Enhancement seems to have a bunch of different abilities to rotate through, instead of pretty much spamming one spell that leveling elemental was at level 70.

In general, I think that the patch is much more exciting for leveling druids (with the new graphic forms). However, there are a few changes in 3.2 that will make my shaman leveling experience more fun.  I wanted to take some time to dig into some changes in the next patch, to see how it effects my alt’s leveling, so I figured I would also post it here!

First, the biggest change for me is the totem changes. Being able to only use 1 global cool down (instead of 4) to drop all my totems means that I’ll actually use them when I’m soloing. I usually don’t bother to drop all my totems just to kill 1 mob in a couple seconds, and then have to drop them again at the next. However, with this change, it would be pretty easy to drop totems even if you have to move around a lot while you are leveling.

Shaman shocks range increased to 25 yards! So, I can use my shocks to pull things that are farther away!

Lots of shaman healing changes! I’ve been watching the shaman healing changes (such as increased range on chain heal jumps). While this probably won’t be a character I raid with (except for maybe alt Naxx runs), it’s nice to see some good changes going through for the other healers in my raids.

General alt-leveling improvements:

The travel changes are huge for leveling up alts. I’m going to buy one of the Heirloom Cold Weather Flying so that I can get around easier. Having to run around on a regular mount just feels slow, and it’s a waste of the epic flying that I spent so much gold on. I’m really excited about this, since picking herbs for making my potions and flasks is a pretty huge motivation for me to focus on leveling up this character.

New Heirloom items! I can get an extra 10% leveling bonus with the new heirloom coming from the tournament daily quests, and so I’ll be able to level even faster (a total of 20% bonus with the shoulders I already bought).

So, in all, I’m really excited about the patch that should be coming out “soon”, and hopefully I’ll be more energized to pick up and try to get my poor neglected shaman to 80…

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6 comments on “Preparing my shaman alt for 3.2
  1. Ardol says:

    I guess shaman alts are pretty popular among druids; I have one too. It’s pretty fun to play him, especially since I am used to playing a melee class that can heal.

  2. Ardol says:

    Forgot to mention that my friend who plays a druid also has a shaman alt, although he plays him more than his druid now.

  3. facepaints says:

    LOL i have shammy main and druid alt 🙂 only two classes i really love because when you change specs it almost feels like a new toon

  4. Megami says:

    I’m also excited about the changes to make leveling an alt easier. Just think, when you have Wintergrasp buff you’ll be getting 25% more exp! ^___^

  5. Boomshine says:

    21% increase. Not 20%. It adds the first 10% to make it 110%, then 10% of that is added, which is 11%, making 121%.

  6. bubblebuddy says:

    shamans are the shit


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