Protecting your account – New authenticator apps!

authenticatorOkay, so it looks like they’ve released an authenticator application that works for all sorts of different phone types in all sorts of different countries.

To get to the website where you can download these applications, you can click here to go to the mobile store.

For phones in the US, it looks like they only work for AT&T, Celular one, and Sprint phones. My phone is verizon, so it won’t let me purchase one for my phone. It looks like I should be able to download ringtones & wallpapers for a Verizon phone, so I’m not sure why the authenticator wouldn’t work with them.

For other countries, they have different lists of cell phone operators, so you should check to see if your phone will qualify for the authenticator.

Fortunately for me, I have one of the original key-ring authenticators that I’ve had for over a year – so I don’t really need the cell phone application one. However, being able to carry it around with you on your phone at all times seems pretty handy (unless you are also prone to losing your phone). I got my authenticator after my account got hacked. I blame checking forums on the campus computer for my compromise, since they didn’t seem to have my e-mail address to go along with it. However, I haven’t had any problems with my account (or my authenticator) since I got it.  If you get some sort of serial number with the authenticator application, remember to record the code and keep it in a safe place for removing it if your phone breaks or something else happens to it.

Especially after the infection scare I had on my blog last week, I’d like to take this moment to really suggest that you get an authenticator in one form or another (either through the cell phone application, the seperate iphone application, or ordering one of the key-ring versions at the Blizzard store which doesn’t require having the right kind of phone). No one’s computer is ever safe from evil hackers, not even under the best circumstances. Protecting your account with an authenticator is just one in the many layers of protection that you should be using to protect your Warcraft account (and your computer in general!).

NOTE: Since the service just came out, trying to get it for the next day or two may be a little tricky (WoW players have a way of swarming things), but keep trying if the service goes down during Tuesday server maintenance or something…

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6 comments on “Protecting your account – New authenticator apps!
  1. Aerivore says:

    Getting your own authenticator is a very good idea in and of its own. I’ve heard horror stories of people who get hacked… and the hackers not only change the e-mail address, but also bind their own authenticator to the account. I don’t know how Blizzard handles this, but wow, ya know?

    One of these days I’m gonna get one too. >.>

  2. Reinu says:

    I got me an authenticator after a friend of mine got hacked. When I log on and get asked the 6 digit code. I already feel safer then when I did not have it.

    Its for sure worth the few extra $$ to get the extra secure feeling.

  3. Relevart says:

    I have an HTC Tilt, which is not showing up on their list of phones. Not that it matters because I have a token authenticator too. However, I’d be interested to see if they overlooked this phone or if it doesn’t work for this phone yet.

  4. Watreskell says:

    Everytime I try to buy one of the authenticators, they are out. I guess the phone app is the way to go, but with the rate I go through phones, I would be locked out of WOW once a month (probably not a bad thing :))

    Oh, and good luck with the Tilt. My wife had one, make that 2, no 3. The screen cracked just charging the damn thing.

  5. Xekter says:

    The reason why its not available on verizon is becuase of the type of software there phones are designed to use. Verizon uses a CDMA (radio type)propriatary application software called BREW. They use that so they can make more money from you as a client. Every other carrier uses javascript for there normal phones. I hope that helps a little.

  6. nitehero says:

    I tried to log into my account today and it asked me to use the authenticator code….ive never binded my account to an authenticator idk what to do and if i was hacked blizzards attemp to make stuff more secure apparently didnt work because i cant even log into my own account managment page


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