Spotlight on: A non-druid WoW blog

Okay, before I went on vacation at the end of June, I promised my boyfriend (who I usually refer to as his druid’s name – Lavata) that I would make a post about his blog.

So, here goes…

His blog is called “Malchome’s Mind on Gaming”. Malchome refers to his warrior’s character.

His world of warcraft blog is mostly posts about non-druid things, like mounting changes, battlegrounds, phasing quests, and other things. I think he’s guest-posted on this blog once or twice, and he does all the website programming stuff for this blog (so, without him, restokin wouldn’t exist!).

He also posts more theoretical & meta-gaming things than I do, and he has a tendancy to write about things that are a little more controversial than what I write here…. but they are usually interesting things to think about… even if I don’t always agree with him. 🙂

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One comment on “Spotlight on: A non-druid WoW blog
  1. Lavata says:

    LoL, I was happy with just the link in the blog roll.


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