Taking days off is good for you, too!

So, yesterday, I missed a raid night.  I really hate missing raid nights. I pretty much try to plan my events around raid nights when I can.

So, a while back, my friends’ and I planned an amusement park trip for Tuesday (which isn’t a raid night). However, when Monday rolled around and we looked at the weather reports, all we saw was a high chance of rain every day this week except for Wednesday. I thought about not going with my friends, since I’d have to miss the raid to be able to go to the park on a Wednesday.

However, I hadn’t been to that park before, and I knew my friends really wanted me to go. So, I decided that since even jobs give vacation days, that sometimes you just have to take a personal day to go out of the house and get some sun! I posted on the guild raid calendar on Monday (when I found out) that I couldn’t go to the raid on Wednesday. I also took the day off from my blog (though I heard through the grape vine that there were some problems with the site while I was gone – I had left my boyfriend at work since he couldn’t take the day off on short notice). I took a hint from Silly at Rolling Hots, and decided that I needed a zoo day, too!

There was a small zoo attached to the amusement park, so we went and saw the animals between roller coaster rides (though I only went on one of the roller coasters). Even though I was taking the day off, I still managed to think about all my druid friends while I was at the zoo, and took pictures to share! So, here’s the sleepy druid animals taking some well deserved rest! (Well, the buffalo just reminded me of Tauren bear form, so I kept that picture, too!).

Now that I’m all refreshed and I got plenty of exercise, I’m ready to get back into the swing of raiding and blogging and doing my school work (preparing for comps & my dissertation). With spending so much time on school & WoW, it’s really great to take days off (my sister’s wedding trip hardly even counts as a vacation, since I took work & WoW with me that week).

You should take off time to go outside and enjoy some Sun & Fun! Even if you have to miss raid days sometimes, getting out and enjoying life away from the computer really helps sometimes.

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6 comments on “Taking days off is good for you, too!
  1. facepaints says:

    awww i always manage to get some fun in the sun 😛 WoW can wait while the sun is out 🙂

  2. Tympanic says:

    Taking a break for RL is a good thing.

    You did miss a good raid last night, though. 😉

  3. Aertimus says:

    Yakra and I have been thoroughly enjoying our freedom from raiding since we left our guild. And since we don’t see it as permanent, it is like an extended vacation. I would definitely recommend brief breaks for IRL to anyone reading!

    Love the pictures too! I went on a hike last weekend and I kept thinking about were my fellow resto blogs looking at all the trees 😛

  4. albert says:

    I miss a photo of a tree. i think there must be a tree in the zoo.

  5. Sylly says:

    LOL Liss!!! huzzah for zoo days!!! Glad you indulged your playful side!

  6. Averna says:

    I agree – getting out (even if it means missing a raid) is REALLY important! I always stress out if I miss a raid (omg what if a fragment drops, what if we can’t get enough healers, what if this, what if that), but all in all I think it’s good for your mental and emotional health to miss one every so often =P


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