We’re moving…

So, shortly after I started this blog, I only had about 100 readers a week.  The post that featured restokin on WoWinsider (now wow.com) made that number jump up and spike at a couple thousand instead of a couple hundred. Even now months after that article, I still have between 800 and 2,000 people per day reading my blog. The original hosting service we were using wasn’t meant to handle the kind of traffic that I get here on busy weeks and new content release days, even though there haven’t been major problems since the first wowinsider spotlight.

Now that my blog has been out a couple months, we can move the domain to a new hosting service that can better handle the increased traffic that this blog periodically has (we spike pretty high right around the time that patches and such come out). The move will be happening over this weekend, so if you have a hard time connecting to the site, I promise that it should be back to normal & even better than normal pretty soon. The new hosting service will be able to better handle peak traffic times and I won’t risk my site crashing as it grows and flourishes.

I’ll still be posting relatively normally over the next few days, even with the switch. We’re also keeping the restokin.com domain name, so you’ll still be able to come to the same place for the same druid information!

On another note:

As we get closer to the 3.2 patch release date, I’ll be working on getting the healing & leveling guide updated with new content changes. There’s not a whole lot that will effect resto healing or druid leveling in general, so the changes that I do make to the guides should overall be small (I hope!).

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2 comments on “We’re moving…
  1. scaresome says:

    Be careful moving … no heavy lifting!

  2. Lissanna says:

    Good thing computer files aren’t heavy!


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