What have dualspecs done for me lately?

So, today is a maintenance Tuesday… we don’t have the new PTR build I was expecting to see on Monday after the holiday weekend, so there isn’t much actual news to report on at the moment… other than the fact that my guild finally killed General Vezax on 10-man (we haven’t been doing the 10-man very consistently, and holiday breaks keep slowing our 25-man progress).

Back to today’s actual topic: One feature that went into the game recently was the dual spec feature. A lot of people thought that it would cause big problems for the game, or that it was going to be the best thing since sliced bread.

Well, it did have an impact on my raiding guild, but the impact was far more positive than it was negative. So, I wanted to write about how much use I get out of the dual spec feature, and how it helped my guild’s raiding.

When dual specs first came out, I went with a resto spec (for raiding) and a moonkin spec (for everything else). I found myself pretty much only using my moonkin spec for doing daily quests for a while.

However, in my raiding guild, we have too many healers most of the time (with between 7 and 9 logging in for each 25-man raid). In addition, we need more healers for later bosses than earlier bosses most of the time, and the number of healers we need seems to shrink as we get better gear and learn the fights better. So, at this point, we shouldn’t be running with more than 6 or 7 healers for the fights where we may have started with 8. We aren’t working on heroics yet, but when we do, we’ll need to shrink the number of healers probably even further. This means that some of our healers need to go DPS. With dualspecs, we don’t have to make our healers spend 50 gold every week to spec whatever way the raid needs us to spec.

So, in a small handful of raids lately, I have been able to DPS instead of heal. Before, I wouldn’t have gotten these chances. We’re also not “stealing” DPS spots, since we just end up with too many healers & not enough DPS some days. For example, we were finishing our 10-man Monday night, and had a hard time filling the group, so we invited 4 of our normal 25-man healers, and then one (or two) of us went DPS for the bosses. I won our roll-off, so I got to stay moonkin the whole time. Under the pre-dualspec days, we wouldn’t have had that option, and they probably would have canceled our 10-man run. Instead of canceling it, we killed general Vezax for the first time!

Did the dual spec feature create loot drama for our guild? No, not really. You bid your points for “need” loot if you need it, and “greed” loot if it’s not for the set you chose as your main set. If someone tries to consistently bid “need” on two sets of gear, then their point standing drops dramatically in a short amount of time, and they wouldn’t have priority on much of anything after a while. Also, “greeded” loot is half the point cost, so you benefit from taking loot as off-spec gear.

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12 comments on “What have dualspecs done for me lately?
  1. Chipster says:

    Personally, I love dual-spec and have since it was first implemented. I prefer to heal in heroics (or the odd raid I get in to) but once dual spec came out I went feral for the first time since I started playing a druid back in vanilla WoW. If it wasn’t for dual-spec, I wouldn’t have tried out what has turned out to be an amazingly fun spec

    My guild is sort of in a summer lull, but I will be dragging them into heroics to wipe while I learn how to tank, once I have the chance.

  2. Backrubs says:

    My only problem with dual-spec was that I worked myself up into thinking “great! all the dps war/DK/druid/paladin might go prot (tanks are at a premium on my server), but when it went live….I was pretty shocked to see how many potential tanking classes and even healing classes chose TWO dps specs.

  3. Macbook says:

    Dual specs haven’t caused any loot issues in my guild — we know everyone’s main spec, and I loot council loot for their main spec ONLY.

    Dual spec has been a livesaver for my raids on many occasions — I hardly have the problem of too many healers, in fact, I have DPSers swap to healing often.

  4. Moohtree says:

    It seems that most regular raiding guilds are in a summer lull right now :p at least it’s comforting to see that we’re not the only ones having attendance issues.

    In my guild we have the same problem with healers/DPS … too many healers, not enough dps at the moment. So our healers respec and go DPS, which is great for them because they still get to raid and we still get to go in there with a decent group.

    idk what’s the deal with that though … it really seems like the DPS aren’t showing at all when the tanks/healers are always on for raids.

  5. Veroicone says:

    The guild I am in is opposite, too many dps not enough healers 😛 When I got the money I got dual specced as a resto druid and another guy who leveled up an alt made shaman dual specced as a healer as well. I was rather intimated about being a healer at first, but seeing as I did some healing in kitty/feral spec during “oh shit moments” I was told I’d make a great healer. I loveeee dual spec though! Without I’d only be dps and I’d only be fighting as a kitty, but now I get to take a wack at something completely different that I probably would not have tried. I even healed a raid last week in a pug and it went well 🙂 I am not as nervous when I have to heal now.

    I haven’t seen any loot problems with it yet either, in raids (and even heroic 5man dungeons) everyone rolls on their main spec (that they are using at that time, unless they switched for that specific fight etc) and if no one needs it then it’s their second spec and then roll for a de and if there’s no one that can do that then there’s greed rolls for loot.

  6. Beruthiel says:

    I would also agree that dual specs are fantastic!

    We often take 7 healers to a normal raid, and on fights when we need fewer, we have a good number of our healers with very solid DPS specs/gear that can go in and DPS so that they don’t have to sit out.

    Our tanks also take advantage of this by gearing up a DPS spec as well, and we even have a few DPS with healing off-specs that we take advantage of on nights we are short heals =)

  7. Kae says:

    Most of our hybrids are a tank/dps or heal/dps dualspec, and it’s worked out wonderfully.

    We do have a few that are pvp/pve dps specced, but it’s been fine, we’ve had more than enough players to cover everything. Our priest is even healer/healer dual-specced for disc and holy, atm!

    Loot-wise, we use a vague loot-council, and none of us ever try to take offspec gear from someone who needs it for mainspec. Of course, my guild has a habit of having *inverted* loot drama, where players argue on why they SHOULDN’T take it for themselves over another player, and that’s when the ML just has to step in and shove the purple pixels in someone’s bag. >.>

  8. Moohtree says:

    Wow what a nice guild you have there ! 🙂

    We don’t have any drama over loot because we use EPGP and it’s pretty straightforward. Mainspec is need, offspec is greed for half the points, and everything works out well.

  9. Stefanie says:

    Hey Lissanna, I love the blog’s new look!

    Dual specs was one of the main reasons I resubbed to WoW after a long break. Since I play a druid too, I love having the flexibility of being able to heal or dps without having to spend tons of gold at the trainers. Since I raid with a small group of friends, having people who can fill different roles at a moment’s notice makes it easier to fill spots. And we’re all laid back about the loot.

  10. Taz says:

    Our raids have had a similar situation to Beruthiel’s – not enough healers. So while my dual spec hasn’t been able to help our raid very much (I went the bear-tank route), we have used dual speccing extensively to fill out our healer and dps roster. My hubby is a tank who switches between tanking/dpsing alternately depending on the boss, and we have several shadow priests who have gone holy for various bosses as well.

    For me personally, I’ve really enjoyed running the occasional instance as a tank. It’s nice to see how the other half lives. 😉

  11. Watreskell says:

    Another vote for dual specs. I am main spec resto, but usually switch over to moonkin for less heal intensive fights. I even showed up decently on the dps meters for Razorscale last night, then right back to the top of the heal meters for XT 2 minutes later.

    I also have a priest that is pve shadow and the OP flavor of the month pvp disc alternate spec.

    As soon as I find a good DK tank spec, he will get dual spec too 🙂

  12. Thanners says:

    “However, in my raiding guild, we have too many healers most of the time”

    I wish we had that problem. (c: Dual-speccing has really been great, though. Some of us have been going dual-spec for a pvp-oriented spec. I was previously shadow priest / discipline, and have recently dropped shadow for holy to give us more options when we need to pug a healer.

    I only wish that my new druid alt could triple- or quad-spec. I intend to end up with a bear spec and kitty spec, but I’m currently following your talent-spec guides for feral levelling with a resto tree alternate spec and I notice that once again, I’m drawn to the healing, too. (c:


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