Monthly Archives: August 2009

Freedom from the Lich King… or bad fashion?

The problem with being a fallen hero’s spirit is that, as a spirit, you don’t have access to the latest fashion styles and armor. When I was doing my daily quests for the Argent Tournament, I started thinking. Why do I always try to seek out the druids to free them instead of the other […]

More on typhoon…

New PTR update which should be increasing typhoon’s daze to 6 seconds, in addition to the knockback of 20 yards, according to MMO champion. So, when you hit people, it will be really awesome. I guess you’ll have to spend more time practicing how to hit them in pvp! Good luck with that. I’m having […]

If you do two things, what is your main spec?

Okay, so before the dual spec system, it was pretty easy to know what your main spec was. In most cases, your main spec was the one that you played all the time in raids. If you did change specs occasionally, you still spent 90% of your time as one spec in a dedicated raiding […]