Additional posts can not be launched (because it’s Tuesday!)

So, with Tuesday maintenance, there are a bunch of servers getting new hardware upgrades. These servers will have extended maintenance. You can find out which ones on the loading screen, or Blizard’s page where they show the launcher alert updates.

Do you spend all your time here, instead of actually in the instance?


This is the actual “line” to get inside the 5-man trial of champions at like 11:30 pm on a Monday night on Elune. It’s worse at peak times. You should also try low level instances, lol.

That said, relief is coming for a lot of servers tomorrow… just not the one that my main is on.  I don’t think I’ve ever been this sad before to not have extended maintenance as I have the last two weeks. It’s a very odd feeling. I was actually sad last week when we had rolling restarts, and I was disappointed again this week when I didn’t see Elune on the list. It’s not just that I can’t get into instances, but it’s that everyone around me also can’t get in, so I have to listen to them also be mad and angry about it – while I also have to be the voice of reason (ie. “Blizzard knows, they’re going to fix it soon. I promise, just hang in there.”

I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but I guess relief isn’t coming for me this week. I’ll have to cross my fingers for next week and see if I’ll get some extended downtime “soon.” It’s just such a strange feeling.  I just have to remind myself – Blizzard knows. They’re going to fix it soon. Just hang in there a little while longer.

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10 comments on “Additional posts can not be launched (because it’s Tuesday!)
  1. Poras says:

    45 min. to get into H VH. that’s all i have to say.

  2. Lissanna says:

    Poras, I think you are in the Dallas data center with Elune. 🙂

  3. Manyara says:

    I know, it’s such a weird moment when you think, “Oh no, my server’s not down!” I just had that moment, too. Maybe next week for both our servers? (I’m on Alleria.)

  4. Atoyot says:

    Getting in Raids seems to be working fine.
    Get your badges from 10 mans & 25 mans.
    The 5 man heroics have been a disaster on Lightninghoof as well tho.

  5. Lavata says:

    Ya unfortunately raids seem to be either on a separate server or get top priority and are effected last. That said that should not happen. If there were not those priorities then this problem would have come to light months earlier and the community would have been been raising hell all the sooner.

    I know we needed 3.2 but it should never have been rolled out until the server upgrades were finished. Even though they are separate teams there should have been some coordination between the devs and hardware people to make sure the issues we have seen the last few weeks did not happen.

    Considering on Elune the new instances problem stated occasionally occurring in January under 3.0.x the addition of 3.1 and especially 3.2 could easily have been foreseen.

  6. Whitelion says:

    Yeah, this has always been an issue though. That priority system has been in place since WoLK came out. Simpy towards the end of 3.1 we werent seeing this much due to ppl not doing instances as much. With the upgrade of conquest in all heroics and daily heroics giving out triumph badges, instance runs have become part of the daily routine again. With that said, instance servers are clouded, and due to the priority system, you cant even get into a deadmines.

    If you feel as strongly about this as I do, go make a post on blizzard’s forums. They need to know that we the players are not happy with this.

  7. Lissanna says:

    With the fact that Blizzard is now more than half way done fixing the instance server problem (by upgrading hardware to handle more instances), posting on the forums is going to do little (to nothing) towards getting them to work faster (hardware upgrades require the servers to be offline while the upgrades take place). There is, however, a sticky on the WOW general forums with an update on the problem that you can post in if you really want to.

  8. Megami says:

    PTR servers are coming up soon, waiting on updated patch notes, but I saw this at the bottom and haven’t seen it mention anywhere.

    Glyph of Typhoon: This glyph now increases the range on Typhoon by 20 yards in addition to its current effects.

    Not bad!

  9. Lissanna says:

    Megami – I’ve been pretty busy today, but I’ll get right on this. 🙂

  10. A friend and I waited to run Onyxia at 2 AM on a Thursday night for over 90 mins…. seriously, it was the middle of the night on a week night! That was on Malygos server…. I seem to have a lot less issue on Scarlet Crusade, fortunately.


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