Are healer classes more balanced in 3.2?

So, it’s now been a little over a week since all the shaman & paladin healing changes went live.

Lodur does a great job over at World of Matticus explaining the new changes to shaman healing, and how that puts them at a really great place right now (capable of filling raid healing, spot healing, & tank healing roles). Resto shaman have a really good toolset, and simply the increased range on chain heal was enough to make it  a really great tool again, with the increased healing done something that makes it even better.

Even though I mostly shelved my shaman when Wrath came out, I still follow the developments in the other healing communities. It is easier to misunderstand how other healers work than to actually know what’s going on.

A paladin’s perspective on the reversal of roles? One paladin on talks how 3.2 worked out to be pretty good for paladins, in terms of doing more overall healing while still not running OOM. He even talked about how the resto druid in his Ulduar raid ran OOM more than he did.

Ashiellia at FHpally had an interesting observation about how the paladin changes actually makes the other healers have to care more about the tanks, and thus their healing group has to work as a team together for the first time in a long time.

Priests and druids were (overall) in a good place in 3.1, so with the other two healing classes being brought closer to where we were standing (and some nerfs that hurt druids & priests overall), I think that the game balance is much closer to where it should be. There will never be a point where every class does exactly an equal percent of healing done on meters, because meters aren’t designed to show similarities or balance between the classes, they are designed to emphasize even the smallest differences.

At the very least, druids aren’t miles ahead of everyone else now, so we can maybe learn how to work together to accomplish our goals, rather than treating healing like a competition. What do you guys think?

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9 comments on “Are healer classes more balanced in 3.2?
  1. facepaints says:

    yes i wish people would stop trying to compare their HPS with other classes its garbage as long as the raid is staying up the healers are doing their job. In some fights certain healers are not as efficient as others. Way too many people try to out do others by overhealing and putting out as much HPS as possible and end up OOM halfway through the fight its so frustating

  2. Togusan says:

    It’s a bit weird seeing a holy pally going from 1800-2000hps to 3800hps in 3.2. 40% something was coming from bacon. I do not know a lot about pally healing, but that jump caught my atention.

  3. Aerivore says:

    I had a priest “heal lead” in my first guild on my server who would treat healing as a “sniping game”. He would purposely do whatever he could to snipe heals and then gloat over the meters when he was so far ahead. On particular fights he would run himself OOM by using his AoE heals to the exclusion of everything else – and I mean spam it even when people weren’t taking damage. Then proceed to demand that all innervates be saved for him and the other healers. Self innervating was “wrong”, “innervates are not yours to use, it’s the raid’s” etc etc.

    I don’t understand how and why this type of mentality saturates the healing niche. It makes me sad.

  4. lodur says:

    Thanks for the mention. 🙂 Honestly competitive healing is one of the things I try to curb as a healing lead. All my healers have been instructed to ignore their position on wws / world of logs. I’ll use them to address weak spots in spell rotations and assignments, but they should hardly be the end all be all. It should always be working as a team, and did the raid win or did the raid lose? You’re right, not every class will all be the same, and that’s a good thing, as long as we’re all reasonably close so one class doesn’t overshadow the others all is well.

  5. Keeva says:

    Many healers in my old guild were dps re-rolls, so they enjoyed trying to maximise their meter performance, and they were proud of it. If questioned they would hide behind arguments like “if you’re not maximising your HPS, you’re a bad healer” which, to an extent, can be true – but not if you’re stomping all over everyone in your path, locking people out of particular assignments so they can’t compete with you, and sniping at every opportunity.

    I had run-ins with one person who (for example) assigned me to healing the MT on Sapphiron, alongside a pally. I had nothing to do. So I kept my usual hots on the tank, and then Rejuved the raid. We wiped (for an unrelated reason) and I was chewed out because “if you are assigned to the MT and only 30% of your effective healing is on the tank, it’s not good enough.”

    100% focused on numbers, and absolutely no clue about druid healing. ESPECIALLY on Sapphiron!

    I can’t stand it when people make it their mission to “win”. Who argue about what the best healing class is, like it’s a competition. Who deliberately put themselves into assignments so that they get the biggest numbers.

    God.. I remember one time I was told that in 3.1 I would be relegated to raid healing permanently, because pallies would be changed and wouldn’t be doing any raid healing ever.. and with two in the raid, that means tank healing was their job, and there was no room for me.

    To paraphrase, “if druids put hots on the tank are stealing healing from the holy pallies.”

    I’m SERIOUS.

    “stealing” from the pallies.

    I suppose you could say that a Disc priest shielding my tank is “stealing” healing from me. I don’t care that he might have just saved the tank! That’s healing you just stole from me!

    I can’t stand people who are so obsessed with “winning” as an individual.

  6. Atoyot says:

    Healing in our guild is no longer a competition because even if you win the meters while the guild wipes it means nothing. Too much depends on your job & on the job of others. Hell we banned posting of meters in raid chat.

    One of the things I did notice is with the overheals now visible for HoTs I really can do alot more with less mana IF I know how to time it right.

    Yea if I want I can lead the way on the meters. Still does not mean a damn thing if we wipe.

  7. Awowgirl says:

    From this I take that paladin healers, as I am one, are astounding these days in healing. I can even see how shaman healers are more reputable than before but to say that all healing classes are balanced is wrong imo. Priests have continually been hacked at until they stand at the bottom of the totem pole…After 3.1 they’re best effort was put into AOE/raid heals…in 3.2 they’re raid Prayer of healing (maybe circle but dont think so) takes a 30% CUT on spell power bonus…thats tremendous while paladins can heal 2 people for like 15k a shot and the tank never falls…

    Meters don’t reflect how good a healer is imo but its still been a while a since I’ve seen a priest in the top spots for 25s…

  8. Awowgirl says:

    @Keeva I’ve known a holy pally like that. I’m a MT healer and hes the only one I care about, she on the other hand would let her tank drop just to heal everyone else to get her numbers up. She pwned healing meters but she wasn’t a good healer. She also saw it fit to heal the MT over me so my holy lights would land when he was at 100% which means I just wasted my mana which isn’t something to throw around. Her amt of healing done to the MT was so much higher than it should have been over the OT that she was “stealing” everyone else’e role like she could have healed it solo.

  9. Hana says:

    As a paladin healer I consider my tank assignment my first priority, but I’m not afraid of healing the raid if I have the bandwidth. Of course, with 3.2 that’s a lot easier now! I’m really surprised how high I’ve been on the meters since 3.2. I’m not healing all that differently except that I’m on my Beacon tank much, much less, but it makes a world of difference.


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