Being “flavor of the month” is sometimes worse than being underpowered

Incoming long angry rant:

Okay, so the main reason why some people recognize my druid’s name is because I (used to) post on the ‘official’ WoW forums all the time. I spent several years posting pretty much daily on the druid forums, and put years into building a reputation for level-headed & constructive posts. Even when the overall quality of posters in the druid forum declined, it was still a useful forum for posting information for druids, for having discussions with other druids, and for providing feedback to Blizzard about what should be fixed. It was also possible to find really good, constructive, informative posts written by intelligent and thoughtful posters. When I got tired of the Druid Forum on any particular day, I could go hide in the Customer Service Forum, which is heavily monitored by Blizzard’s GM employees (and thus usually more productive in it’s own way).

The more recent addition of the “role forums” has made everything pretty much a mess. The druid forums still exist (due to popular demand to not take them down), but everyone’s resources and attention are now divided all over the place. Instead of spending my time in 2 forums (the Druid and Customer Service Forums), I’m now divided between 5 forums (druid, healing, tanking, damage dealing, and customer service forums). That would be fine, except that it’s hard to post on the healing or damage dealing forums right now if you are a druid. My years of posting on the druid forums meant that when I posted there, I had a very low probability of getting trolled if I tried to post something constructive, and that it was easy for us to self-monitor the most constructive of threads and help prevent them from straying off track. Right now, if I tried to post anything constructive on the role forums, I just get drowned by the sea of non-druids who are really only out there for blood, so I just avoid posting anything really constructive there at all, and the quality of my forum posting has declined significantly, so that now I’m sure people can’t tell a difference between my posts and the average troll post on the forum.

Being the “flavor of the month” class means that it’s open druid hunting on the role forums. Right now, a lot of the posts on the forum are basically “nerf druid” posts. It’s not that this is really a new thing, since resto PvP was very powerful during Burning Crusade. However, with the new role forums, it doesn’t matter what you post – you’ll get trolled. So, at some point, I kinda just gave up trying to post constructively on those forums.  Do druids still have issues? Yes, however it’s not possible for us to express actual problems or concerns on the forums, because the other classes think that we’re 100% perfect all the time for everything. There are even “nerf moonkin pvp” threads that pop up on a regular basis, even with moonkin PvP quite possibly being one of the most difficult specs to do well as.

In the end, my frustration with the role forums was really what drove me to create this blog in the first place, since I needed a place to be able to express my constructive criticisms of the druid class without a hundred ‘lawl druids are fine’ posts to fill up the threads. It’s okay to talk about shaman and paladin problems in the healing forums right now, and that’s it. Everything else pretty much gets turned into a paladin or shaman thread. The damage dealing forum just has so many voices coming from different directions that things just get lost there faster than they get posted. I’m sure the tanking forum has problems in it’s own way, since druid tanks seem to be the angry mob’s punching-bag, as well.

/end angry rant

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8 comments on “Being “flavor of the month” is sometimes worse than being underpowered
  1. Poras says:

    this is why i dont even read the general forums… it gives me a headache even trying to contemplate the thought processes of some of the rejects out there.

    Officer/Resto Druid
    -Pango Honoratus-

  2. Jevedan (LVL 80 Druid) says:

    Nice site Lissanna. Thanks for being here. It is awesome to go somewhere that’s serious about the class, and not have to sift through all the trash posts for useful info on the forums.

  3. Maor says:

    Everyone that roles druids because they’re OP is going to find that its really not as easy as they think it is.

    But yes, everything currently on the forums, healing especially, is basically bashing druids. I’ve been a bit more actively lately because I’ve been following a couple of things, but I avoid posting my thoughts now (for a couple of reasons really, but I won’t get into the other) because if I had an opinion that counteracted the current theme I’d just be told that I don’t have enough experience to know what I’m talking about.

    As for the thought process, its pretty much nerf class X or grass is greener syndrome.

  4. Keeva says:

    I appreciate the intent of the role forums, it’s a nice idea.. but in practice all it has ended up being is a second place for people to come whine about their respective class (or someone else’s).

    The signal to noise ratio in the healing forum, about actual HEALING topics, is terrible. I would imagine it’s the same in the other forums. It’s just a another place that people can whine that their class isn’t as good as someone else’s class and that it’s not fair.. or that a particular spell needs buffing, or GC when are you going to fix XYZ for (class). 90% of the threads belong back in their respective class forums.

    I rarely bother with it anymore.

  5. Spinks says:

    I think the tanking forum is generally OK. There’s the usual amount of whine threads but when people post asking for help they usually get it.

    I do see a huge amount of druids around at the moment though. I don’t sense it’s because of being overpowered though, just I guess many of the things that were stopping people from playing them have been removed (I always thought my resto druid was overpowered though, in TBC too.) This expansion has been kind to hybrids – it isn’t just a druid thing.

  6. Aertimus says:

    Thats why I appreciate blogs. Someone who takes the time to make and maintain a blog is generally going to fill it with useful, thought out information. Or at the absolute least, when I return to a blog I have some idea of what type of posts to expect. Forums are just such a frustrating shot in the dark to me.

    It must be really frustrating to have what used to be a great place for dialog turned into random complaints. But thank you for making this blog so we can get the best of what you want to say without having to read the other people’s crap.

  7. Aysel says:

    Lissanna, your posts during the beta testing were excellent. I don’t DPS enough to know all about moonkin, as I heal in raids 90% of the time, and learning how the changes were buffs instead of nerfs was good. I’m don’t get a chance to read the forums nearly as much these days and I am sad to read that you even admit your posts have gotten into borderline trolling. I don’t think it matters if you get trolled, as long as you post issues I am sure someone at Blizz reads them. I am sure that they also understand the difference between cronic trollers and constructive posts.

    On a different note, I’ve had friends that had different healers try and heal on my druid. While I have done very little healing with other healers, my friends have admitted the diffculty of healing on a druid. The biggest issue is that druids have nothing to heal a significant amount (or prevent damage)in one GCD with any regularity. One NS+HT per 3 min doesn’t cut it all of the time. I am not asking that druids get this, I am just stating it is a weakness. I do enjoy that other classes are getting hots and complaining because the hots don’t heal for enough. I really do enjoy those complaints.

    Lastly, my wife and I both play warlocks. Her raiding toon, my for fun toon. Warlocks got the same thing for being “OP” for a long time, even when they weren’t. Yes high end sunwell/BT geared warlocks stacked with everything and their mother, which made them great, but warlocks themselves didn’t have a lot of power and topping a DPS chart without the buffs from shadow priests (specifically, I forget the others) was actually quite difficult, even with the correct spec. FOTM is going to happen, then tons of people will reroll and complain about the nerfs and go to the next “OP” class.

  8. Kawil says:

    Just dropping by to share some encouragement and say that I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said. The problem with people on the healing forums is that most are too shallow to understand that healing meters aren’t everything, and yes, spamming rejuv’s all over the raid on hard mode Iron Council will rocket you to the top of the meters but that doesn’t devalue what other healers do. It’s a team effort.

    Love the blog – I’m a first time commenter but long time reader. When I swapped to Resto from feral tank/dps in early Wrath I found a lot of tips and tricks here I still use, so I just wanted to say thanks. Keep up the good work!



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