Blizzcon… from the comfort of my own home

So, at this point everyone is hyped up about upcoming Blizzcon events. Unfortunately, the stars didn’t align for me to be able to go this year. So, I already bought the online streaming version.

That means I can watch all the important events from the comfort of my own computer. I just got a brand new desktop computer with large wide-screen monitor, instead of using my laptop for gaming.  What this means? Instead of having to deal with lines & crowds, I get to leisurely hang around the house. That also means I should be posting on my blog a lot during Blizzcon, since I can watch and type at the same time!   Also, with the online streaming version, I still get the pet!

I plan on providing summaries of what druid information was presented at things like class panels, along with commentary. It just means I won’t be out in Irvine meeting & greeting this year. I’ll be stuck on the East Coast getting ready for our semester to start back up on August 24th.

I’ll just have to hope that I get things together for next year’s Blizzcon.

Have fun anyone that’s heading out that way!

ALSO: One important thing to note is that I won’t be talking on this blog about the possible next expansion until official information is released (hopefully at Blizzcon). I think I can wait a week instead of dwelling on speculation & rumors that are flying around now. I have to walk a really fine line of providing information while not explicitly talking about unreleased content. This disclaimer goes for anything expansion related (especially once things like closed alpha testing leaks start up again in the WoW community’s likely distant future) – My current stance is: if it isn’t blue, it isn’t true.

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