Blizzcon post 2 – Cataclysm – WoW preview panel

Panel starting now. I’ll post updates here live.

  • is showing Worgen as having druid as a playable race option.
  • 12:32 – preview panel starting. Tom Chilton & Chris Metzen, Alex, & Cory Stockton
  • 12:34 – Cataclysm
  • Chris Metzen: WotLK putting the Lich King in your face & taunting you was a good decision, so by the time we face him, we’ll know who he is and want him dead.
  • Metzen: Deathwing Story & Lore – Deathwing from Warcraft 2. One of 5 dragon aspects of the dragonflights who were supposed to protect Azeroth. “Was the Earth Warder. His charge was to protect the realm of earth.” “Deathwing, given his proximity to the aspect of earth, spent a lot of time in the earth… Heared the whispers of the old gods…. Drove him mad. Unleashed his power… ripped him apart. Have to seal & brand iron plates on his hide to hold him together… over the ages, Deathwing has had a single purpose to subjugate Azeroth…”
  • Metzen: The power of the old Gods has gotten worse & magnified deathwing’s power. To spark the cataclysm, in Deepholm, Deathwing has woken from his slumber & erupted into the world. His explosion into the world has caused the Cataclysm. “No part of the world has been left untouched”.  His agents come out & help him take over the world. “He is the great enemy that has to be dealt with at this time”. “He is indeed the worldbreaker”
  • 12:40 – Reemergence of elemental plains – Plenty of calamity to go around.
  • Worgen: “I think many of us have loved the worgen for many years. When we were talking about the new alliance race…. we kinda liked the idea of having a more monstrous race.” “The goblins… they’re just so cute!” For the Worgen: Graymane closed off the graymaine wall, but as Dalaran fell and the scourge marched ever southward, a Dalaran Wizzard (Arogal) summoned creatures who could fight the scourge for him, it ended up being just as terrifying as the scourge it’s self. The worgen curse made it into Gilmayis (spelling?) and we’ll get to see where the ancient curse came from in the playable starting area. Are the worgen from somewhere else? Or from somewhen else? “The wolverine of the Alliance”
  • 12:45 – Alex: Playable at Blizzcon: Worgen & Goblin starting area (at level 6, not level 1, so they can keep some secrets).
  • 12:45 – Metzen:  Goblin – The ones you play are a specific group of goblins, from off the coast south of Azshara. They meet & befriend the Horde. Have Wrathgate-like cinematic clips in the starting areas for both Goblin & Worgen.
  • 12:48 – “there are some dark days ahead. We thought it got bad in Northrend… It is going to test the alliance and the horde. The horde may need some comic relief, and the goblin just fit that perfectly”
  • 12:49 – Upheaval. Picture of Thrall & Bloodhoof rescuing horde babies.
  • “State of natural upheaval… and a lot of new stress within and between the Horde and Alliance.” “We were pressed to the edge of our seats… Part of us isn’t coming home again”. As the soldiers of the Alliance and Horde come home, nothing is ever going to be the same again. As you come home, the world will be in upheaval. “We wanted to ramp up the drama”.
  • “If you have been playing WoW since the beginning, you’ve probably seen some pretty dramatic changes, especially in the last year with Lich King.”
  • “Put the war back in World of Warcraft”.
  • 3:53: New features – Level cap increased to level 85. “why isn’t it 90?” “This is one of the key decisions we made.” “Redoing the level 1 to 60 zones.” “Have a lot of new level-up content. Want to have more new content”. Thought it would be right to only do a 5 level increase.
  • Two new races. Will talk about racials (dark flight – sprint) in later pannels. “World of worgencraft”
  • Everything for Worgen except paladin & priest. This means there WILL be WORGEN DRUIDS.
  • Goblin – Rocket belt lets them do damage to target. Greg Street to talk more about it in class panel.
  • New zones: Hyjal, Lost Isles, Gilneas, Uldum, Deepholm, Sunken City of Vashj’ir, Twilight Highlands.
  • “We’ll make sure it’s not annoying to play under water”
  • 12:59 – “Classic world revamp of every zone with updated quests, art, and items.”
  • We’ll get to ditch agi/spirit quest rewards (or at least if we don’t, there will be hell to pay).
  • Guild advancement system (level up your guild for new perks). Pvp/game system pannel. Covers more new features than just pvp. Guild talent tree. Mass resurrection ability to res your guild after a wipe.
  • 1:01 – Tauren paladin (“Holy cow”). Gnome priest (“finally self-sufficient). Dwarf shaman (“pound those hammers, create some earthquakes”).
  • 1:02 – Phased terrain in Azeroth. Makes quests & stories more fun & interesting.  Shows before & after (coast line shrinking). World-changing kind of stuff.
  • 1:03 – Archeology – Use runes to make discovery & do some research. Will lead to path of the titans. Get artifacts & take them to world groups that will be talked about more later. Profession helps with path of the titans progression.
  • Paths of the titans – Instead of talent trees being extended, they are allowing paths of the titans (get 5 talent points, but not deepening the trees).
  • 1:07 – Mastery System – Supplement the talent tree to make you more powerful.

The World (new zones)

  • 12:08 “Cataclysm on azeroth reveals new lands and affects old favorites. Five adventure zones for level 78 to 85”
  • Starting zones 1 to 15.
  • Fly everywhere! No restrictions (no more “no flying over wintergrasp”)
  • Alliance lost South shore
  • Leveling up through the zones in cataclysm will be different & have a different “feel”.
  • The Barens: Split in half down the middle!!!! Regrown with trees!
  • Desolace: Shore cracked in and allowed it to regrow.
  • Darkshore: “A zone we always wanted to get back to.” Auberdine destroyed & forced to move northward. Horde took over part of Darkshore.
  • Stonetalon Mountains: Goblins cut it open. “There is even more charred vale”
  • Azshara is new Goblin 10 to 20 zone. They moved the mountain & Turned it into a quarry.
  • Revisions to all the cities. Undercity filled in & looks much more epic. Can fly in all cities.
  • Deepholm is like the new Dalaran.
  • Sunken City of Vashj’ir: “Was the original home of Lady Vashj.  We’re having an underwater zone with combat on the sea floor, that plays like you would on land. When you want to swim, you can swim up into water seamlessly, and when you land, you go back to normal gameplay. Will have some indoor areas.
  • Normal flying speed for underwater mounts to get around in the water.
  • 1:18 – Deepholm: Inside the elemental plain. Temple of Earth – where Deathwing was “nursed” back. Twilight hammer serves Deathwing & now they are scary. Twilight Hammer all around now. Subterranean environment (like a huge cave). Probably the biggest zone, since it’s the “hub of all 5 zones”. Can fly in there. Deathwing’s domain.
  • Portals in Deepholm to the other new zones, and you can travel back to Deepholm from those zones.
  • Uldum – Feels like Egypt (Bran Bronzebeard will make an appearance). Rumored to hold a super weapon. “Everyone wants to find out what it is”. “Uldum’s day weapon”.
  • New creature race in Uldum – “Stone-like cat people” – The Tol’vir.
  • 1:24 – Mount Hyjal – “Hyjal is under siege by Ragnaros.” Wants to burn World Tree. We banished him, but “it was too soon”, and now he’s back and angry. Malfurion Stormrage is back from the Emerald Dream & He’s Pissed, too! “They’re going to get it on!”
  • Hyjal – Quests & phasing related to burning of the world tree.
  • 1:27 – Twilight Highlands – East of Wetlands (replacing Grim Batol). Grim Batol was split in two by Deathwing.  Headquarters of Twilight’s Hammer.
  • “Two new port towns for Horde/Alliance”
  • “Red dragons pushed back, base here.”
  • “New flight, Twilight Dragonflight”

Dungeons & Raids

  • “Many new Dungeons & Raids”: The Firelands, Uldum, Blackrock Caverns (in Blackrock spire), Grim Batol (level-up & raid), Skywall (level-up & raid)
  • Heroic deadmines & Shadowfang Keep Level 85

PvP Preview

  • Tol Barad PvP zone (like a blending of wintergrasp & Isle of Quel’Denas) – PvP during battles & daily quests when battles aren’t on.
  • Battle for Gilneas one of the new Battlegrounds
  • New Arena maps (# of them to be determined)
  • Rated Battlegrounds – More in systems panel.
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    Blah, I was really REALLY hoping they had NOT stooped that low, Blizzard, just… thanks 🙁

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    just helping 😀

  5. Lissanna says:

    Thanks Poras. Spelling WoW terms in the middle of trying to type out the whole panel was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be…


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