Blizzcon post 3 – Troll & Worgen druids

The live stream schedule has the Diablo 3 & Starcraft 2 panels from Hall D, instead of the WoW art panel & The Guild panel that are in Hall C.  I’ll use this post to fill in announcements & tidbits of WoW-related stuff. Since this isn’t a Starcraft or Diablo blog, I won’t be posting as much info for the next few hours (though I’m not going anywhere!). I’ll do my best to make sure that I have full coverage of the Class, items, & professions panel at 5 pm PST.

It looks like there are Worgen druids and troll druids. NO Goblin druids. I’ll be working hard between now and when the expansion comes out to make sure that leveling the new troll races will come along with the same Druid leveling guide quality that I’ve had for the last few years! We’ll embrace our new druid races with open arms (right guys!). I’m not sure if I really like the idea of more druid races, but I’ll have a lot of fun leveling up new druids to try out the new content once things get rolling!

Diablo III – Heroes & Monsters panel

  • 2:00 pm PST – Diablo 3 panel showing on direct TV instead of the WoW art panel.
  • Discussing about the monk class. Holy magic, speed over toughness, combo moves.
  • 2:20 pm – Barbarian has powerful new whirlwind ability.

Other WoW news


  • 3:05 pm PST:’s twitter account says: No plans for new character slots to fit all the new class combos on your server!


  • 3:17 pm – Cory Stockton being interviewed by direct TV live stream.
  • Started working on Cataclysm before WotLK was finished.
  • “Cory – “wanted to go back to Azeroth… but give them something new” and “progress the story forward.” “Give them a really big bad-guy”
  • Cory: It (cataclysm) will effect everyone. Expansion will give you some things (level cap, races), but everyone who has the game now has something that will effect everyone. No one will be able to access the “old” content. The quest guys & the team are rebuilding everything from the ground up (some more than others).
  • Cory: “Wanted to get to the races this time. Hero classes effect raiding dungeons, & everything together. We want to continue the idea, but we thought going back to the classic world… we needed to give you new races…”.
  • Cory: Faction transfers have been in works for a while. Lets you play with friends on the other side, or experience the other side of content. You can choose from any race that is able to play that class (which means that you could choose worgen or goblin, probably? – not totally confirmed).
  • Cory: Using flying as a game play tool, where you may have to wait before you can fly.
  • Cory: 3 new abilities between 80 and 85. You’ll still get more content overall.
  • Cory: Wanted to give people new stuff even if you were rerolling.
  • Cory: Archeology a secondary profession & tie into the Path of the Titans (level 85 advancement & customization). Travel over Azeroth to find artifiacts & then it’s a mini-game to decipher it and you get rewards for it. Different profession plans, items, money, unlocking Glyph Slots that let you work through the path of the titans.

3:30 – Starcraft 2 & development

  • History of “It’s been a while since we talked about” First matchmaking service integrated in the game. Evolved a lot over the years.
  • has more players than World of Warcraft.
  • Core values: Always connected experience – in SC2 are going to have more of a unified experience. Will have accounts & persistent characters (if you go away for a while, you don’t lose your characters). “Always connected to news, content & friends.”
  • Want to have competitive arena play for everyone (beginners & advanced players alike)
  • Different “leagues” (bronze, silver, gold, and more!). Everyone has a chance to win their division & go to end of season tournaments,
  • Casual play options: Practice league (friendlier, slower for new players), co-op skirmish, random teams, challenges, & custom games.
  • Party system similar to WoW – has easy chat system & you go into teams together (2v2, 3v3, 4v4).
  • Custom games: easier to do. Can have private game lobby for your friends, and then you can publish it to the game list after your friends are in.
  • 3:54pm – Connecting the Blizzard Community – Keep informed about all the games you are involved with. When you go on SC2, you can still keep informed with what is going on in WoW. Want to be able to connect with friends online, offline, & in different games.
  • SC2 chat system more IM-type where it is easy to keep track of multiple conversations.

7:00 pm – Connecting the Blizzard Community

  • Playing with your RL friends, making RL friends in the game – “players want to play with the same group of people in future games”.
  • WoW chatting still has a lot of limitations – especially with different realms & factions & multiple characters.
  • Battlenet Real ID – See and communicate with friends based on how you know them. You can “talk to your friends cross-game and cross-realm.” Keep achievements across games & characters. Your friend network will stay intact for all future games.
  • Toast & Broadcast – Shows you when people come online. You can be in one game & can talk to people in other games (so if your WoW guild is in SC2, you can tell them when your WoW raid is starting).
  • 7:05pm New character friend’s list will work in all the games. You’ll have to accept friendships for Real ID. Will have privacy options & parental control options. Choose what info you want to share.
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12 comments on “Blizzcon post 3 – Troll & Worgen druids
  1. Chipster says:

    Now, the million dollar question is that will he two new druid races get new feral art or are troll druids going to have ugly horns when in bear/cat form?

  2. graylo says:

    My guess is that they are going to redo the art for all the forms except the feral forms for NE and Tauren.

    Expect a lot of Tusks and fangs.

  3. Lissanna says:

    They would have to do race-specific forms for Trolls & Worgen. Why would we want cow troll forms & girly Worgen forms?

  4. **rawr**

    I’m torn on what worgen I want to make.

  5. Thorn says:

    What I’d like to know more about is druids and underwater mounts. Will we see our aquatic form not only revamped visually but its speed on par with the new mounts, a swift swimming form so to speak.

    Having travel forms rather than having to use mounts is one of the things I enjoy about druids and it’d be a real shame to not have aquatic form useful when we’ve finally got underwater zones to use it in

    Its okay I know they haven’t said but I’d still like to know 🙂

  6. Lissanna says:

    @Thorn – GC announced during the druid Q&A that the travel forms (land & aquatic) were likely next in line for new graphics. They probably won’t get bumped up to epic speed, but I could be wrong.

  7. Tympanic says:

    I may have to roll a second druid now.

  8. Lissanna says:

    My twitter followers # broke 50 in the ~24 hours I’ve had the twitter account!

  9. I’ve never been in love with another character class except my druid, the druids can morph into animal shapes each with different types of skills and who wouldn’t want to be a cheetah, to run as fast as that animal and be immune to polymorph. Or be a bear and tank like a warrior will do, a cat and kill like a rouge. Fly like a raven in outland and swim like a fish. Druids can also play as a healer or a buffer any ways they can really help a team in doing raids and instances. Way to go Druids.

  10. crawdaddy says:

    1 thing i never understood. the cheeta is the fastest land animal ever yet the druid travel form which is a cheeta is slower then both standard and epic riding mounts

  11. crawdaddy says:

    oh and what does rescourceful mean, scrool down to the features and next to worgen it reads alliance and rescourceful

  12. triod says:

    “oh and what does rescourceful mean, scrool down to the features and next to worgen it reads alliance and rescourceful”

    It says:
    Adventure as one of two new races–the cursed worgen with the Alliance or the RESOURCEFUL goblins with the Horde.


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