Blizzcon post 4 – WoW Class, Items, & Professions

Coming soon: My favorite blue poster on the forums (Greg Street, AKA ghostcrawler) should be present in full force for the WoW class panel. I’m really excited about possible druid announcements. I’ll be tracking & live blogging all through the class panel.  I am very excited! The panel will be starting “soon” (at 5 pm PST, which is 8 pm EST).

  • 5:00 PM pm PST: Ghostcrawler introduces WoW cataclysm class panel. “You may know me as that A-hole who nerfed your class”
  • Travis day & John Lecraft. also there
  • Goblin racial – rocket jump (jumps into air) & rocket barrage (does damage) (shared cooldown), 1% increase to attack & casting speed, Discount on things you buy, Call on your personal servant, allowing bank access every 30 min, Better living through chemistry: bonus achemy skills
  • Worgen racial – Darkflight (movement speed), Viciousness, Aberration – reduced curse & disease duration, skinning bonus (can use your claws to skin).
  • In combat Worgen form for all classes. Transform instant in combat. Out of combat – choose human or worgen.
  • Goblin – No paladin or druid.
  • Worgen – No paladins or shaman (have druid!)
  • New Race/class combinations confirmed again.


  • Warlocks – Soul shard Update. Banished from bags!
  • Warlocks No more soulshards in your bags. New UI, not in inventory. Only used in combat.
  • Three per fight. Regen quickly out of combat. Possible to get more for long fights or mistakes. Etc.
  • New Warlock spell – Soul Burn – Cost 1 shard, 30 sec cooldown, off GCD. Amplifies your next spell. Spells you use may behave differently when empowered. No other spell costs shards.
  • Hunters – Mana gone! Use focus instead.
  • Hunters No longer care about int or mana regen. “GC said hunters are dumb”
  • Hunter focus works like rogue energy. Stead shot comes back faster. Have 100 focus. Shots cost between 30 & 60 focus.
  • Hunters have Fewer cooldowns. No aspect of the viper. Amo becomes an item, not a consumable.


  • 5:12 pm – Mana per 5 GONE. Replaced with spirit for everyone. Spirit is mana regen. All healers will get a meditation-like skill. No more spirit on mage & warlock gear (really!).
  • Spell power GONE. Based off Intellect.
  • Attack Power GONE. Based off Agility – Agility 2 AP for rogues, hunters, shaman & druids. No more plate-wearers stealing your gear.
  • Defense – GONE. No more juggling around defense “cap.” Tanks will receive anti-crit from talents (like feral druids),
  • Armor Penetration – GONE. Replaced with “mastery”. Makes you better at what you want to do (Mastery for all classes etc).
  • Haste – Push more buttons. Increases rate of energy, runes, rage, & focus.
  • Block  value goes away. Mitigates % of damage. Now a real mitigation stat.
  • More stamina for all! More Hit Points. No more HP envy & dieing on Thorim ’cause you aren’t a plate wearer.
  • Next Legendary out of Icecrown = Shadowmourne.


  • Archaeology – Secondary profession (like cooking). collect artifacts throughout the world.
  • Unlock paths of the titans. “It’s very cool!” Gives unique rewards (vanity pets, travel, titles, recepies for other professions).
  • Journal tracks artifacts that don’t go in your bags, they stay in your journal. Like a gathering skill.
  • Reforging – Customizing gear. Relatively cheap. Given to blacksmiths, leatherworkers, tailors, Jewelcrafters, & Engineers. Reduce one stat for more of another (some restrictions apply).
  • Multi-gains. Allows you to “make useful stuff”.
  • Gathering leveling-up will be smoother. Maybe a little more fun & exciting. More flexibility in perks.
  • 5:24 Engineering – More convenience, better utility items, toys, pets, gadgets.


  • Racial bonus changes for older races (almost certainly).
  • Professions – Going up by another 75 points. Skill Rank Called Illustrious.
  • Worgen & Goblin DK’s? – Just more fun. May change later.
  • DPS Casters legendary weapon? – Not going to happen this expansion. Probably first in Cataclysm.
  • Mages leveling – Arcane or fire for leveling? Revisiting level at which you get abilities. Getting rid of RANKS for all abilities. They will scale with character level instead.
  • Changing talent trees quite a bit! Want to prune passive talents. Having to change warlock & hunter trees to accommodate big changes.
  • Elemental shaman – Possible totem changes in the future. Don’t want to just to to all instant-cast spells. Want to make longer cast times better in PvP. “When you are a turret, it should pay off better”
  • Reforging details – Still in the works.
  • Is Onyxia going to deep breath more? (Yes).
  • Gathering professions: Could we have 1 gathering & 2 crafting professions? Answer: No. They’re going to make gathering professions better (tracking 2 at the same time).
  • Druid: Dual spec a lot of fun. Can we go 3 or 4 specs? Answer: Still want talents to be a meaningful choice. Don’t want it to be too arbitrary.
  • Backpacks – Revamping level up experience. May look into that.
  • Warrior will stay largely unchanged. Want to simplify other class’ gear to look simplified more like warriors.
  • 5:36 – Mage raid utility? Looking into Scorch & other things.
  • Hunter Amo – Still working on the details.
  • Resto shaman – Specialization & niche? “To be really, really good at AOE healing.” Want to go further with it.
  • Blacksmithing Spell Plate? If it’s a viable leveling spec, maybe….
  • Hybrid caster gear & healing spec problems – Still a topic of conversation. Hard to heal in STR & hit gear. Haven’t found the magic solution.
  • Hit rating through talents – Something they would like to get rid of.
  • 5:44 – Durability mechanic not going away any time soon (“It’s good for the game).  Being able to repair armor – Engineering repair bots are enough. Reforging added to make crafting professions better.
  • Resto shaman & Resto druids – Magic dispel? Giving dispel magic to all healers, and then only one niche otherwise for dispels.
  • Shadow priest & haste – DOTs & cool downs make haste less interesting. May be improved in the future. Shadow priest may get a new direct damage spell not on a cool down.
  • Feral Druid DPS rotation – GC likes the cat rotation & how it plays. Hard to mess with at this point. They can make the default WoW UI better at handling things like combo points to reduce # of required mods.
  • Don’t want classes capable of healing to be able to apply Mortal Strike.
  • Talents that Improve buffs are gone (Improved Mark of the wild GONE)

That is all for today, guys! I’ll be around tomorrow doing mostly the same thing for what I can see using my Live Stream (which my brand new computer plays beautifully).

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8 comments on “Blizzcon post 4 – WoW Class, Items, & Professions
  1. Reinu says:

    All i can say is… yikes!!!
    Lots of scary and interesting stuff.

  2. Kae says:

    Whoa. Sounds like they’re really simplifying some things, and solving that whole spirit/mp5 mess between healers and casters.

    Curious what the hunter manalessness means for mail gear between Enh Shammies and Hunters.

  3. Lissanna says:

    They said something about enhancement shaman when they talked about the hunter changes. With the way that they are changing all stats, there is going to be a LOT going on with itemization & class changes.

    Anyone who gets to dive into Alpha & Beta testing are going to have a lot of fun trying to help shape & polish the class changes that go into Cataclysm. It’s not just the landscape that is getting a shake-up….

  4. Kae says:

    I would imagine so. They’ll have to rework all current items in addition to the new items, probably just running them all through some conversion filter… though such a filter would be more difficult to implement on the previous hunter/enh shammy gear.

    Regarding the landscape, I think the new Desolace looks beautiful. It’s a much-needed improvement!

  5. Alaron says:

    Wow. I’ll wait until you finish before I post detailed comments, but wow. Nerf complexity.

  6. Lissanna says:

    Alaron – We’re done with panels for the day!

  7. Alaron says:

    Thanks Lis…I live in Korea, so the time change makes it hard to tell sometimes.

    Like I said above, I wonder if this takes simplification too far. I’m okay with losing AP/SP, but I need some more info on the mastery stuff.

  8. Lissanna says:

    They won’t be talking about Mastery and the other mechanic things until tomorrow at the WoW Game Systems panel. I’m hoping does a good summary of that one, since the streaming coverage won’t have anything from Hall C tomorrow (/cry).


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