Blizzcon Post 5 – Day 2 Begins

So, after our world (of warcraft) was shaken up yesterday, we were left with a lot of burning questions that were left unanswered. Yesterday, most of the good WoW panels were in Hall D, which is captured by the live streaming coverage. Today, the Direct TV live streaming coverage is MUCH more disappointing. The only WoW panel they will be covering is the dungeons & raids one. They aren’t even starting early enough to have the WoW Q&A panel streaming live. That just means I’ll need to have more browser windows open trying to find the best coverage of WoW stuff today to link back to. has been doing live blogs for a lot of the WOW stuff, too.

Schedule: WoW Q&A at 10 am PST (not covered by direct tv), 11:30 WoW Game Systems (not covered by direct tv), 1:00pm WoW Dungeons & Raids (covered by direct TV), 2:30pm – Repeat of WoW class panel (also not covered by direct TV). The DTV coverage is pretty much all Diablo & Starcraft coverage today. I’ll still do my best to find what info I can on the other WoW panels.

I think the druid class & the larger WOW community, has a lot of burning questions about how the class will look in Cataclysm. The Mastery system, shaking up the talent trees (but not extending them past 51 talents), and the archeology profession feeding into some new path of the titans progression. There are also a ton of stat changes & other things hinted at during the different panels. At the very least, I really want to know what worgen & troll shapeshift forms will end up being like (and spending a lot of time hoping the worgen forms aren’t lame Night Elf ones.. Please Blizzard, don’t let Worgen Druids be lame!).

For links to the previous posts, I started a page (on the right near the leveling guides) with the table of contents for my Blizzcon coverage.  That should keep things a little more organized, so they’ll be easier to review and find the information we need later.

I’ll start my live updates here after 10:00 am PST, where newer content is at the bottom of the thread. I’ll start a new thread, like I did yesterday, if this one gets too long.

10:15 – reporting that the WoW Q&A hasn’t started yet. They have a live blog going on for their site.

10:16 – Finally have the first Q&A info coming!

WOW Q&A Highlights

  • Feral legendary weapon? Maybe in the future
  • Hybrid vs. pure classes – in a good place right now.
  • Northrend & Outlands left mostly intact by Cataclysm
  • They are working on new dances (have a few finished)
  • Guild leveling: Will have a guild talent tree
  • Plan to update older racial abilities
  • Draenei & Blood Elf starting area quests will be changed to reflect cataclysm changes.
  • Spirit will leave Moonkin & Shadow Priest gear!!!
  • They will do race changes (same faction) later down the road.
  • Allowing Horde & Alliance on same PvP server because it was too hard to prevent circumventing the rule with people having multiple accounts.
  • Looking at troll regeneration racial.
  • Want rogues to be able to use daggers again. Assassination may get buffs.
  • They will work on making progression leveling smoother.
  • May be able to rearrange characters on the selection screen at some point (“on the UI wishlist”)
  • Working on how to better serve Oceanic players (regarding latency, etc).
  • Old world reputations – being taken into consideration with content revamp
  • Working on guild heirloom items.
  • Troll & Worgen druids will have unique shapeshift forms!!!
  • Enhancement shaman won’t need to gear for int when hunters stop using the stat.
  • Still not convinced we need more than 10 characters on a realm
  • We should have more bag space “Our sacks get bigger every expansion”
  • GC says: talents will be the ‘cool things’ and less of the ‘I need to pick this up to DPS.’
  • There will be a lot more phasing in Cataclysm
  • Working on things like “mentoring” to help with higher levels that want to pay with lower levels.
  • Talents/abilities like molten armor changed to go along with stat changes
  • More Class-oriented hubs? Yes
  • No new hero class in Cataclysm.
  • Thinking about hunter pet changes.
  • They may get rid of the “five second rule” for spell casting, but haven’t decided.
  • Q&A panel ended for the day at 11:10

11:03 – DTV live streaming version finally up and running.

  • Mike Morhaime being interviewed by DTV
  • MM – Working on improving WoW, even things like the download & patching process.
  • World can feel empty if you start on a new realm and other new players aren’t starting there. Want to shape the leveling experience to be more fun & have new players all starting together.
  • Unnamed future MMO – Development going well. Good leadership already focused on that project (Blizzard “all star team” working on it). In a new universe (not wow, SC, or Diablo-related).
  • Interview with someone working on the WoW magazine – working closely with people at Blizzard. Looking at behind the scenes of the game, talking to players, showcasing art of the game. WoW magazine launching in November through subscription.
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2 comments on “Blizzcon Post 5 – Day 2 Begins
  1. Relevart says:

    I had a feeling about a new MMO coming out because there seems to be a very large push to please the consumer’s whim rather than create a game that is both challenging and rewarding. I feel very much like we are being pacified until they are ready to release the new MMO and we will all be so hungry, and so used to the Blizz brand of food by that point, that we will flock in the tens of millions.

    As far as unique shapshifting for trolls and Worgen, I must admit, I feel slighted. I either have to wait to change my Tauren to a druid whenever they get around to race changes, level a Troll druid, a prospect which I might not find so dull after Cataclysm, or I’m basically out of luck.

    I still hope for the branches of drudic lore to be separated. After the cataclysm, perhaps the Druids of the Fang emerge and offer a questline to stop being a Druid of the Claw (which was forced on us) and switch over. And I would love for it to be ridiculously complicated and long. I’d love for it to require trials and tests to prove our loyalty to the Fang. The end reward? New shapeshifting forms and a parallel set of talents to the current feral talents. This would be a wonderful addition, imo.

    And now back on topic:

    I wonder if the Troll racials will serve us better than the Tauren ones? Especially DPS druids….

  2. Lissanna says:

    Relevart – Things like having troll & worgen druids feel… “druidy” is something I’m actively concerned about.

    With the new races, I really think they will make a great choice for leveling through the new content. Since they are completely changing the 1 to 60 leveling experience, so I think a lot of people will want to choose one of the new class/race combinations to experience the new cataclysmic world.


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