Blizzcon post 8 – Second class panel & Wrap-up

I’m planning to have this be my last Blizzcon post (I do have a raid that starts at 8pm EST tonight…). The first part of the class panel should be a recap of what they said yesterday, so only the Q&A part would have interesting things going on.

WoW Class Panel 2

  • Presentation pretty much the same as yesterday.
  • Racial profession bonuses getting buffed for all classes
  • No new classes for Draenei
  • Soul Shards will have an in-combat regen mechanic (maybe drain soul?).
  • Repeated that new druids will have new forms
  • Want DPS classes to not have to worry so much about resource management
  • Don’t want hunters to be ranged rogues.
  • Working on big fishing changes to actually make it more fun.
  • Druid Art: Redoing moonkin, especially for Worgen & Trolls. Probably redoing treants & tree forms. Artists eager to do aquatic form.
  • Shaman AOE – want totems to play an important role
  • Offtanks shouldn’t have to worry about being “resource starved”
  • Ghost Wolf & travel form speed? “Druids already don’t see their gear very much, and we think that’s a problem. So I would be hesisitant to say ‘you can’t even see your mounts.’ We’ve talked about is it time for epic travel form. Maybe that’s something to break out in Cataclysm.”
  • More questions about gear and how stats will work for classes like paladins.
  • Will still probably be a block mechanic even if we aren’t using defense to get “hit capped”
  • Race changes will come later after faction changes.
  • May introduce scrolls with lesser versions of class specific buffs (ie. priest fort, bloodlust).
  • Will be more weapons with fun procs, instead of just stats.
  • More improvements to alchemy
  • Working on Shadow priest raid desirability
  • Can’t have rare glyphs for scribes because they are so tied to class gameplay
  • Possibly more lower level (pre-40) class-specific quests

Starcraft 2 lore

  • Introducing voice actors
  • Jim Raynor – Robert Clotworthy et cetra
  • Kerrigan – From Battlestar Galactica –  Tricia Helfer
  • They have 8 people on stage talking about what it’s like to be voice actors for SC2
  • Talking about visualizing & “inhabiting the character’s soul”. Want to know the back story, what the character wants, what the obstacles are… How do they get around obstacles? Not just doing a voice, it’s acting. “How do I serve the story my best?” Need to visualize more what is going on because you aren’t able to move around the same way as other types of acting.
  • The great questions of the SC universe will be unveiled.
  • Want to have continuity in voice actors for future additions to the SC2 game.
  • Chris Metzen did the voice acting for Thrall

Both panels now done.

Tom Chilton Interview on DTV

  • Thrall – lots of new things going on in Cataclysm
  • Current Heirloom items won’t necessarily scale to 85.
  • Don’t want 1v1 arenas, don’t like 2v2 arena balancing issues quite so much – reserving high end rewards for where it is more balanced.
  • Gnomeregan –  Have some stuff brewing for the gnomes. Something will happen for them in Cataclysm.
  • Item changes probably patched in before major content expansion pack hits. Want to make sure things are stable.

Blizzcon 2009 is officially over!

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