Druid patch 3.2.2 changes – Typhoon & Resto T8 bonus changed

Typhoon Update:

  • Range for base spell is 10 yards with a 20 yard knock back., according to patch notes (in-game tool tip on PTR not yet updated).
  • Glyph of Typhoon: Reduces the spell mana cost by 8% & increases it’s range 20 yards, but it no longer knocks enemies back.

That means you can’t glyph it for PvP – as then it has no knockback. It’s a good PvE solution, but runs into the problem of having a tiny frontal cone range for Typhoon where it’s not going to hit your target 50% of the time, unless you get really really good at positioning it. (ie. lets add another layer of skill to moonkin PvP…). It will be better when you hit your target, just good luck with that. 🙂

Resto Tier 8 Nerf:

  • Druid Tier-8 Healer 4-Piece Set Bonus: The amount of healing this set bonus grants on the initial cast of Rejuvenation has been reduced by 50%. In addition, this set bonus no longer has strange interactions with Harold’s Rejuvenating Broach.

T8 Set bonus testing on the PTR:With 2257 spell power on the live server, my rejuv instant heal was ticking for 1496, and with 2270 spell power on the PTR, my rejuv was ticking for 751. This means that when the 3.2.2 patch gets closer, I’m probably going to be reviewing my healing style. My goal now has to be getting the 4-piece tier 9 bonus as fast as I can, since the new T8 bonus sucks. It will heal for less than the priest talent that adds an instant heal to their renew, and it can’t crit like the priest equivalent can. We didn’t spam rejuvenation around the raid before this set bonus got implemented. So, when 3.2.2 hits, I don’t see how we’ll be able to justify using a heal that is only going to hit for maybe 800 or so fully raid buffed and then not do anything else for 3 more seconds in any situation where people are taking 10 times that amount of damage. I’ll spend a LOT more time thinking about druid raid healing between now and when 3.2.2 comes out, but the set bonus nerf will definitely have me thinking long and hard about what’s an actually useful druid AOE healing style – since before I got the set bonus (when 3.2 first came out), rejuv wasn’t doing more than 30% overall of my healing done. I may be mixing together regrowth & rejuv for raid heals (regrowth lasts longer, has a good sized upfront heal – so it makes a better reactive heal after the set bonus nerf). I’m going to post about this multiple times between now and when this patch goes live. At the very least, we’re going to need to raid heal using more than 2 buttons when this nerf hits.

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9 comments on “Druid patch 3.2.2 changes – Typhoon & Resto T8 bonus changed
  1. Keeva says:

    No big surprise.

    Even before the combat log overhealing QQ I predicted a nerf to the Rejuv bonus. The combat log change probably pushed it over the edge, though.

  2. Lissanna says:

    I know. I can still be annoyed, because now I have to re-train everyone how to use buttons besides rejuv & wild growth!

    I’ll make the title a little less dramatic and go with “changed” instead of “suck now.” I was just really grumpy when I woke up from my nap (I had a really long second day back to teaching classes and didn’t sleep much at all last night) to see nerfs. I’m much less level-headed when I’m horribly sleep deprived.


  3. Maor says:

    I expected something like this to happen. When they make a tier bonus so good that the next tire isn’t seen as an upgrade, they’ll nerf the previous tier.

    For a change, you’ll probably have to nourish more, or use lifebloom again, for people who need more immediate healing than the rejuv can do I think. Have to see how it plays out though.

  4. Verdus says:

    Because just making T9 not suck horribly was too much to ask for? Requiring resto druids to start stacking crit in order get any benefit out of their set bonus, and for just ONE of our HoTs to boot, was just flat-out stupid. I’m all for making crit more useful to trees, but half-assed on a transitory set bonus was NOT the way to do it. Even worse, the fact that they’re nerfing it means our chances of seeing the Rejuv glyph changed to do it, or anything else useful for that matter, is nigh-nil.

  5. Lissanna says:

    My plan is to bring back more regrowth. I get annoyed using nourish as a direct raid heal because it doesn’t have that long lasting HOT that makes rejuv with the large instant heal set bonus so awesome. Nourish is a single target heal without a HOT, so I hate using it on the raid very much. I’ll just have to get really good at timing regrowth after I crit with nourish and use the nature’s grace proc or something to make it faster. At the very least, rejuv won’t fill a reactive heal role when we’ve upgraded to tier 9 – which leaves swiftmend, nourish, & regrowth as direct heals that (combined) will equal what I was basically doing with rejuv & swiftmend alone before…

    Using more regrowth, swiftmend, & nourish means that we’ll get more bang for our crit-buck. If the rejuv HOT actually procs nature’s grace, it’s going to be fun using rejuv to proc NG so you can use super fast nourishes & regrowths as direct heals… If the rejuv crit doesn’t proc nature’s grace, then it’s not going to be any fun having them crit at all…

  6. Keeva says:

    *giggle* post-nap grumpy. 🙂

    I’m kinda lucky, I haven’t had a chance to pick up the set, so I didn’t get used to it.

  7. Kayeri says:

    The initial heal wasnt even near the amount of one tick anyway, and they are cutting even that in half?? That makes NO sense at all. The Tier 9 bonuses are a joke to begin with, since we’ve never relied on crit for our heal style. I’ll go for the 2 perhaps, and not lose sleep on the 4, which is pretty much how I feel about the 4-piece T8 bonus now… I sure wont lose sleep over trading up when I can.

    I will still be using Rejuv though, because I did pick up the Idol of Flaring Growth, and extra 234 spellpower is well worth keeping a rejuv ticking somewhere in the raid!

  8. Beruthiel says:

    eh…I disagree somewhat that this will change our healing style for Ulduar Hard Modes. The reason you used rejuv/WG spam there wasn’t because of the set bonus extra heal, it was because of the constant static damage that the raid was taking on most encounters, in which you tried to get a rejuv rolling on as many people as possible to help off-set that constant damage in between WGs. Your rejuvs always got the full benefit of their heal, that’s how druids are hitting 10k hps on fights like IC/Steelbreaker. This will still remain a viable healing style for those fights, as nothing about those encounters is changing and the same amount/type of healing will be required.

    Where it may effect our healing is in CC and Ice Crown Citadel. However, the damage being done in the normal modes of the coliseum that we’ve seen thus far is vastly different from what we saw in Ulduar, and already called for a re-evaluation of how we are raid healing.

    Honestly, I don’t think it’s the nerf to the set bonus (which still isn’t *horrible*) that’s going to call for a re-evaluation of how we heal, it’s the change in raid damage in the new content that is calling for it.

    I truly believe that we are seeing this change because Blizzard wants us taking our T9 pieces, that are superior in everyway, with the exception of their awful set bonuses and all that additional crit. That being said, I will be waiting until I have 4 pieces of T9 before switching.

    At least that’s my 2c. 🙂

  9. Togusan says:

    So i got stuck with 3t8 for over two weeks. Guess i’m saving my next t8 for my cat.

    I’ll end up like

    Resto: 2t8 2t9
    Cat: 4t8

    Weird, i’m finding my self spamming nourish in coliseum, since i don’t have the t8 bonus, reju just don’t cut it for me.


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