Feral leveling in 3.2 – Update questions

So, one of the driving forces behind the current feral leveling spec at the lowest levels is to pick up feral swiftness around level 20 to get around faster when you have cat form. However, at level 20, you are already going to have your travel form and a regular mount. There’s also no motivation to rush and get furor for feral charge really early on, since feral charge is now a lot higher up in the tree. The leveling up from 1 to 20 is also the hardest part of being a druid, so trying to minimize that pain has to be a priority, too.

If you are using your travel form and shifting back and forth between bear/cat and your travel form, then having Furor may be more worthwhile.

One of the debates I go back and forth about (and have probably posted about before) is asking when to go into the restoration tree for furor/naturalist/OOC. If you went for furor early, you’d probably be skipping improved MOTW (since it has small returns at the lowest levels).

It’s something lavata & I disagree about. He usually pushes for getting the early resto talents as soon as possible (and then respecing for mangle at 50), whereas I’ve started being of the opinion that just pushing straight through feral to 50 then pick up the resto talents is probably better overall.

The feral leveling spec page has the highest readership on this blog on a daily basis, aside from the front page with new articles, so I want to make sure I’m giving the best advice to all my new druids. I’m just far enough removed from actually leveling a baby druid that I’m not entirely sure what the best & fastest strategy will be in 3.2.

I may just leave the feral section mostly as-is for 3.2,  with the only real change being that we should be dropping primal tenacity from the builds based on the mana cost change, and shifting those points into natural shapeshifter, for something closer to the second build I had in the guide.

What do you guys think should be changed to adapt feral leveling for 3.2? Do the mount/travel form changes even matter for determining the best leveling spec in 3.2?

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8 comments on “Feral leveling in 3.2 – Update questions
  1. Lavata says:

    Going 5/5 Furor and then 5/5 Naturalist and 1/1 Omen of Clarity(OOC) will give you a much better Energy/Rage payout while leveling than the initial cost reduction in the Feral tree.

    In the end by 31 you want 0/11/11 This will give you the best time while leveling to 50 and then switching to a mangle build.

    It really breaks down to the PPM rate of OOC. I will say that when I respeced at 50 for mangle I missed OOC til 61. It was a noticeable Rage/Energy loss.

  2. Diego says:

    I’m a great fan of your work!

    Just a question about a 3.2 spec:

    Is Feline Swiftness still worth it, now that we have travel form at level 16 and a mount at 20?

  3. Quaalude says:

    As a noob druid, I’d say post both your tweaked spec as well as Lavata’s spec, and then give a brief pro/con of each. I’m only level 14 now, so am very interested in this revised guide and I personally can’t tell which is ‘better’ for leveling.

    Lavata – if you go 0/11/11, how do you progress from there to 50? The same as Lissanna’s, just “11 points behind”?

  4. Ishsquay says:

    Qusslude asked a good question – I too am interested in the post 11/11 spec choices.


  5. Spinoza says:

    Best guide I’ve found. I’ve played a ton of WoW but I’ve recently started my first druid and I’m having a blast. Thank you BoA gear! To that end, does anyone have opinions on how to enchant BoA gear with enchants that don’t have level restrictions? In a similar vein, I wouldn’t mind hearing people’s thoughts on what glyphs to pick up at what levels.

    I was also wondering if there has been any further developments regarding when to go resto for Omen of Clarity? Lavata seems fiarly confident that you get the most bang for the buck when you pick it up at the start. This might be true. Does it make a lot of difference? There is something that feels a bit more pure about starting feral to me. That having been said, a warm and fuzzy feeling doesn’t say much about efficacy.

    Additionally, any further thoughts on Feral Swiftness? I’ve been avoiding the mount because I can still pick flowers in travel form. Feeal Swiftness doesn’t apply to travel form, though.
    Finally, have any of the proposed changes for 3.3 (test realm) affected your guide?

  6. Lavata says:


    Ultimately the choice is up to you about Feral Swiftness. The question you need to ask yourself is what form do you fight in normally while leveling?

    Do you pull 2-5 mobs at a time and bear Swipe/Maul spam them? Or do you single target burn in Cat form like a Rogue?

    If you spend most of your time in cat feral swiftness is useful, especially while leveling. Less time between mobs = faster leveling. Also if you are collecting herbs in level appropriate areas it is more like, go to herb aggro everything on the way and kill it all before picking.

    So if you are in faster cat form while picking flowers you can kill things while going between herb nodes. Additionally the basic mount is 10% faster than travel from so you will save time by mounting up for long distance travel, using cat while killing with feral swiftness and for the medium range herb/mob clustering using the instant cast travel.

    On my DK I switch to unholy while gathering nodes and questing, even though I am blood spec just because the +15% speed unmounted makes somethings a little less painful.

  7. Spinoza says:

    My main is a DK and I love using Unholy running speed for faster gathering. in fact, it was getting beat by flying druids that don’t have to dismount for picking flowers that pushed me to make my first druid in the first place.
    Any thoughts on glyphing? I was going to take Shred but realized that soloing doesn’t give me many chances to use Shred after the opening attack. In this case, is Rip or Claw better bang for the buck until Glyph of Rake is available. While it’s less dps, I’m fighting a lot mobs that are higher level and surrounded by friends. I like the buffer preventing them from fleeing. Thoughts? Am I giving up to much potential dps for a small safety net?
    Also, anyone using enchants on their BoA gear?

  8. Chipo says:

    I too have played every other class in wow and decided to give a druid a shot (the BOA gear is so nice) the guides on this site have helped a lot. As for enchants the best you can do on the BOA chest is +4 stats nothing for shoulders really and either 25agi/crusader to weapon or 30 spell power depending on how you are leveling (i choose 25agi vs crusader for my Repurposed Lava Dredger because of the diminished effect of crusader after lvl 60 )


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