Freedom from the Lich King… or bad fashion?

The problem with being a fallen hero’s spirit is that, as a spirit, you don’t have access to the latest fashion styles and armor. When I was doing my daily quests for the Argent Tournament, I started thinking. Why do I always try to seek out the druids to free them instead of the other trapped spirits? Surely, all of them would equally want to be freed. All of them are suffering, and all would suffer more as slaves of the Lich King.


However, I pick out the druids, and go to great lengths to make sure I free as many of them as I can. Why? Well, the reason is because I am freeing them from the awful tier 1 shoulders & pants that they are wearing. What kind of horror trapped them in such a bad tier set? It also means they must have been out here for years, since those fell out of style a number of years ago.

Could they have been trapped here under service of the Lich King since before I was raiding Molten Core? I just can’t imagine the horrors. So, I free them not only from the Lich King, but from the horrible tier set that they died wearing. I can only hope that their souls can finally rest in piece and maybe get a change of clothes.

Good Bye my fallen druid brethren!


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4 comments on “Freedom from the Lich King… or bad fashion?
  1. Reinu says:

    Hahaha… now THIS is funny.

    Argent Dawn

  2. Fleethoof says:

    I lol’d


  3. Ardol says:

    How noble of you, Lissanna! I didn’t even notice that when I did the quest for the first time today, but I promise to carry out your noble quest. The druids of Thrall must be freed from their out-of-date healing gear!

  4. Trazer says:

    That was plenty fun!

    It is noticing small details like this, that can make the dailies bearable.

    Just like I will never joust the Kodo or the Ram, since they clearly have an advantage over my Cat!


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