My new healing spec for 3.2 (and more!)

So, based off the post I made earlier, I went ahead and swapped around some of my talents to get a slightly different spin on my healing build.

I dropped points from subtlety (I’m at 2/3 now), tranquil spirit, &  Improved tranquility. I shifted them into Empowered Touch and still had 2 points left over that I could put into Revitalize. I haven’t actually tried out revitalize before, so I thought I’d give it a try now.

My current 3.2 healing build is this one. (I had to update it again, I posted the wrong one the first time, but this looks more right).

Remember that you will need to make personal decisions about how to spec based on your playstyle, healing assignments, and what you think works the best for you.

Other updates: Pets pets pets!

I added a few new friends to my pet collection: I finished my valiant seal turn ins with Gnomergan, and was able to pick up the Mechanopeep. I got the shimmering wyrmling pet from the argent tournament, too. Those two pets ate up what seals I had left for the tournament, but I also got an Obsidian Hatchling from Breanni (the pet vendor) in Dalaran.

I finished the quests for the Northrend Children’s week, and I now have a Curious Oracle Hatchling. If you haven’t done this yet, keep in mind that whatever one you pick when you start the quest chain is the one that you’ll get in the mail at the end of the event. The best part of the quest chain for oracles is the oracle pet dancing with the baby murloc.

Making friends

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3 comments on “My new healing spec for 3.2 (and more!)
  1. Ripdog says:

    Theres a fantastic addon that replaces the talent pane called talented, found at It allows you to create talent templates from scratch, from inspections of other players, and imports from sites like wowhead. Also allows standard control over talents like the normal UI, among other useful features.

    The most useful function here is the ability to export a talent build – this lets you grab your current active build and spit out a URL that you can safely send to anyone with your real ingame talent build for them to view.You should try it out, will help you when posting new talent builds in the future.

  2. Lissanna says:

    yeah, but my addons right now are just a mess in the first place this week, lol.

  3. ferry says:

    after u get your new addons and still have problems , change the setting of the addon from 30100 to 30200 . open the interface/addons . after that wich addon give problems go to to file eds with ‘toc’open it and make the nummer to 30200 nd all will work perfectly


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