Onyxia deep breaths more in 3.2.2?

So, at this point, I’m sure that everyone has seen the new announcement about re-releasing Onyxia’s lair as a level 80 dungeon.

While everyone seems excited about it, I’m really not sure if I am.

It just means that it’s more revived pre-BC content, which is great for people who didn’t start raiding back in Vanilla WoW, but it isn’t so great for people like me who remember what it was like to wipe repeatedly while learning the raid in 40-man.

They already revived some content (Naxxrombulus), which was more frustrating than good in some areas, where you knew what had changed was just making that fight easier than it was. For example, having tanks be able to sit there and eat a full set of insect swarm stacks made me a little annoyed. The fight was supposed to be about kiting the boss half way across the room, and instead the tank gets to just sit there and I have to heal through it because it’s not lethal anymore.

Anyway, back to the re-releasing of Onyxia. It would be nice to have her restored to her old glory, with all the deep breaths & whelps & moar dots. However, if they make the fight too easy, it would just be doing everyone a disservice. It won’t be fun to have a new Onyxia who is still weak. If we don’t have to move out of her deep breaths, I’ll be really sad. So, I’m just hoping that Onyxia comes back as a glorious boss to be feared, and who will cause wipes for raids who aren’t familiar with her.  Maybe even with a new twist that even the most dedicated Onyxia-farmers of days past will still have something new and enjoyable to learn.

It could be fun to have a new revamped Onyxia who is back and better than ever. So, Blizzard, if you are going to re-release old content, please just don’t make it too easy for us. If we have to kill the same old bosses more, then give us a challenge.

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11 comments on “Onyxia deep breaths more in 3.2.2?
  1. graylo says:

    Funny, I couldn’t disagree more.

    I have two hopes for this fight.

    1. The 310% mount is an extremely rare drop. I like that the 310% mounts are a reward for rare achevements. If they were easier to obtain it would devalue the drakes I’ve already obtained.

    2. That it is a novelty fight and not one to be feared by the masses.

    I think I understand where you are comming from, but it gives me a headache just thinking about the travel if this became a competetive raid with ToC or even ulduar. My guild already has a crowded raid schedule, I don’t want to add another one to it.

  2. Poras says:

    naxx was supposed to be easy, i think. it was the entry level raiding. ulduar is still on the easy side of things, but took more coordination and learning and wiping than naxx. i think it’ll be safe to say getting through hard mode of the crusader’s coliseum wont be cake walk. so i, too, am hoping that ony comes back in her full glory, wiping raids who too carelessly pull the whelps.

    that, and being the raid leader for my guild, i just really wanna have a legal reason to yell over vent, “whelps! left side! deal with it!” 😀

    Officer/Resto Druid
    -Pango Honoratus-

  3. Chawa says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. If you’re going to bring back Onxyia, bring her back meaner than ever. And give those who complain about how easy WoW has become a challenge that they will wince at. This would mean that I’ll probably never see her since I’m rather casual raider but I’d be okay with that.

  4. Runycat says:

    I realize that this is just an anniversary gimmick, but I’m already yawning. Ony? I didn’t farm that enough in vanilla?

    I’ll be happy to log on for the pet, but I hope they do something dramatically different with the Ony encounter to make it marginally more interesting.

  5. Adgamorix says:

    I’m torn – part of me prays this is nothing more than a novelty fight, especially if they bring her back in her original location and in the same skin…..


    There’s two things that could happen (sigh, my blog post going into a comment..)

    OK – so Deathwing is still alive and kicking, hiding under Grim Batol. Onyxia and Nefarion were defeated, thus putting a slight kink in Deathwing’s plans – but he was waiting for Nef to kill Ragnaros anyway, which we’ve conveniently done for him.

    Even though Sintaria, Netharion’s consort, is believed to be dead – we’ve already encountered Sartharion and the twilight dragonflight – the creation of Netharion and Sintharia.

    If Onyxia is somehow brought back as part of this (don’t ask me how since we’ve hung her and Nef’s head from the walls of SW and Org for some time now), I’ll be excited.

    Even more believable is the thought that somehow, some way, Arthas is behind it and we’ll be fighting Onyxia as part of his army – maybe it’s Arthas’s way of securing an alliance with the twilight drakes?

    If it’s either of those – I’m in.

    If it’s a novelty fight, in the same old cave….YAWN!

  6. Relevart says:

    110% agree that if this fight is too easy I will be angry. Onyxia is where my first guild cut our teeth on cohesion and positioning.

    And the pet? Do I really need to be bribed to log in with a pet? Something tells me Blizzard is worrying about losing some of its player base and we might actually be seeing the knee-jerk response of a dying behemoth.

  7. doomkin_at_heart says:

    “Here’s a nice bonus we’re giving you for our 5th anniversary. Oh btw, it’s harder than hell and will destroy guilds.”

    That’d be *TERRIBLE*.

    If the intent is to release it for the 5th anniversary of WoW, and have it be one part nostalgia, and one part something worth running for their paying subscribers, I’d think it ought to be pretty damned accessible.

    I’m of the opinion that there should also be a 5-man dungeon “re-released” along side of this to support the long term players who don’t necessarily raid.

  8. Maor says:

    I’m thinking it will be the same level of difficulty as the early raid instances (Naxx, Maly Sarth) or somewhere just above them. This is meant to be a fun little feature they are adding, I don’t seem them making it any harder than Ulduar at the most.

    I can understand why you would feel that way, but I’d rather not be harder than the first and second (at most) tier of raiding in this expansion.

  9. Lissanna says:

    I don’t think that it has to be like Sunwell-difficult, but I want at least some of her old glory returned and not have it be a total cakewalk either. Something tuned to be doable, but to take a little time to perfect. If you run into the whelp caves, you should wipe. If you miss a deep breath, you should die. It should still take coordination and finesse, but it doesn’t have to be “destroyer of guilds”. I expect more of a happy middle-ground between Naxx-10 and Sunwell… and not at either sort of extreme.

  10. Skonged says:

    This will give a chance for people to go back and view this great content. I am so excited.


  11. Ardol says:

    They *did* say “fun, NEW experience for both new and VETERAN players” (emphasis added by me), so maybe they will add something new to it.


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