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Druid patch 3.2.2 changes – Typhoon & Resto T8 bonus changed

Typhoon Update:

  • Range for base spell is 10 yards with a 20 yard knock back., according to patch notes (in-game tool tip on PTR not yet updated).
  • Glyph of Typhoon: Reduces the spell mana cost by 8% & increases it’s range 20 yards, but it no longer knocks enemies back.

That means you can’t glyph it for PvP – as then it has no knockback. It’s a good PvE solution, but runs into the problem of having a tiny frontal cone range for Typhoon where it’s not going to hit your target 50% of the time, unless you get really really good at positioning it. (ie. lets add another layer of skill to moonkin PvP…). It will be better when you hit your target, just good luck with that. 🙂

Resto Tier 8 Nerf:

  • Druid Tier-8 Healer 4-Piece Set Bonus: The amount of healing this set bonus grants on the initial cast of Rejuvenation has been reduced by 50%. In addition, this set bonus no longer has strange interactions with Harold’s Rejuvenating Broach.

T8 Set bonus testing on the PTR:With 2257 spell power on the live server, my rejuv instant heal was ticking for 1496, and with 2270 spell power on the PTR, my rejuv was ticking for 751. This means that when the 3.2.2 patch gets closer, I’m probably going to be reviewing my healing style. My goal now has to be getting the 4-piece tier 9 bonus as fast as I can, since the new T8 bonus sucks. It will heal for less than the priest talent that adds an instant heal to their renew, and it can’t crit like the priest equivalent can. We didn’t spam rejuvenation around the raid before this set bonus got implemented. So, when 3.2.2 hits, I don’t see how we’ll be able to justify using a heal that is only going to hit for maybe 800 or so fully raid buffed and then not do anything else for 3 more seconds in any situation where people are taking 10 times that amount of damage. I’ll spend a LOT more time thinking about druid raid healing between now and when 3.2.2 comes out, but the set bonus nerf will definitely have me thinking long and hard about what’s an actually useful druid AOE healing style – since before I got the set bonus (when 3.2 first came out), rejuv wasn’t doing more than 30% overall of my healing done. I may be mixing together regrowth & rejuv for raid heals (regrowth lasts longer, has a good sized upfront heal – so it makes a better reactive heal after the set bonus nerf). I’m going to post about this multiple times between now and when this patch goes live. At the very least, we’re going to need to raid heal using more than 2 buttons when this nerf hits.

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Additional posts can not be launched (because it’s Tuesday!)

So, with Tuesday maintenance, there are a bunch of servers getting new hardware upgrades. These servers will have extended maintenance. You can find out which ones on the loading screen, or Blizard’s page where they show the launcher alert updates.

Do you spend all your time here, instead of actually in the instance?


This is the actual “line” to get inside the 5-man trial of champions at like 11:30 pm on a Monday night on Elune. It’s worse at peak times. You should also try low level instances, lol.

That said, relief is coming for a lot of servers tomorrow… just not the one that my main is on.  I don’t think I’ve ever been this sad before to not have extended maintenance as I have the last two weeks. It’s a very odd feeling. I was actually sad last week when we had rolling restarts, and I was disappointed again this week when I didn’t see Elune on the list. It’s not just that I can’t get into instances, but it’s that everyone around me also can’t get in, so I have to listen to them also be mad and angry about it – while I also have to be the voice of reason (ie. “Blizzard knows, they’re going to fix it soon. I promise, just hang in there.”

I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but I guess relief isn’t coming for me this week. I’ll have to cross my fingers for next week and see if I’ll get some extended downtime “soon.” It’s just such a strange feeling.  I just have to remind myself – Blizzard knows. They’re going to fix it soon. Just hang in there a little while longer.

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Too cool for school

So, my semester starts up today. While I’m not actually taking classes, it means that I didn’t have time to write a post for today. I spent a lot of time posting over the weekend, so I’m sure there is plenty of stuff for you to digest if you haven’t seen all the new Blizzcon stuff yet. Since I have to run to campus soon, I thought I would post one of my favorite Beta screenshots from WotLK for you all to enjoy. It’s back from the summer of 2008.  This is when the Taurens had a bug where their hair wasn’t showing up and it was all just a placeholder green color.


This moonglade warden is too cool for school.

I’ll post something more productive tomorrow. *wink*

Also, for the table of contents for my Blizzcon coverage, there is a link to the page.

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Druids in Cataclysm – What should be our 3 new spells?

I was going to do a recap of the druid things from Blizzcon, with a shorter summary than my 8 epic posts. However, I think I may put that off until tomorrow, since I still need to dig through some more information first. I had something else much more interesting to think about today than just rehashing information we already know. I reported Friday that during one of the DTV interviews, we were told that each class will get 3 new abilities in the next expansion (cataclysm).200px-WildKinArt

So, I wanted to spend some time speculating about what abilities the druid class needs. The excitement of a new expansion means the excitement of being able to talk about what the tools and talents of future druids should look like. With cataclysm, it really feels like the developers are taking what we know about the game, turning it upside down, and shaking it repeatedly.

At this point, I don’t see resto druid healing needing that much more help – we already have a bigger & more diverse tool set for healing than we can actually use at one time, and adding more healing abilities to increase complexity probably isn’t the way to go.We also got multiple new heal spells over the last 2 expansions (lifebloom & nourish – along with wild growth from talents). The resto healing tool set feels mostly complete, aside from maybe a revamp needed for tranquility – but at least that’s an already existing spell.

Cat form is also already totally complicated with a ton of buttons to press, and adding another button for cat form’s DPS rotation might not help game play that much – unless it was something mainly designed for PvP play, where the complicated PvE rotation mostly leaves cats pretty frustrated.

That leaves moonkin and bear form as the best candidates for the main focus of the 3 new abilities.

Moonkin would probably be a lot better if they got at least one or two new spells. I’m not 100% sure what spells moonkin need at this point, but they definitely need something. If the expansion doesn’t come with a good moonkin DPS spell, then the spec is probably going to drop out of favor more than it already is. At least one new moonkin spell should be an instant-cast single-target with a short cooldown (like lava burst), where it has an interesting interaction with our other spells, and we can use it on the move without having to worry about breaking crowd control with our AOE, or having other undesired effects.

There has also been a lot of rumbling about maybe needing another nuke spell for moonkin form, maybe something that has a secondary effect to increase the diversity of our tool set. Only having 4 single-target damage spells is really super limiting in terms of how they can make the rotation interesting and complex. Switching back and forth between wrath and starfire (with eclipse) is a neat idea, but wrath and starfire are basically the same type of ability, just with different magic types (which doesn’t mean much), and different cast times. There is nothing inherently interesting about switching between starfire & wrath. Refreshing moonfire & insect swarm adds a little more complexity, but not really – and refreshing them when we’re on the run just feels like it wastes mana if we are moving around too often. Eclipse is also a frustrating mechanic because you have no control over when (or how often) it will proc, meaning that it tends to proc for me at the worst possible times such that my DPS feels like it’s out of my control. When heroism hits, other classes pop a bunch of cooldowns, and just about the only one that moonkin can pop is treants – and then I just have to pray that Eclipse will be kind to me (and most of the time, I’m just not that lucky).

They could also perhaps introduce a new moonkin spell that is more PvP focused to help moonkin stay competitive in arena PvP play – where the limited PvE tool set becomes even more limited with mobility being a really big problem for moonkin’s playstyle.

For bear form, it might be nice to add more complexity, more cooldowns to pop – either defensive or offensive. Or, maybe another spam-able ability that isn’t tied to your next hit (like maul is). I think that our reliance on things like swipe for single targets or faerie fire as something you use to generate threat leans towards bear needing something else in it’s damage repertoire. Like moonkin, it’s also pretty much limited in the range of abilities that it has to use. It’s not quite as limited as moonkin, but it definitely has a less diverse set of tools than cat or resto has. As much as I’d like to see all 3 new abilities be for moonkin, bear form could definitely use at least a little lovin’ in cataclysm.

What new spells/abilities do you think druids need in Cataclysm?

It’s also possible that epic travel form would be one of our three new abilities, in which case – I definitely think bear & moonkin form should get the two “real” new spells.

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