Monthly Archives: August 2009

Druid patch 3.2.2 changes – Typhoon & Resto T8 bonus changed

Typhoon Update: Range for base spell is 10 yards with a 20 yard knock back., according to patch notes (in-game tool tip on PTR not yet updated). Glyph of Typhoon: Reduces the spell mana cost by 8% & increases it’s range 20 yards, but it no longer knocks enemies back. That means you can’t glyph […]

Additional posts can not be launched (because it’s Tuesday!)

So, with Tuesday maintenance, there are a bunch of servers getting new hardware upgrades. These servers will have extended maintenance. You can find out which ones on the loading screen, or Blizard’s page where they show the launcher alert updates. Do you spend all your time here, instead of actually in the instance? This is […]

Too cool for school

So, my semester starts up today. While I’m not actually taking classes, it means that I didn’t have time to write a post for today. I spent a lot of time posting over the weekend, so I’m sure there is plenty of stuff for you to digest if you haven’t seen all the new Blizzcon […]