Monthly Archives: August 2009

Blizzcon post 8 – Second class panel & Wrap-up

I’m planning to have this be my last Blizzcon post (I do have a raid that starts at 8pm EST tonight…). The first part of the class panel should be a recap of what they said yesterday, so only the Q&A part would have interesting things going on. WoW Class Panel 2 Presentation pretty much […]

Blizzcon post 7 – WoW Dungeons & Raids

The DTV live stream is broadcasting the WoW D&R panel starting “soon”. This is the last panel that is going to feature new information about Cataclysm. The second class panel will likely be a recap of what happened yesterday, like it was last year. With all the new announcements they have talked about today, I’m […]

Blizzcon post 6 – cataclysmic systems panel

The Q&A hinted to having talent tree announcements at the systems panel. Other times, they talked about the path of the titans & mastery character advancement features. The WoW game systems panel should be releasing a LOT of new information about what Cataclysm is going to feel like. As I gather information, I’ll post it […]

Blizzcon Post 5 – Day 2 Begins

So, after our world (of warcraft) was shaken up yesterday, we were left with a lot of burning questions that were left unanswered. Yesterday, most of the good WoW panels were in Hall D, which is captured by the live streaming coverage. Today, the Direct TV live streaming coverage is MUCH more disappointing. The only […]