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Blizzcon post 4 – WoW Class, Items, & Professions

Coming soon: My favorite blue poster on the forums (Greg Street, AKA ghostcrawler) should be present in full force for the WoW class panel. I’m really excited about possible druid announcements. I’ll be tracking & live blogging all through the class panel.  I am very excited! The panel will be starting “soon” (at 5 pm […]

Blizzcon post 3 – Troll & Worgen druids

The live stream schedule has the Diablo 3 & Starcraft 2 panels from Hall D, instead of the WoW art panel & The Guild panel that are in Hall C.  I’ll use this post to fill in announcements & tidbits of WoW-related stuff. Since this isn’t a Starcraft or Diablo blog, I won’t be posting […]

Blizzcon post 2 – Cataclysm – WoW preview panel

Panel starting now. I’ll post updates here live. is showing Worgen as having druid as a playable race option. 12:32 – preview panel starting. Tom Chilton & Chris Metzen, Alex, & Cory Stockton 12:34 – Cataclysm Chris Metzen: WotLK putting the Lich King in your face & taunting you was a good decision, so […]

Blizzcon Friday – Post 1 – Opening Ceremonies

Introduction: While I don’t get to attend Blizzcon in person, the live streaming version is the next best thing. The live stream schedule is currently posted: They start coverage at 11:00 am PST (2:00 EST). Opening ceremonies are scheduled to start at 11:30 AM PST, which is 2:30 pm EST. The next interesting event is […]