Patch day!!!

Okay, so Blizzard decided to give me a huge birthday present (and I was so excited that I spelled “patch” wrong in the title). I’m updating this thread over the course of the day with all my 3.2 stuff (most of which I have ready to go). So, if you check back later, there will probably be more as I collect all the patch day info.

  • Here’s the post where I wrote about 3.2 resto specs. There are a couple builds here where I recommended ways to drop talents to pick up the new (improved) Empowered touch talent. Blizzard wants us to be using nourish a little more, and a 20% healing increase on an already powerful spell is probably worth listening to.
  • Travel form is trainable at level 16 instead of 20. Low level druids should visit their friendly trainer for a special surprise. Regular flying form is also available now at 60 instead of 68 (and there’s all sorts of regular mount changes, too!).
  • The feral DPS changes in the patch notes look like a big deal, but they shouldn’t be more than a couple percent reduction (with some estimates as low as 1 to 3% decrease).
  • I changed the moonkin leveling strategy a bit, but haven’t yet changed the feral one.
  • Innervate is changing again (on a 3 minute cooldown for half the mana, instead of a 6 minute cooldown). With the changes to replenishment, you will want to use it earlier in the fight so that you can get off at least two when you need it. It also means that you can use it on someone else and yourself in the same fight if you time it right, too.

Additional resources (why repeat them if I can link them?):

I’m going to work on expanding this a little more over the day as I can.

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4 comments on “Patch day!!!
  1. Veroicone says:

    I am excited about the new patch, last night in the trade channel a lot of people were talking about but most were not sure whether or not it was being released today or not. So I was excited to see that the patch is downloading right now 🙂 I’m excited about the new forms (I am a kitty) and interested to see how my dps will be with the change as well.

  2. Lissanna says:

    Oh ya! I didn’t have the link for that when I was putting it together. Thanks Tigerfeet!

  3. Vallen says:

    1 day late but I’ve put together a cat summary of everything that affects kitties.


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