PTR patch notes for 3.2.2 – Moonkin/Feral PvP buffs

From the PTR patch notes:

# Balance
* Moonkin Form: This form now also reduces the damage the druid takes while stunned by 15%.

* Typhoon: The knockback distance from this spell has been increased to match Thunderstorm.

These moonkin changes are entirely designed around PvP, as they are fixes designed to increase moonkin’s overall survivability. I’m interested to see how this works out overall. It’s not going to fix all the problems, but it’s going to help prevent the moonkin from totally getting stunlocked & burst down so fast, and will give them at least some fighting chance to better contribute with the larger knockback distance. At the very least, druids with moonkin PvP gear should try to get out on the PTR and give things a try. They are also planning to fix the balance of power tooltip (thanks!).

# Feral Combat
* Predatory Strikes: This talent now also causes the druid’s finishing moves to provide a 7/13/20% chance per combo point to make the next Nature spell with a cast time below 10 seconds instant cast.

This also has to be a PvP change, designed to make it easier for feral druids to shift out of form and heal. At 5 combo points, this provides a 100% chance, but it makes it so that resto druids & moonkin aren’t going to necessarily want to dip into feral for it just for instant heals, and feral druids won’t be able to just do 1 or 2 combo points for a reliable free heal, either. I think it’s a neat mechanic, and very similar to something that enhancement shaman have.

It would also be nice if they provided a little more defense for feral and balance druids shifting out to humanoid form to heal, as they do for resto druids who shift out of tree form. However, maximizing moonkin’s ability to stay in moonkin form, and shortening the time needed for feral to spend out of cat/bear form are neat changes overall.

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3 comments on “PTR patch notes for 3.2.2 – Moonkin/Feral PvP buffs
  1. Ardol says:

    @ Predatory Strikes

    Looks like Blizzard is already going ahead with their plans to change druids to make shifting more attractive for us, at least for cats. (They said they would in the Q&A) I personally think they will probably add a cooldown to it, but if they don’t, hooray!

  2. Poras says:

    hmm… i bet my guild’s feral tank would use this while raiding. he already uses innervate and battle rez while raiding. hasn’t died from it yet. 😀

    Officer/Resto Druid
    -Pango Honoratus-

  3. majcii says:

    i just wanna know what did they do whiz innervate… it sucks cuz now i get half of my mana… 🙁


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