Raid design & lockout raid IDs – looking ahead

With GC’s hinting that Icecrown Citadel will have 31 bosses, I’d like to take a minute to think about raid design for a place with that many bosses. I know that he may be joking, however a couple people I know have been talking about having actual winged dungeons with different lockout timers for a while.

Most casual raids won’t be able to kill that many bosses as a single raid that week. However, if they are all tied to the same raid ID, then once you do your run, you’ll have to miss all the other bosses. Also, in the farming phase, you’d have to clear all the first 30 bosses if you want to kill the last 1.  That just sounds like a pain in the neck. Lavata calls it the “Baskin Robbins” of raid instances, with all it’s 31 flavors. However, with the current dungeon designs, you’d have to eat all the bad flavors to get to the good one at the end. It’s not so bad with 10, but 30 is just a lot to have tied to one raid ID.

If Icecrown Citadel is going to have more than 20 bosses, it needs to be split up like Scarlet Monastery, where there are a couple mini-dungeons that will be on different lockout timers. Needing keys to unlock the next wings makes sense to me if they want to slow down our rush to the end, or some other type of mechanic to prevent us from just jumping right to the end and skipping a wing or two right when it’s released (they could even release things in waves like they’re doing with the tournament raid dungeon from patch 3.2).

The PUG argument is that if you go in and only kill 1 boss, you can get cheated out of being able to do the other 30.  Even hard core raids benefit, so that you could extend the lockout timer on 1 wing but not the others. Even if it was 3 wings with ~10 bosses each, that would still leave a lot all tied to one raid ID, and they could still do it in a way that had an epic feel, without just being burdensome and painful. Even with less than 31, a big dungeon should have wings.

What do you guys think? Winged dungeon or one sprawling giant monstrosity?

UPDATE: Blizzard said that the boss count won’t be that high. However, I still think more winged dungeons on different lockout timers would be a good thing (back to scarlet monestary-style dungeons).

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4 comments on “Raid design & lockout raid IDs – looking ahead
  1. Trazer says:

    Seperate wings with different timers sounds resaoanble. Fitst things that comes to mind, is that this would make it near impossible for one guild (Ensidia) to claim world first on all the bosses, since they would have to hit up several raids at once … I don’t know their rooster of course …

  2. Reinu says:

    Interesting thought..

  3. Lissanna says:

    They can always require you to clear one wing before you can do the others if they want to keep a straight progression for all the guilds to follow.

  4. Trazer says:

    Nothing kills a discussion like different time-zones.

    My thinking was that they would not make straight progression this time.
    To me it is quite clear that Blizz cater the high-end progression guilds, and they like the fact that they compete for world first – but perhaps, just perhaps, they would like to see another guild claim some of them this time .. just a far-fetched thought of course.


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