Raid IDs: To extend or not to extend? That is the question

So, my guild has been working on Yogg for a while. We have the skill, players, and gear to kill him. However, by the time we clear through other content, Yogg attemps are either late in the raid night or on Sundays. Wednesdays are our best attendance days and the first day of the raid week, but it’s impossible for us to clear all of Ulduar 25-man and have time at the end of Wednesday to get in any serious Yogg attempts. This last week, we got in no Yogg attempts because we didn’t have the right group of people. With the end of summer making attendance really up and down for a lot of raiders, it is easy to get stuck on a boss and not be able to get in enough good attempt days to get the boss down. Taking off a week or two here or there means that when you come back, your raiders may have to learn the boss again from scratch.

So, our guild has been discussing the idea of extending the raid lockout timer so that we can get in good Yogg attempts on a Wednesday (the first night of our raiding week). This last Wednesday we were going to extend it, but changed our minds at the last minute as we didn’t have the right tank group for Yogg due to something preventing one of our best tanks from being there. It looks like we’re all set for this Wednesday’s attempts to be worth extending our raid ID for. So, we’re planning on giving that a shot (hopefully).

What goes into deciding to extend or not extend? Here are some possible  basic considerations:

  • Are your raid members geared well enough to defeat the boss you want to work on?

If the answer to this is “no,” then you should keep doing full clears to get people geared up. If you think the boss kill problem is that people just can’t keep up with the damage/healing/tanking they are supposed to be doing, then doing a full clear is going to be worthwhile. If the answer is “yes, we have the gear for it,” then doing the earlier bosses may be more of a distraction if you are primarily just getting shards and greed rolls on things.

  • Are the right group of raid members online?

What prevented us from extending our ID last week was that the raid leaders didn’t think we had the right group of people online. Repeatedly wiping because you brought the wrong group of people isn’t really all that fun. If you have the right group of people and you think you’ll make good progress on the new content, then it will probably be worth your time to extend the ID. If you don’t have the right group of people, then you may be better off just doing a full clear of the raid instance that week and wait until conditions are better.

  • Are the raid days at the beginning of the week usually the days where most of your “regulars” show up?

Progression can be hard if your last day of raid content for that week is usually the worst attended. Being able to switch things up and catch all your best players on at once will substantially help when trying to defeat new content that you are struggling on.

  • Will the extra day of practice on the new content actually be productive?

It hurts morale if you spend a lot of time wiping on the same boss. A lot of the time, killing some easy bosses helps get people in the right mindset for conquering the harder & newer content. Sometimes, getting extra boss attempt days will help, and some times it won’t. It’s up to the guild to decide if it is the right time to extend the ID and work on new content. Having the new ToC raid instance helps some, since if you can’t do a full Ulduar clear one week, you still get a couple bosses in the other raid instance to work on, which (up to this point) have been pretty easy for my guild to kill. If wiping on the same boss every raid night for more than 2 weeks in a row is just too stressful for your guild, it could cause bigger attendance issues in the long run. So, it only makes sense to extend a raid up to 1 week longer before it would be best for guild morale to do a full clear of the raid instance again. If you can’t get it down after 1 week of extending the ID, it’s probably worth your time to go back and get your raiders some more gear before you try again.

Conclusions: Fortunately for me, I’m not a guild officer. So, it ends up not being my responsibility to make the decision about what bosses we’ll be working on. Has anyone out there extended their raid ID using the new system? If so, why did you do it and how did it help (or not help) your guild?

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3 comments on “Raid IDs: To extend or not to extend? That is the question
  1. Poras says:

    unfortunately for me, it is my responsibility to decide which bosses we’re working on D:

    so far, this’ll be the first week we decided to extend our lockout. we clear 10man ulduar in two nights (every boss with some hardmodes) and nobody gets new gear, but yet we haven’t gotten yogg down yet, so the decision to extend 10man lockout, i think, is a good one. nobody needs the gear from 10man but getting yogg down would be a huge boost to guild morale as a whole.

    25man is a different story… we’ve hit a roadblock at thorim. we’re letting this reset in hopes to get a few more people more gear to overcome the time press we have before our arena group wipes.

    Officer/Resto Druid
    -Pango Honoratus-

  2. Foofy says:

    We actually extended out raid id for the first time. The raid leader took a vote on it. The reason for this is we are working on 0 keeper yogg. We have had 3-6% wipes and are so close but of course everything usually goes wrong in the end. There are very few things out of ulduar any of us need and we rather work on the encounter and down it.

    So everyone voted to extend it. I’m glad that people are pushing to want to down the encounter more than worry about loot.

  3. Siobhann says:

    We’re a more casual guild and loving the opportunity to extend raids. We have only been raiding Uld10 one night a week, so this lets us have a chance to clear. We extended this week and got our first Mimiron kill.

    I’m not sure how it will work out in the 25-man raids.


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