Restokin twitter account!

In preparation for Blizzcon, I made a twitter account. I’m watching the live stream from home instead of attending in person, however I will be writing about any exciting Warcraft news that I hear about over the weekend.  I will be using twitter to post about my real-time updates this weekend. I will also be putting up and editing blog posts over the weekend, where I can post larger blocks of text. However, when I edit a blog post, it doesn’t send it back out to everyone again, so twitter ended up being the easiest way to post about updates as they happen.

My twitter name is restokin. I actually swore I’d never do this, and I may only use it for special events like Blizzcon, or perhaps posting about blog updates. So, go ahead and follow my twitter account before the fun tomorrow begins!

And of course, if you hate twitter, I’ll still have the main updates coming to my blog site all day long!

Twitter test – Blizzcon starts tomorrow. Yay!

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5 comments on “Restokin twitter account!
  1. Whitelion says:

    Waddup Liss,

    Took me a while to find this blog. I heard you mention it on vent yesterday. Spiked my curiousity. This is pretty kool thing youve got going here, gl, and look forward to learning all the goodies at Blizzcon here first!

  2. Reinu says:

    Will be watching out for updates throughout the entire day.
    Love your blog.. It keeps me entertained during my work time 😉

  3. doomkin_at_heart says:

    Ill be catching the updates from you for sure! Good stuff!

  4. Keeva says:

    I’m still stubbornly avoiding Twitter.

  5. Lissanna says:

    I might not keep it much after Blizzcon, but it makes what I’m trying to do a lot easier, since people can watch my twitter account to see when I update my blog post that I’m posting in multiple times tomorrow as I watch the live stream of Blizzcon. 🙂


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