Spotlight on:’s advice for low level druids

Allison Robert from recently went through a lot of great low level advice for druids level 10 thru 20. Since my blog attracts a lot of leveling druids, I wanted to bring extra attention to that advice guide. It covers things slightly different than what my leveling guide has. Since it can really focus a lot on a couple levels, there’s a lot of really detailed information about abilities you pick up at lower levels, which is outside the scope of what I can really do in my comprehensive 1 to 80 guides.

The druid advice for 10 to 20 covers:

  • What spells you gain at each level
  • How to do the quest chain to get bear form
  • Basic talent information
  • Other general information that’s helpful for new druid players

So, for everyone starting out on their druid journey, take a stop over there and take a peak!

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