Unexpected 3.2 change – HOT overheal

So, Maor of Thorium Brotherhood brought an important development to my attention: HOT 100% overheals show up in the combat log. So, all the HOT ticks on people at full health are able to be measured and recorded. I have 2 picture examples from me healing myself between Yogg attempts Thursday night. I was moonkin spec at the time, which is why the values look lower than they would in my healing spec. However, I wanted to get this out to you guys, since I haven’t seen reports of it anywhere yet. It’s possible that I’m just the last one to figure this out, but I wanted to share, anyway.

lifebloom overheals

rejuv overheals

What this means: If recount & other meters are catching this, it means that our over-healing on meters should be skyrocketing if it isn’t already. However, it’s technically the same amount of overheal we’ve always done, but the meters have never been able to capture it, so it shouldn’t really impact our healing styles.

The legendary mace proc should interact better with our healing spells. In the short-term, I’m betting that this is what drove them to put our over heals showing up visibly in our normal combat log. In the long term, it really gives us a better idea of the healing potential from the HOTs that is being wasted, since a lot of people just assume we have low overhealing and forget about the problems of HOT overhealing not show up.

It also means that I don’t have to jump off cliffs anymore to test the power of our HOT healing spells (which is an awesome change for me, lol). The overhealing ticks aren’t getting captured by my scrolling combat addon (I use Mik scrolling battle text), so I didn’t notice a change yesterday. However, if they’re in the combat log, then addons will be able to do stuff with that information in the future if they aren’t working with it already.

UPDATE: This change seems to be intentional, according to the post GC put on the healing forums:

We managed to get in a hotfix today that allows periodic healing ticks that were going to overheal entirely to go ahead and fire. Previously they did not fire. This means that effects that were able to proc from HoT ticks that did some healing can now also proc from HoT ticks that overheal completely. The most notable such effect is that Val’anyr’s absorb shield should now work as advertised. All these ticks should now appear in the combat log as well, allowing you to get a fuller sense of your raw healing output from all sources.

Sorry that we did not comment before now. Given the nature of the bug, we didn’t want to promise anything until we were sure we could fix it.

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15 comments on “Unexpected 3.2 change – HOT overheal
  1. Keeva says:

    In before a billion non-druids being surprised by our massive overhealing.


  2. Sunkist says:

    Very good info. I think this change will help substantially in allowing us to accurately measure how much healing we can/are doing. I wonder if our overheal will be somewhere near pally numbers…

  3. Javana says:

    I think its not good for us at all.

    Say you have an enqounter that will spawn adds from time to time.. you have your rejuvenation up on a lot of targets. they are at full health but u put it up to prevent much expected dmg. Normally the hots where not ticking when no dmg. that means no aggro. If it overheals u will get aggro from it..


  4. Verdus says:

    Seriously… I shudder to think what my Ulduar logs from yesterday are going to show.

  5. Keldara says:

    I noticed this while I was fiddling around with Parrot (scrolling combat text addon, which, by the way, is awesome and will eat your crackers!).

    Yes, Recount does read these ticks.

    Looking at last night’s Naxx25 PUG run’s overhealing chart was a sad thing… Especially counting in the fact that my Grid wouldn’t show any of my hots, so I was clipping quite a few hots and wasting mana 🙁

  6. Maor says:

    Yeah, after Hodir last night (10 man) I easily had the highest over-healing of the night. I found it more amusing than anything else when I found it on Recount.

    And yeah, I don’t think it will have a huge impact on the way we heal. Nothing has changed other than it just gets recorded now, which is actually nice.

  7. Maerdred says:

    Looks like I had 70% overheal last night… That’s a TON of mana lost. I never had any idea. And I was still near the top of the healing done meters. I’ll have to look at how I am healing and who I’m healing.

  8. Lissanna says:

    @Maerdred, it shouldn’t really be changing the way you are healing unless you are going OOM every fight. It’s just the way HOTs are, and if our overhealing was low after this change, it would be much more problematic, as it meant that people weren’t getting heals other than the HOTs for like 10 to 30 seconds (depending on the HOT) after they took damage… The point of being a HOT buffer is to have the heals on targets so that when their health goes down, they’ll tick before other people top them off. However, there should still be other people (or you!) topping them off with more direct healing before the HOTs have their full effect. The nature of HOTs means that most of the ticks are wasted, and that’s perfectly fine.

  9. Lavata says:

    It also goes to show how stupid it is to be completely reliant on “topping the healing meter” as a valid metric to tell who is doing their job and who is not.

  10. Beruthiel says:

    Really makes one wonder exactly how valuable the 4 piece T 9 is really going to be. I’m still feeling pretty meh about it. I just don’t see HoTs critting doing much other than adding more to our overheal nine out of tens times.

  11. Lissanna says:

    Beruthiel, the change doesn’t reduce our actual healing done. Crit HOTs aren’t as powerful as direct healing, so losing the instant heal from rejuv is a loss regardless of what the healing bonuses are. At this point, I’m not sure if I’ll bother picking up T9 set pieces or not. With the badge costs, I’m pretty sure I’ll go for the moonkin T9 2-piece first…

  12. Siobhann says:

    And you thought the “nerf druids” QQ was overwhelming before… /sadface

  13. Poras says:

    we were two-healering ulduar10 with me and another druid… we each had 60% overheal. we laughed about it for hours.

    Officer/Resto Druid
    -Pango Honoratus-

  14. angelize says:

    I just got into a new guild.
    We we’re doing the new boss yesterday and i got a /w from my GM.
    Telling me my overhealing was INSANE high…
    so i was like uhmm oke :S
    Even in a dungeon today my overhealing was amazing.
    Now that i read this post i can understand why.
    I allready started to wonder WTF is going on, it’s still the same rotation :O but the ovehealing is MEGA!

  15. RUmbehl says:

    hey lol
    i just wondered why my overheal jumped from 25% to 75% 😀

    everyone in the raid thougt i’m healing like crazy without looking at the hp as they are used that resto druids have a pretty small overheal.

    gotta tell them that this was change by blizz.


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