What a Beast

So, this week we got to try out the new boss in the Trial of the Crusader raid instance, both 10 and 25-man. The “Northrend Beasts” fight only took a couple tries before we got it down, so we were able to kill him on both 10-man and 25-man normal mode. It looks like the “heroic” mode doesn’t unlock until you’ve cleared the whole thing on normal mode.  The northrend beasts have a couple interesting things, like running out of the way from Icehowl, which are a lot of fun. However, they feel more like three mini-bosses than one real epic encounter.

The second encounter in the ToC raid instance will be Lord Jaraxxus, who is one tall, angry looking dude.  As far as I can tell, we should be able to do both the beasts & Jaraxxus this week, which means we’ll get a lot of Triumph badges if all the bosses drop 3 each (plus the 2 we get from running heroic 5-man daily quests).

Conspiracy beasts down

I’ve been so busy with all the new content that I haven’t gotten around to revamping my healing & leveling guides for 3.2 yet. Between running 5-mans and raids almost constantly since the patch came out, along with the daily quests for the tournament & jewelcrafting, and all the RL things that don’t stop just because it’s patch week…. I’ve been really busy lately. Getting my guides in good shape is definitely a priority for me this week. I’ve made minor continuity changes to the forum healing guide version just to not confuse people too much by being out of date, but I really want to sit down and go through it all very, very soon.

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3 comments on “What a Beast
  1. Chipster says:

    You can only do heroic mode if at least one person in the group has completed regular mode

    I am pretty sure I read that somewhere

  2. Beruthiel says:

    The heroic modes will not unlock until week 6, after all 5 of the normal bosses have been defeated =)

    And then you have a limited amount of attempts on the heroic bosses before you are locked of them for the week.

    Grats on your kills, Lissana!

  3. moobe says:

    The beast count as 1 boss so u only get 3 badges u will get a total of 15 if u clear it. also u only get so many chances to do the heroic version if u complete it in less then 25 tries u get extra loot


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