When installing addons, beware of keyloggers

Druidmain has a really good point about computer security on patch day. Even on trusted sites like Curse, you can get an accidental computer bug.

I’ve even been hacked here with malicious software not that long ago.

There’s currently a flash vulnerability that people are exploiting. You can find information on fixes here.

I downloaded Avast computer security which is what caught my blog’s bug originally, and I’ve been using it for a while now. You should make sure you have more than just an antivirus on your computer, but something like the noscript addon for firefox and other computer security measures.

There are also Authenticators currently in stock on Blizzard’s website.

You can find more information on computer security on the Customer service forums, and they also have information for what to do when your account gets compromised.

However, keyloggers steal bank information, too. So, regular scans with programs known to catch keyloggers (and not just viruses) is part of a good protection system.

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3 comments on “When installing addons, beware of keyloggers
  1. Waterloo says:

    Thanks for the heads-up on Authenticators being in stock. $6.50 (free shipping) is a small price.

  2. Reinu says:

    Authenticators are really good for saving your own Blizzard account, but yeah.. they also steal bank info.. So dont feel too confident..

    You computer is like your own home. you want to feel secure in your own home so be sure to keep your computer clean and safe. Any intruders are like a virus or a trojan.. Calling the cops on them is like running adaware / antivirus scans on them.. then watch them run for the hills…

  3. Reinu says:

    Errr.. Authenticators dont steal your bank info.. lol..
    Just saw what I wrote..
    What I “meant” was the keyloggers does indeed steal bank information.


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