Yogg promised me a pony

So, we extended our raid ID, and then killed Yogg Wednesday night! Good job Conspiracy! We finally got together the right group with the right strategy, and then we made it seem easy compared to what we were struggling with before. I’m glad we extended it, this was definitely a good decision for us.

We’ve also progressed in several other areas this last week which I was saving up to post about at the same time. We got down Freya Hard-mode on our 10-man Ulduar run on Monday. We got down Jaraxxus from the ToC 25-man & 10-man on Sunday night.

In the non-raiding world, I finally got enough badges to buy a pony for my squire when I was waiting for my Wednesday raid to start up.

Here are the pictures for everyone, because screenshots are the best part! I’m finally perfecting my ability to hit “print screen” while the achievement is still showing.

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8 comments on “Yogg promised me a pony
  1. Homu says:


    and I am sure you are aware of the availability of addons that automaticly take a screenshot when you finish a new achievement.

  2. Niniel says:


    Here’s a tip for a nice addon that I use to always capture achievements:

    “Multishot is a tiny addon that automatically takes a screenshot (with interface) whenever you kill a boss, gain an achievement or level up. It currently supports all dungeons/raids up to Patch 3.2 (that’s classic, bc, wotlk) and works on all locales.”

  3. Habit says:


    How spooky is this… my guild (Orbis Tertius on hellfire eu) did EXACTLY the same – first kill, after an extension and got the “you drive me crazy” achi too… and on the same night!!… spooky.

    Here’s a video of phase three of our kill: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rZawJRYyKE

    /tree hugs

  4. Reinu says:


    What is next?

  5. Tympanic says:

    Congrats! Wish I could have been there for it.

  6. Macbook says:

    Grats on the Yogg kill — I remember our first kill. The prior raid night we had been wiping hopelessly. The next night we went in, and after just the first attempt I knew we had it.

  7. Fangtastic says:


    Funny thing is, in your first screen shot, DBM seems to think you’ve downed Yoggy twice before already… 🙂

  8. Lissanna says:

    Fang – I bet DBM was counting the 10-man runs where I’ve killed him before… This was the first 25-man kill.


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