Monthly Archives: September 2009

New 5-man allows for more progression without raiding.

So, it looks like they’ve actually implemented real 5-man dungeon progression (as a way to skip raiding and still get great gear upgrades). You’ll get item level 219 gear from the normal 5-man (basically, Ulduar 10-man gear equivalent), and ilevel 232 gear (ToC 10-man gear equivalent) from the heroic 5-man. So, here is even more […]

There is no I in Healing Team

So, a while back, a guest writer over at World of Matticus talked about how raiding was about being part of a team. I was frustrated today after reading a lot of healing forum posts that seem to have forgotten that raiding is not a competition against your other raid members. The over-focus some people […]

Preparing for Cataclysm: Moonkin Talent Feedback

So, I already posted once about people’s opinion on what is the “weakest” druid talent. I also posted about what the 3 new druid spells should be. In continuing with my pre-Cataclysm feedback series, I’m starting to look more at the talent trees, in thinking about how they should be shaped by the Cataclysm changes. […]

Harvest festival – One week to complete one quest

Don’t spend all week running around looking for harvest festival things to do. For the alliance, it’s pretty much always just been that food table outside Ironforge, and the one quest you get from the NPC that also sells fireworks. Boize at Moonglade covered the Horde version already. This is what old-school holidays used to […]