Harvest festival – One week to complete one quest

Don’t spend all week running around looking for harvest festival things to do. For the alliance, it’s pretty much always just been that food table outside Ironforge, and the one quest you get from the NPC that also sells fireworks. Boize at Moonglade covered the Horde version already.

This is what old-school holidays used to be like back before achievements. You just did it if you felt like it. 😉

Here’s a picture of Uther’s Tomb where the alliance go to honor our fallen hero.

Honoring Uther

Coming Soon: Analysis & review of the balance talent tree. What talents should be revamped in Cataclysm? Also, I should be doing minor updates to my leveling & healing guide soon (nothing major, just continuity checks for 3.2.2).

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One comment on “Harvest festival – One week to complete one quest
  1. Ardol says:

    Such a sad, sad holiday.


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