New 5-man allows for more progression without raiding.

So, it looks like they’ve actually implemented real 5-man dungeon progression (as a way to skip raiding and still get great gear upgrades). You’ll get item level 219 gear from the normal 5-man (basically, Ulduar 10-man gear equivalent), and ilevel 232 gear (ToC 10-man gear equivalent) from the heroic 5-man. So, here is even more casual friendly content and easy to obtain gear upgrades for really casual non-raiders.

We don’t know exactly what the raid dungeon will look like for Icecrown Citadel, since they haven’t posted much info about it yet. However, they recently posted more information about the three wing dungeon for the five man instance, which not only gives you great gear, but allows you to see the Lich King up close and personal. This is nice for all the non-raiders, new players & alts. I guess Blizzard really has changed their stance and are working hard at giving alternative progression paths for people…

So, I hope you guys enjoy your epic 5-man experience. I’m not really that excited about the new 5-man, but I know a lot of people are…

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9 comments on “New 5-man allows for more progression without raiding.
  1. Ardol says:

    Considering my healing set is only good enough for Ulduar-10 and my tank set is barely good enough for Naxx-10, I am quite excited about this. I hope I can get my guild to run some of these, since if the level of gear is as high as it is, these dungeons probably won’t be very PUG-able. I’ll probably have a post up on my own blog on why this is a good idea tomorrow.

  2. Trazer says:

    Nevermind yet another gear-grind.
    But to be able to take 4 good guildies, you know and trust, and be able to test our progression skills is something I will be looking very much forward to.

    Of course, this may only be for the casual guild, who are rarely able to set up a raid with enough dedicated players.

    Sometimes I wonder why we bothered to do this gear-grind at all, we could easily do 5-mans before 3.2, now it is just silly how easy it is.

  3. Maor says:

    People do it partially because they like the content they are doing to get the gear. At least I hope that’s a reason. Ulduar is pretty damned fun, and I’d run there just to run it sometimes. Though I’m currently on a WoW break.

  4. Smashie says:

    I’m excited about the new 5-man, personally. I have a restrictive play schedule so it will be nice to enjoy running the dungeon with HC and casuals alike.

  5. Lavata says:

    Blizz has moved the game from Raid or Die -> Do what you want in the game to have fun. Oh and we will work out alternative paths of progression so you are not light years behind those that raid all the time when the next expansion hits.

    TBC was a massive gear reset. WotLK was not, and Cataclysm with only having 5 new levels will not be a massive reset gear wise.

  6. Lissanna says:

    /spanks Lavata. I posted the most neutral post that I could squeek out without all the ranting…

    All the other posters have been on your side. Not sure what you’re all upset about. I’ll just keep the part where you actually had a good point that wasn’t offensive to other people. If they want to read the rest of your rant, they can go to your blog. 😉

  7. Toughie says:

    I imagine we’ll have some kind of world event to unlock it, if they keep with the trends of vanilla and tbc

  8. Triv says:

    I’m dreading the new 5 man and what it means to the big picture. I suppose that yes the casual player can now get great gear with little to no effort. Is that really a good thing? I’m a casual player.. I’d like to feel some sort of accomplishment. At this rate it feels like being “rushed” through. Old MUD’ers will get that reference. You can read my post / rant on it if you like.

  9. Boize says:

    It’s basically bridging the gear gap between raiders and non-raiders in order to allow everyone to see new content.

    Don’t forget that this ilevel gear will still be a tier below Icecrown.

    ilevel 232 = Normal ToC10 = H Frozen Halls
    ilevel 245 = Heroic ToC10 = Normal ToC25
    ilevel 258 = Heroic ToC25 = (potentially) Normal IC10


    So raiders will still have superior gear. It just won’t be a Naxx – IC level of difference.


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