Monthly Archives: September 2009

For people leveling: Flying mount cost changes & locations

So, I have a lot of people who come here for the leveling guide. That means a good chunk of my readers are not level 80 yet. So, I have an important announcement about the cost of your flying mounts (available at level 60 & 70). The 3.2.2 patch changed the price that these skills […]

Say Hallo to my little friend

So, with the new holidays come new pets. I finally stopped being such a slacker and picked up my wolpertinger. Also, I got a nice present in the mail, my Murky from the Live Internet Blizzcon stream! So, if you were like me and ordered Blizzcon to watch from the comfort of your own home, […]

Patch 3.2.2 & druids

What changed for druids: (not much – click here for article) The moonkin & feral changes are mostly PvP oriented. Also, remember that they changed our Idols so that you can’t have the effects of 2 of the buffs active at the same time (so, you shouldn’t be idol swapping to get multiple buffs […]

Tuesday Downtime Spotlight: Some light reading

So, I’m stuck on campus without a pre-written post for today, so I thought I’d highlight other people’s stuff, since I don’t have access to any of my normal post materials. EDIT: Looks like announced patch 3.2.2 like right after I finished this post… so I’ll write something else on 3.2.2 a little later […]