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The Holidays are Brewing

So, this time of the year is not only the busiest time in terms of my school responsibilities, but it’s also a busy time of the year for WoW holiday events.

This weekend, we had Pirate’s Day, and the start of Brewfest.

Brewfest lasts for 2 weeks, where I still need to earn a ton of tickets to get the total of 350 that I need to buy my outfit for the /dance achievement. Then, I’ll quickly go back and return all the clothing to get the other achievement I need (joining the brew of the month club), and maybe also get a pink elephant pet out of the deal… I skipped some holiday stuff in January & February (when I was writing my master’s thesis), so I won’t get my meta-achievement yet.

Next week, we also have the harvest festival. I don’t see any achievements for it, but I hear there will be food…

Then, in October, we have Hallow’s End (which I finished last year). The Day of the Dead falls on November 1st & 2nd (it’s new).

Then, in early November, we get the Pilgrim’s Bounty holiday (also new). I’m really excited about the Pilgrim’s bounty because that’s the Thanksgiving holiday event where we get a Plump Turkey pet to follow around our moonkin forms. What moonkin doesn’t want a plump turkey friend?

So, that’s what we have to look forward to over the next few months, and somewhere in there, I need to also complete my comprehensive/candidacy exams for my PhD program…

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Why Nourish is still better than Glyphed HT

Okay, so… Some people still seem to be glyphing for healing touch past level 80. I think some of it comes from hitting level 80 and trying to heal with outdated tools… There also seems to be some confusion about what the difference between Nourish and Glyphed Healing Touch actually is.

The difference is that Nourish is better, in just about every way.

Nourish has: Better mana cost, better synergy with other talents, better synergy with our other healing spells, and actually heals for more if you do it right.

Here’s my updated PTR healing number averages. These are without buffs, wearing my slightly outdated gear. So, this isn’t the max #’s you can get, it’s just an example. These are average scores, just to see how each compares to the other. So, my actual nourish casts end up being really high. My actual nourish numbers in raids are a lot higher.

Nourish with zero HOTs.

  • 22 casts, with 11 crits
  • Average without crits: 4985.27
  • Average with crits: 6261.36

Nourish with 1 HOT & Nourish Glyph:

  • 21 casts, with 10 crits
  • Average without crits: 6267.72
  • Average with crits: 7794.38

Glyphed Healing touch:

  • 22 casts, 6 crits
  • Average without crits: 5943.13
  • Average with crits: 6740.05

This means that glyphed Nourish with 1 HOT on the target heals for more than Glyphed HT. With the number of nature’s grace procs, both HT and Nourish are going to be at or near the 1 second Global Cool Down with haste, meaning that you won’t be able to chain cast HT any faster than you can with Nourish.  I also got twice as many Living Seed & Nature’s Grace procs with nourish than I did with Glyphed Healing Touch.

Even Ghostcrawler agrees that Healing Touch isn’t an important druid healing spell:

You can use Healing Touch with NS or glyphed to heal a 5-player run. Not every spell needs to be your go to button in raids. It would be a bigger deal if you only had 3 spells and weren’t using one.

So, it’s okay if we let go of Healing Touch. I don’t have it on my bar except for 1 place: In a macro paired with Nature’s Swiftness. I have the full strength HT paired with NS for a big instant burst heal, which you don’t have when you glyph HT.

For the most part, the main tools we should be using for raid healing are: Rejuv, Wild Growth, swiftmend, and Nourish. For tank healing, the focus is on HOTs & Nourish.

It’s okay to let go of Glyphed HT, pick up a better healing build, and use your HOTs, swiftmend, & nourish that are actually designed to work together for a really great healing combo.

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TN interview from last Friday is up

So, if you missed my Live interview last week on the Twisted Nether Blogcast, they have had the recording of it online for the last couple days. You guys should go check it out if you haven’t already.

Twisted Nether has other LIVE interviews weekly on Friday nights (now at 8pm PST, or 11:00pm EST). You guys should go check out. Sometimes, I like to go hang out in their chat room and hear what other bloggers have to say. Fun times!

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Revamping old-world instances: Sunken Eternity

Okay, so there is a Blog Azeroth Shared topic going on that asks about old-world instances.

Seeing as how I leveled up as restoration, I’ve spent a LOT of time in the original lower level instances. The worst designed of all is the Sunken Temple, more officially known as “The temple of Atal’Hakkar”. I like to (not so fondly) refer to the instance as Sunken Eternity. It’s long, windy, confusing, and really hard for inexperienced players to understand what path to follow, seeing as how there are multiple events that you have to do in a certain order to unlock other bosses. Even after hitting level 60, I still managed to get a group lost in there and spent hours trying to figure out what we needed to kill to unlock the different bosses.

It would really be a shame to go back and re-shape Azeroth, but leave this monstrosity intact to torture people in future generations of WoW newbies.

Here’s a link to the current map, posted on wowwiki.

Yes, it has 5 floors. Yes, you have to do some things to unlock other things. They also have a map showing you how to find the actual instance portal, since it’s buried behind a bunch of trash mobs you have to clear just to get to the instance inside the temple.

What they really need to do is split this into 2  instances. Or, maybe just take it out completely and call it a lost cause (ie. maybe they “sunk” the temple for real this time, and it got swallowed up whole, never to return).

According to wowwiki, there are 10 regular bosses, 6 mini-bosses, and 3 named rare spawns (2 outside & 1 inside the instance). That is almost 19 different boss-type mobs to have to keep track of spread across a bunch of different areas. That’s just way too much for one instance.

So, they should split up some of the floors into different instances. The front entryway could be turned into having different portals. You could even require completion of one side to give you a key for the other side.

They could split up the bosses between the two different wings of the “new” dungeon, so that it seemed a little more evenly split.

Another option (if the developers don’t want to start from scratch) would be to remove the forced completion of certain encounters to unlock other encounters. If you want to go straight for the 4th floor and skip the rest, you should be allowed to do that.

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